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Best Shoes to Wear after a Broken Ankle

Best Shoes to Wear after a Broken Ankle

Has your doctor told you to get healing shoes after a broken ankle? You are probably not sure which are the best shoes to wear after a broken ankle. We have your back. We will review some of them here and tell you what to consider when shopping for the best shoes after a broken ankle.

Anyone can fracture their ankle, though the problem is more common among athletes. The pain from your broken ankle can be excruciating.

Besides, your doctors may recommend surgery, which complicates the healing process further.  But with the right kind of shoes, your broken ankle will heal completely within no time. However, this will largely depend on the shoes you wear after a fractured ankle.

These kinds of shoes should be comfortable, well-cushioned, especially around the ankle, and lightweight. Additionally, they should protect you from compression and absorb impact effectively. Let us review some of the best shoes after a broken ankle and the factors you should consider when selecting your ankle healing shoes.

Here are the Best Shoes to Wear After a Broken Ankle

Nike Men’s Air Precision

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The breathable mesh that covers these shoes is just what your ankle needs to remain comfortable and cool. They are lightweight and highly squashed shoes. The ankle area is thickly padded to safeguard the ankle from external pressure.

The midsoles are made with Phylon padding that provides resilience against impact and fast compression. The Air Precision technology gives these shoes dual pivot points that enhance traction for better stability.

The shoes are constructed mainly with durable fabric. They also come with a padded tongue to improve their fit. The grooved rubber outsole is non-slip and perfect for impact resilience.


  •       Breathable mesh structure
  •       Stylish
  •       Lightweight
  •       Excellent traction and impact repulsion
  •       Firm ankle support
  •       Lace-up closure for a tight fit


  • Slim toe box
  • Clumsy insole

Adidas Men’s Pro Next

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These shoes are perfect for you if you have unusually big feet. They are made with synthetic mesh and a chunky sole with excellent shock absorption ability. The mesh cover allows air in and out of the shoe so that your hurting ankle can remain cool. The ventilation also prevents harsh smells from building up in your shoes.

They are also heavily padded with an ankle-length cover to protect your ankles from compression. With this kind of support, your ankle will remain motionless to heal faster.

Since you may still be walking with a limp, you need shoes that enhance your stability. Your Adidas Men’s Pro Next shoes have the best stabilizing technology. The heel cup is deep and has a nice compression. This is good for giving you a moderate bounce.

These shoes come with a lace-up closure and a padded tongue. The outsole is made of solid rubber that makes the shoes light and compact.  With this weight, you will not experience foot fatigue.


  • Offers superb grip and stability
  • Highly ventilated
  • Durable
  • Excellent impact repulsion
  • Available in all shoe sizes
  • Ideal for walking


  • Poor quality inner fabric

Bronax High-top Lifestyle Shoes

The simulated leather of these shoes is sturdy and perfect for repelling dirt. The polished leather and premium stitching give them a classic look.

They are ideal for wearing after an ankle surgery as they have overlays as well as reinforcing lacing that delivers high-quality fitting and adjustability. This is in addition to their high-top formation and foam padded collars.

With their rubber soles, you will get excellent ground command and traction.  The soles have furrows that make them skid-proof.

They come with cushioned insoles that are lightly glued to the footbed to avoid slipping. Moreover, if you need to use orthotics, you can pull out the insoles to create room for the orthotic inserts.


  • Come with a pull-loop for easy wearing
  • Stylish, with a symmetrical fine finishing
  • Easy to wear using the pull-hook
  • Heavy Impact absorption
  • Excellent ankle support


  • The insole is too thin

Brooks Addiction Walker Walking Shoes

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These are perfect walking shoes for you if you have made some progress on recovery. They are ideal for helping you to regain your pace while walking after ankle surgery. They are powered by MoGo technology energy-returning midsoles that support your swift bounce and give you a perfectly erect posture.

The cushioning on the midsoles and the inner lining of these shoes is impressive. The cushioning is firm and comfortably adapts to your weight and pace. The upper cover is 100% leather that promises to last long while also giving the shoes a trendy look.

Since they are walking shoes, they are made with a Rollbar that supports your arch. Besides, they give superb heel support and have a slip-resistant outsole.


  • MoGo cushioning technology enhances their comfort and resilience from impact
  • Sturdy
  • Skid-resistant
  • Perfect impact repulsion
  • Ideal for rehabilitative walking


  • Insufficient breathability

Men’s M1340 by New Balance

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These shoes combine synthetic and mesh to create a premium upper cover. They are lightweight, excellent for running or workout when recovering from a broken ankle. They come with distinctive features that support motion control and stability.

The crash pad heel of these shoes is designed to enhance posture preservation. And for arch support, they come with a Sybilla core known for superior cushioning and comfort.

These shoes are also designed with a reasonable heel-toe drop. The lacing closure will help with the adjustability, while the rubber outsole provides shock absorption, traction, and skid resistance.


