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Kawhi Leonard Shoes

Kawhi Leonard Shoes

Kawhi Leonard is a true talent who has been described by many analysts as a complete basketball player. The two-time NBA champion and finals MVP has an outstanding record as he has qualified for the playoffs eight times in nine seasons. Twice he has led two different teams to a championship, doing this with the Spurs in 2014 and the Raptors in 2019. For the Raptors, this was their first title, and as Kawhi Leonard led the team to victory, he was lacing one of the season’s illest sneakers. Most importantly, this win saw Kawhi receive his second Finals MVP award with a different team, becoming the third player after LeBron James and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to achieve this.

Kahwi Leonard Shoes- Top List

It seems like everything Kawhi touches on the field and outside becomes a success. Therefore, it is not surprising that he always makes big money moves in the sneaker industry, which has earned him more respect. The most popular shoe releases associated with this superstar are:

 New Balance KAWHI

Kawhi Leonard has made it to the biggest sneaker platform with his first signature shoes – the KAWHI. The shoes were inspired by Leonard’s unforgettable four bounces in the last-seconds against the 76ers before making the winning shot. Kawhi unveiled these shoes at the All-Star game in Chicago in February 2020 before they were later availed to the general public in August 2020.

 New Balance OMN1s

Kawhi dominated the 2018/19 season while wearing the New Balance OMN1s that debuted at the 2019 NBA All-Star game. These shoes were inspired by his ‘Klaw’ motif and are distinct for their 3D ultra heel construction, breathable FitWeave upper, and FuelCell midsole. Just like the player who inspired them, these shoes are for the player who wants to do it all.

  Air Jordan 6 ‘Ring Night’

These shoes are famous for splashing the Klaw logo on the trunk and were a celebration of Kawhi Leonard’s first championship ring. Leonard donned them when he was still on the Spurs team after they made a debut in 2014. While the 2015 season was not great for Kawhi because of his injuries, the Ring Night shoes still iced their way into fans’ hearts.

  Air Jordan 11 ‘Metallic gold’ PE

Player exclusives are part of the highlights of a basketball career, and Kawhi Leonard has had some great gifts. The Air Jordan 11 had an outstanding metallic gold upper, a distinctive styling that proved Kawhi’s value (pure gold).

  Air Jordan 13 Low PE

Another Player Exclusive that can never be forgotten when it comes to Kawhi Leonard is the Air Jordan 13 Low PE. These exclusive shoes were built with black patent leather and feature a construction that had more vibrance. They featured the Klaw motif and were the perfect shoes for a silent assassin who was focused on nothing but winning.

  Air Jordan 1 ‘Pass the Torch’

Finally, the sneakers that marked Kawhi Leonard as a hall-of-fame star were the Air Jordan 1 ‘Pass the Torch.’ These shoes were a tribute to the exciting 2014 season and MVP performance that Leonard had. Elements of the Klaw logo and a tally of 16 (number of games Spurs won to take home the Larry O’Brien Trophy) are evident in these star-worthy sneakers.