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Powerstep Protech Vs Pinnacle Insoles

Powerstep Protech Vs Pinnacle Insoles


Even after buying your dream running shoes, you may realize you need to buy insoles since their factory insoles may not give you enough support. Powerstep Protech and Pinnacle insoles are some of the most popular insoles for athletic shoes.

Although they may look similar at first glance, they have several features that set them apart. Let us explore Powerstep Protech vs Pinnacle insoles to help you know their differences.

Powerstep Protech vs Pinnacle insoles: The Comparison

Powerstep Protech vs Pinnacle Insoles: Material

Your Pinnacle insoles are made of cured leather and synthetic lining. They are padded with foam to enhance their comfort, flexibility, and comfort. On the other hand, Powerstep Protech insoles are made of EVA foam, which is highly flexible, comfortable, and breathable. But they are not long-lasting.

Powerstep Protech vs Pinnacle Insoles: Orthotic Insoles

Both Powerstep Protech and Pinnacle are medical-grade insoles. Your podiatrist may recommend them for you to protect you from high-impact related injuries. The doctor may also advise you to wear them if you are recovering from an injury on the ankle, toe, heel, and knees. 

But even without a doctor’s prescription, you will experience relief from plantar fasciitis and foot aches as soon as you begin using Powerstep Protech or Pinnacle insoles.

Powerstep Protech vs Pinnacle Insoles: Full-Length and ¾-Length

Powerstep Protech and Pinnacle have full-length and ¾ support models. The full-length insoles are uniformly cushioned, but the ¾ length insoles have extra padding on the heel to increase your stability and power your gait.

Powerstep Protech vs Pinnacle Insoles: Skid and Water-Resistance

Pinnacle and Powerstep Protech insoles remain intact once you put them in your shoes since they are skid-proof. Also, they do not soak on sweat or water as they are made to resist moisture.

Powerstep Protech vs Pinnacle Insoles: Support

Powerstep Protech insoles have incredible layers that offer support to your heels, arch, and toe area. They were developed after a lot of research on the best way to support the foot to reduce discomforts that come with plantar fasciitis and foot injuries. They, therefore, have thick full-length cushioning and an additional PORON heel pad.

Pinnacle, on the other hand, features integrated arch support for all types of arches. They also have a metatarsal support pad for supporting the ball of your foot.

Powerstep Protech vs Pinnacle Insoles: Performance

Pinnacle insoles are made for supporting athletic activities and enduring rugged terrains. Their firm arch support and deep heel cradle offer excellent stability when tackling uneven surfaces. The thick cushioning is also perfect for supporting rigorous, high-impact activities.

Your Powerstep Protech insoles are ideal for casual wearing, especially if you are looking for relief from common foot conditions like pronation and plantar fasciitis. They are also superb for athletes battling aches resulting from injuries on the ankles, knees, hips, and lower back.

Powerstep Protech vs Pinnacle Insoles: Sizing

Both models come in varied sizes. When you want insoles to help realign your child’s foot and body, you can pick either Powerstep Protech or Pinnacle insoles. And if you have a highly active child, any of these insoles will help reduce their foot fatigue when spending long hours on their feet.

Adult sizes are also available for all feet sizes. But if you have extra thin feet, Pinnacle insoles may suit you more.

Powerstep Protech vs Pinnacle Insoles: Breathability and Odor Control

If your foot is hurting or has a swelling, you can control the palpitation and pain by keeping them cool. Breathable insoles are perfect for this.

Ventilated insoles help your feet to remain odorless and cool. This is good, especially when engaging in high-impact activities that leave you sweaty and when recovering from an injury.

Pinnacle insoles are constructed with ventilated foam layered with a microbial lining. With these insoles, your feet will not be stinking after a long day in the field.

Even though Powerstep Protech does not feature a microbial lining, it is well ventilated. It allows airflow to dispel feet odors and cool down your feet when playing on a hot day.

Powerstep Protech vs Pinnacle Insoles: Comfort

Pinnacle insoles are cozier than Powerstep Protech. This is because they are double-layered memory foam. Memory foam is known for conforming to the foot structure, distributing your weight evenly, and absorbing shock effectively.

This helps enhance your comfort and safety when working out, running, or playing with no risk of foot fatigue. The top lining on Pinnacle insoles also enhances their comfort since it is soft. They reduce friction and blistering on your feet.

Powerstep Protech insoles also have double layering, though the foam is less dense. However, they make up for this by incorporating PORON heel pads.

Powerstep Protech vs Pinnacle Insoles: Durability

Although some insoles like Powerstep Protech can last for as long as 1 year, they may not give you full benefits after wearing them for 8 months. Powerstep Protech insoles are among the most long-lasting insoles. They will outlast your Pinnacle insoles by a month or two since Pinnacle insoles wear out by the eighth month.

Powerstep Protech vs Pinnacle Insoles: Profile

Both of these insoles offer outstanding arch support. Whether you have a high, moderate, or low arch, any of these insoles will serve you perfectly. They are also comfortable for you if you have flat feet.


The same manufacturer makes both Powerstep Protech and Pinnacle. A lot of research has gone into constructing them to medical-grade level inserts. They offer excellent support to your arches, heels, and toes. They are also both good at alleviating foot aches and supporting recovery from impact-related injuries.

Pinnacle and Powerstep Protech are long-lasting. However, Powerstep Protech insoles retain their effectiveness longer than Pinnacle.

In addition, Pinnacle is more comfortable than Powerstep Protech since it has a double layer of memory foam that highly enhances its conformity to your foot curves and absorbing shock. Powerstep Protech offers better heel support to increase stability and comfort.

You can expect both models to repel moisture and protect your feet from becoming odorous. The insoles are skid-resistant, so you will not have to worry about them slipping into your shoes now and then.

You can get any size, including kids’ sizes, and you can select full-length or ¾ length insoles. Pinnacle insoles may serve you well if you are tackling rugged terrains, while Powerstep Protech insoles are ideal for casual wear.

We can, therefore, conclude that in comparing Powerstep Protech vs Pinnacle insoles, there is no obvious winner since they are both high-quality, comfortable, effectively supportive, and durable.