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Paul Pierce Shoes

Paul Pierce Shoes

Paul Anthony Pierce is a former professional basketball player who played as a small forward for 19 seasons in the NBA. Pierce made his entry into the NBA after the Boston Celtics chose him as their 10th overall pick in the 1998 draft. As an outstanding player, he became a captain of the Celtics and led the Bostons to two NBA finals and an NBA championship in 2008. Paul Pierce is famous for wearing jersey number 34 and his nickname ‘the Truth’ given to him by Shaq O’Neal. After spending 15 years with Bolton Celtics, Pierce went ahead to play for the Brooklyn Nets (2013-2014), Washington Wizards (2014-2015), and the Los Angeles Clippers (2015-2017). Pierce chose to end his career on a high as he signed a ceremonial contract with the Celtics before retiring on July 17, 2017.

The long-term Nike athlete

The love for Nikes came almost too naturally for Paul Pierce, who rocked shoes from this brand even before signing for the NBA. After he had a shoe deal with the Swoosh, he became one of the top-ranking superstars to represent the brand. Over the years, he remained loyal to the brand and even earned a signature shoe line. The most notable shoes associated with Pierce, who stands at 6-feet 7-inch and wears shoe size 14, have been:

The Nike Air Legacy Series

Pierce received his signature shoes from Nike after years of being with the brand. While he rocked the courts with these exclusive that came in exciting colorways, they were only released to the public in kid sizes. The reason for this was to provide kids with affordable signature shoes that they would appreciate and motivate them to love the game more. For Pierce, this was his greatest aim as most signature shoes in kid sizes were too expensive.

Nike Hyperdunks

After the Nike Hyperdunks were released in 2008, they took the NBA world by storm. Paul Pierce was not left behind and was among the NBA players who rocked these shoes that were loved for their top-performance capabilities.

Nike Air Penny

This is one of the classics by Nike that was produced as the signature shoes for Anfernee “Penny” Hardaway. As one of the most versatile players in the NBA during his heydays, he inspired so many people, and Paul Pierce is known for lacing his shoes. Nike Air Penny was not only popular in the courts, but they become a fashion-wear that lots of teenagers and kids would do anything to won

Nike Zoom Sharkley

Another old school shoe that Paul Pierce is famous for wearing was the Nike Zoom Sharkley. These sneakers were a hybrid that brought the best of Dennis Rodman’s Air Shake NDestrukt and Charles Barkley’s CB Max 94. The super-combination of these iconic sneakers led to the creation of the Nike Zoom Sharkley that did not disappoint. It was a great performance shoe that offers a perfect fit and good cushioning for the aggressive players.