  • Trendy
  • Non-slippery sole
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Vibrant color combination
  • Reflective stripes for easy visibility at night


  • Narrow toe box

Manfen Women’s Hiking Boots

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You can wear boots while still nursing a broken ankle, but you have to select the boots carefully.  Manfen Women’s Hiking Boots are among the few boots that support your recovery after a fractured ankle.

To begin with, you will notice they are very light, removing the concern that they may be overbearing to your hurt ankle. The interior is stuffed with EVA foam that is highly ventilated and moisture-wicking. The midsoles have excellent cushioning and arch support.

The high shank of your Manfen boots offers fantastic ankle support, perfect for immobilizing the ankle to let the broken bones realign. 

You will love the grippy outsole and the Thinsulate insulation meant to keep your feet warm.  These boots are easy to wear, and you can adjust their shank width.


  • Lightweight
  • Superb ankle support
  • Rubber outsoles for improving grip
  • Moisture-wicking and ventilated inner stuffing
  • Insulated to warm your feet on cold days
  • Waterproof
  • Durable


  • Inconsistent sizes

Saucony Grid Omni Walker Walking Shoes

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This is another pair of excellent shoes to wear when rehabilitating your ankle to support your weight as you walk.

They are the best shoes to use when you want to control overpronation that comes after ankle surgery. This is made possible by the asymmetrical sole and perfectly engineered insole that is constructed with EVA molded foam.

They come with all the features of walking shoes like a flexible, non-slippery rubber sole for enhanced traction, stability, shock absorption, and ambulation. The insoles are also flexible, padded, and breathable. You will get superb support for your arch when wearing these shoes.

The upper cover of these shoes is constructed with a blend of leather and synthetic fabric.  These make the shoes sturdy, stylish and dirt-repellant. You will also appreciate how lightweight and easy to wear these shoes are.


  • Long-lasting
  • Superb support for overpronation
  • Rubber sole
  • Cozy EVA foam cushioning
  • True to size


  • May need additional inserts

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Shoes to Wear After a Broken Ankle


One of your considerations should be the breathability of your shoes. After your broken ankle, your foot may be swollen and sore. You would want shoes that allow airflow to cool the feet down and dissipate unpleasant smells.

Another consideration for your ankle healing shoes is ankle support. Ensure the healing shoes are ankle-high and that the collars have sufficient cushioning.

Do not risk frequent compression or thumping on the recovering ankle as it may worsen the injury. The ankle support should immobilize the ankle to give room for the bones to realign.

Your comfort will also depend on the closure system. If the closure mechanism is reliable, the shoes will not slip off. The closure system will also help you adjust the shoes’ width to make room for swelling and dressings. Bear in mind that your swollen ankle may need compression to reduce edema and palpitation.

A deep heel cap and cushioned insoles will also enhance the comfort of your ankle healing shoes. The heel cap works on your posture and stability while the insole supports your arch, wicks away moisture, and increases the impact repulsion of the shoes.


Imagine if you were to trip and fall when still recovering after a broken ankle? The pain may be unbearable, and you may break the ankle again.

The outsole of your best shoes to wear after a broken ankle should be non-slippery and bouncy to give you excellent traction and ground command. Rubber outsoles are the best, and they last long.

Closure Mechanism

The closure system of your ankle healing shoes should keep them closed up all day. Laces are excellent since you can adjust their fit and they stay tied for long.

Remember that the width of your ankle area and foot may vary. You may experience some swelling, or the ankle may be dressed, needing extra space. Look for shoes with effective adjustability.


With a broken ankle, you may not be able to go out frequently to shop for shoes. When buying any pair of the best shoes to wear after a broken ankle, consider their durability.

Do not forget the ankle may still need to be cared for even after the doctors have removed the dressing and allowed you to drop your walking aids. The shoes will remain your best defense against further injuries to the recovering ankle.

Impact Repulsion

Your ankle may have broken due to high impact following a fall or in the field. You should ensure you are wearing shoes that repulse impact effectively to avoid damage to your ankle, hips, lower back, and knees.

The insoles and outsoles should be designed to absorb impact and distribute it evenly. This ensures that the impact does not hurt you.

Orthotic Support

Your doctors may advise you to wear shoes with orthotic features to relieve your discomforts like plantar fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis, pronation, and severe aches on your feet.

Consider any health conditions you may have that interfere with your mobility, and look for shoes designed to support them. Sometimes your doctor will guide you on the best shoes to wear to support the fast recovery from a broken ankle and other complications you may be struggling with.


You may have to return to your daily activities when the ankle is significantly healed. You do not have to compromise your style since you can get the best shoes to wear after a broken ankle that are also fashionable.


After breaking your ankle, you may need reconstructive surgery. This complicates the recovery process and may call for a healing shoe to support your fast healing.

When shopping for the best shoes to wear after a broken ankle, consider their comfort, durability, impact repulsion, and orthotic support features.

They should also be skid-proof, with a reliable closure system. Also, you may have to pick a stylish pair of the best shoes to wear after a broken ankle, especially if you are resuming your daily activities.

You may also find some good boots to wear after a broken ankle, but you have to ensure they have features that support your recovery.

With these reviews, we hope you can now shop for the best shoes to wear after a broken ankle with ease.