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Kevin Durant Shoes

Kevin Durant Shoes

Kevin Durant is one of the best NBA players in the current roster and is highly rated for his prodigious scoring abilities. His pathway to NBA fame was paved after the Seattle Supersonics drafted him in 2007 after playing a single year of college basketball for the University of Texas. He immediately proved his worth by becoming Rookie of the Year in his debut season and building a reputation by:

  • Becoming an NBA MVP
  • Winning two NBA championships
  • Featuring in 10 NBA All-Star Teams and nine All-NBA teams
  • Winning two Olympics gold medals

The big-money superstar and his signature shoes

Durant has always known how to pull in the big-money and is among the highest-earning basketball players worldwide, thanks to his lucrative contracts and endorsement deals. As a rookie, he got into a 7-year-deal with Nike worth $60 million and later in 2014 broke the banks by signing a new 10-year contract that could be worth over $300 million.

Even as Kevin Durant proves to be a formidable player forward, he has lived up to expectations when it comes to his sneaker game. Through Nike’s partnership, he has launched and runs an exclusive line of signature shoes, the Nike KDs that are among the most popular in the league. Durant’s collection today is comprised of:

Nike KD 13

This shoe debuted on April 6, 2020, and while it has lots of similarities to the KD 12, it has cleaner aesthetics and a larger swoosh along with its nylon upper.

  • Nike KD 12

The timing for the release of these shoes was perfect as Kevin Durant was making his move to the Brooklyn Nets. The design was outstanding, and it was a pain that Durant did not appear in the 2019/20 season until his debut on December 22, 2020.

  • Nike KD 11

For his final season with the warriors, Durant proved to have the golden touch while wearing the KD 11s. Unfortunately, injuries and a torn Achilles tendon greatly affected his quest for a three-peat with the Warriors.

  • Nike KD 10

The sleek Nike KD 10s were the ultimate pair for Kevin Durant as he defended the championship in the 2017/18 season.

  • Nike KD 9

Unveiled in 2016, the Nike KD 9 was suited to Kevin Durant’s move to Warriors, which led to his first championship.

  • Nike KD 8

Defined with its unique lacing style and soft cushioning, the Nike KD 8s were Durant’s outstanding pair for the 2015/16 season as he played his final season for the Thunder.

  • Nike KD 7

Unveiled in 2012, the Nike KD 7 rocked the courts for the 2012/13 season.

  • Nike KD 6

These shoes were released in 2013, and Durant featured in them for the 2013/14 season.

  • Nike KD 5

This was the first official line of signature shoes for Kevin Durant after Nike dropped the ‘Zoom’ label.

  • Nike Zoom KD 4

The Nike Zoom KD 4 was unique for its stripe design and colorful releases that won the hearts of basketball fans.

  • Nike Zoom KD 3

This was Durant’s release for the 2010/11 season.

  • Nike Zoom KD 2

These shoes were the first manifestation of Durant’s love for the strap design sneakers.

  • Nike Zoom KD 1

Just one year after being drafted by Seattle Supersonics, Durant had his first signature shoes, the Nike Zoom KD 1.