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Best Socks To Wear With Sperrys

Best Socks To Wear With Sperrys

Ever since Sperrys were introduced to the market in 1935, these shoes have withstood the test of time and remain a classic line everyone wants to wear. The primary goal for creating these shoes was to combat slipperiness aboard boats. For this reason, they were marketed to boaters as the ultimate pair to pick whenever they were sailing. Since the idea behind Sperrys was practical, the US Navy soon gained rights to produce similar shoes for their sailors.

Fast forward to date, Sperrys still maintains the outstanding functionality and simple but appealing fashion touch that makes them a classic piece. The best part is that both men and women have various options to consider whenever they want to wear Sperrys.

But, the big question is – what are the best socks to wear with Speryys?

The unique design of Sperrys

A defining feature of Sperrys is that they have an open-top design and non-slip rubber soles that are hard to miss. This moccasin-style upper and a stitched leather body is not only the mark of these boat shoes but the defining feature that dictates the kind of socks one can pair them with. Primarily, there are three ways to wear socks with Sperrys, and these are:

  1. Play it safe with no show socks. Extra low-cut socks are the easiest way to wear Sperrys as they keep your feet protected without taking attention from these classics.
  2. Pull off the dad look with black dress socks. If you want a classic dad look, you can always count on black dress socks whenever you choose to wear those Sperrys.
  3. Push the limits of fashion with colorful and bright socks. Are you the kind to stand out from the crowd and attract attention? Then you can go bold and bright by settling for colorful and bright socks.

The best socks to wear with Sperrys

There are many great socks brand to consider when you want to wear Sperrys, and the best picks are:

Sperry Skimmers Feed Stripe Liner Socks

Made of 88% polyester, 10% nylon, and 2% spandex, these extra low-cut socks have the perfect design that effortlessly matches the open-top style of Sperrys. These no-show socks have excellent moisture management and odor resistance, making them ideal for all those hot days. You will also love that they do not easily slip off once worn as they have a pull-on closure that holds them in place.

ADFOLF Casual Low-cut Non-slip Boat Liners

These thin low-cut liners have nicely finished seams and a silicon grip that allows them to stay in place even when hidden in your Sperrys. Despite being thin, they have been specially engineered for comfort as they are designed to mold to your feet. They also have excellent breathability and sweat-wicking features to keep your feet dry at all times.

Nike Everyday Lightweight Footie Training Socks

Nike footie socks were designed to provide the active individual with everyday socks they could turn to whenever they head out. The comfortable fit of these socks and special stitching at the heel to prevent them from slipping off makes them a top choice whenever you wear Sperrys. Their low-cut makes them a natural fit for boat shoes as they will remain hidden as you go about your duties.

Toes Home Ultra Low Cut Liner Socks

These women’s socks by toes Home are made from premium cotton and extremely low-cut, making them a great match for Sperrys. They have silicone grippers at the heel, and they have been designed to conform to the shape of your feet for a comfortable fit.

Eedor Women’s No-show Non-slip Boat Liners

Eedor’s no-show socks are low-profile picks that you can easily wear with Sperrys as they will remain hidden in these boat shoes. They have been crafted not to be paper-thin but to be lightweight enough to be worn with those Sperrys that leave little room for thick socks.

Relaxife No-show Thin Low-cut Boat socks

These nylon socks have a premium cotton base to provide extra cushioning to the feet and a soft feel that makes an appropriate pick for Sperrys. You will love their extra low-cut design, non-slip guarantee, and elasticity that allow them to provide a better fit.

Dickies Dri-tech Moisture Control Crew socks

Dickies have one of the most popular crew socks that come in black color, making them an easy and natural pick for Sperrys. The soft and breathable fiber will make you feel relaxed even as you opt for that dad look. You will appreciate these socks’ versatility and durability as they have been constructed to be an everyday pair if you love boat shoes.

Hanes ComfortBlend Crew Max Cushion Socks

These socks are a super blend of polyester, cotton, rayon, rubber, spandex, and nylon. Its full-foot cushioning and FreshIQ advanced odor protection technology will further keep your feet comfy and odor-free. This makes them a suitable option for individuals with sweaty feet who would love to wear crew socks with their Sperrys.

WeciBor Men’s Colorful Cotton Crew Socks

You will love the range of exciting and fancy colors availed by WeciBor for that bright and bold look in your Sperrys. These socks are made of combed cotton, and besides their colorfulness and captivating designs, they are soft and comfortable.

Bisousox Men’s Fun Dress Socks 

Bisousox has a unique line of fun dress socks that will bring the required shine and funkiness when you wear those boat shoes. They are designed for men who want to stand out from the crowd by pushing fashion limits while still looking fabulous.

Note: If you choose colorful socks, always consider your outfit and go for a color or mix of colors that are guaranteed to flatter your ensemble.


Sperrys are true classic shoes that deserve to be worn with socks that either let them shine or complement their unique design. If you choose to play it safe, you will be lost for choice as our top picks listing is dominated by no-show socks that will let you rock these shoes without worrying about any worries. Equally, if you want to step out of the comfort zone, we have listed the best dress and crew socks that will elevate your look.