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Kevin Love Shoes

Kevin Love Shoes

For Kevin Wesley Love, basketball runs in the blood as his father, Stan Love, paved the way for him as a professional basketball player. Born September 7, 1998, the point forward/center who plays for Cleveland Cavaliers has already won an NBA championship and is a five-time All-Star. However, Kevin Love’s professional career did not start with the Cavs but with the Minnesota Timberwolves. This was after he was picked by the Memphis Grizzlies in the 2008 NBA draft as the fifth overall choice and traded soon after to the Wolves.

Here The Top Kevin Love Shoes

Right from his rookie season, Kevin Love proved that he was a big fan of Nike shoes. Even when he had a running sponsorship deal with another brand (361 degrees), fans would regularly see him in Nikes. His favorite pairs from the brand are:

  Nike Zoom Rize Series

Ever since the launch of the Nike Zoom Rize line, Kevin Love has been one of the top NBA players who have settled for these shoes in most games. His go-for series was the Nike Zoom Rize and Nike Zoom Rize 2 that he wore for several high-demanding games.

    Nike Hyperdunk series

The Nike Hyperdunk series is another favorite for Kevin Love, who has settled for several models from this series, including;

  1.       Nike Hyperdunk 2014
  2.       Nike Hyperdunk 2015

iii.      Nike Hyperdunk 2016

  1.     Nike Hyperdunk 2017
  2.       Nike Hyperdunk X

The love for this series saw the company give him an exclusive Player Edition of these shoes in 2017. Distinct for their wine red and gold makeover, the Nike Hyperdunk 2017 given to Kevin Love was, in all evaluations, stunning. It featured a personalized Kevin Love logo, which is an inverted K and L with a fig tree in between the letters. Finally, the outsole of these shoes has also been given an icy treatment that adds to their beauty and uniqueness.

The unexpected shoe deal with 361°

Few Chinese companies ever have an interest in NBA professionals as they know the league is dominated by companies based in the country. Therefore, it was a surprise when in 2011, Kevin Love signed a deal with 361°, a Chinese sneaker company. This was a big move by both the player and company that has its eyes set on gaining a loyal following in the United States and across the world. The six-year endorsement contract was expected to bring tremendous results, and it kicked off on the right foot as it saw the release of:

   361° Kevin Love 1 shoes

This was the first signature shoe that Kevin Love released under the 361° brand. It was a perfect move for a company that was already using slogans such as; One Love and Love Starts Here. Therefore, Kevin Love’s name was the ideal platform to use and launch these sneakers to the globe. The pair that Kevin Love launched was primarily white with blue accenting on the laces, tongue, and on rubber outsole. It also had green mesh detailing on the lateral and medial side, and a Kevin Love stitched name band on the collar.