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Are Nike Air Force 1 Good For Walking?

Are Nike Air Force 1 Good For Walking?

When it comes to low impact workouts, walking and running are well on the list. They’re the easy-access activities that will make you burn calories and improve your cardio- without the need for any fancy equipment or fitness regime. All you need is your body and a good pair of shoes.

However, there’s a handful of comfortable shoes in a field of uncomfortable footwear. Yet, having proper shoes is imperative if you want to make the most out of your walk- else, you’ll be risking pain, injury, and severe discomfort.

With that in mind, however, the Nike Air Force 1 is one of the most popular sneakers in the game and, certainly, among the most comfortable Nike shoes. The Air Force 1s were released back in the 80s and were the first basketball shoe to incorporate Nike Air technology.

One interesting fact is that this design was initially meant to be masculine, and today it seems to be the perfect unisex style. But there’s one daunting question: Are Nike Air Force 1 good for walking? Or what makes good walking shoes anyway?

Real walking shoes are designed to reflect on these aspects:

Good walking shoes generally feature undercut heels rather than big or flared heels to help your foot roll naturally. They should not have a big difference in height between the toes and heel.

They should also allow you to push off with your toes and have a better range of motion. That means they usually have more flex at the forefoot.

Walking shoes should provide some flexibility at the arch, but not too much. They should also have good arch support.

Still, you might find running shoes listed as walking shoes, which is usually not a problem. Well, there might be some difference in speed and the level of the shock of absorption involved; walking and running shoes are generally meant for the same heel-toe movement.

The only way to determine whether a certain pair of walking shoes are best for you: Trying them on. When it comes to getting the right fit and feel, nothing can substitute the actual walking in the shoes. You need to put the shoes on and take a walk.

Air Force 1 Overview

Speaking of the Air Force 1, comfort right out of the box might be questionable, but after several years, it’s agreeable. It has a substantial sole that won’t degrade and features a hidden Air pocket for maximum comfort.

They are designed to keep you moving mile after mile. Whether walk or run, your feet might benefit from the comfort, support, and flexibility of the Air Force 1.

The shoes are not the most lightweight either, but you can be certain they aren’t so clunky to feel obstructive. And coming in at around $100, you can’t ask for more- though there’s more to the Nike Air Force 1 than meets the eye.

Nike Air Force 1: Performance

Subject to what matters to you most, comfort, style, and durability, there are different shoes that serve best for walking. This may be for a few miles in the morning or long nomadic walks. Whatever the case, adequate cushioning and flexibility are important, and you want them from the first step.

Thankfully, based on customer feedback and reviews, Air Force 1 offers you that comfort and flexibility. This model features a unique combination of suede and premium leather. And the sense of style doesn’t hurt either.

You can also get them in a distinctive color combination that matches your preferences. They also come with a unique tongue logo, launched by Nike early before their first Air release.

With their excellent comfort and quality athletic materials, the Air Force 1 sneakers would surely make a great addition to any collection and complement most athleisure outfits.

They have a flexible outsole that moves with a natural range motion for a bearable, barefoot experience. It is designed to keep your foot close to the ground, making it easier to walk for miles.

The shoes are great to match with jerseys, team tees, and vintage jackets. They’re claimed to be a one-stop sneaker. With the forefoot and soft responsive cushioning, the Nike Air Force 1s are basically designed for comfort, support, and overall smooth walk.

They are commendable for a short walk, whether that means going to the grocery store, walking around the pack, or simply hanging out.

However, due to the stated relatively heavyweight, these shoes might not be the best option, especially if you’re going to stand for long. It’s comfortable, but the weight might make you experience foot fatigue.

Bottom Line

Sneakers are many things to different people- from footwear fanatics who stack boxes high to have more than a few pairs at their disposal to professional athletes who necessitate the most favorable tech in the footwear industry.

As for the Air Force 1, it can be a wardrobe basic. You can style them into different outfits, and they serve for multiple seasons, making them well worth consideration. We also recommend doing a little research before you spend on a pair.

While there are numerous running shoes on the market, you might want to see and check out the Nike Air Force 1. Besides being incredibly popular over the past years, this classic design has never gone out of style. And although it’s relatively compared to some other options out there. Air Force 1 can be great walking shoes as well. They are also available at reasonable prices and with many customization options.