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Joel Embiid Shoes

Joel Embiid Shoes

Joel Hans Embiid is a power forward who stands at 7ft, making him one of the big men in the NBA league. The Cameroonian has been playing for the Philadelphia 76ers ever since he was drafted in 2014 as their third overall pick. However, multiple injuries delayed his debut until the 2016/17 season where he managed to play only 31 games. Amazingly, this was enough to earn him a spot in the NBA All-rookie first team, showing how much impact he made while in the courts. Joel Embiid went ahead to earn a spot in the 2018 NBA All-Star game breaking the Philadelphia 76ers long wait for a player to make it to the team since Allen Iverson. Even though injuries continue to limit his game time, Embiid always makes it up for his no show days with great performance.

‘The Process’ earns a signature sneaker

Joel Embiid nicknamed himself ‘the process’ as he was committed to working towards success. True to his words, Embiid has always been one to fight the odds and deliver amazing results. When it comes to shoes, Joel Embiid who wears shoe size 17 first signed a deal with Adidas, but it never resulted in much as the first years were during his injury-prone seasons. After the deal came to an end, Embiid signed a multi-year endorsement with Under Armour in October 2018 marking the beginning of an exciting partnership. It is this partnership that led to his first signature shoes.

The shoes that Joel Embiid has worn over the years are:

 Under Armour Embiid One

This is the first signature shoe for the big man, and it was worth the wait. The Embiid One was specially designed to be light enough for faster movements while being heavy enough to support the big man. It is an all-around shoe that supports performance without sacrificing aesthetics.

Under Armour HOVR Havoc 2

The second series of the HOVR Havoc features the proprietary HOVR foam with the addition of the ‘energy web’ that provides players with a spring back effect. It also provided extra stability, thanks to its midfoot TPU shank that made it suitable for the big man.

Under Armour HOVR Havoc

This was the first shoe that Joel Embiid wore after being signed with Under Armour. Embiid preferred the high top version as it provided the needed support and stability for big-sized players. It also had excellent cushioning and was bouncy enough to complement the fast moves of the player.

Adidas Mad Bounce

Adidas Mad Bounce was a budget basketball sneaker that had its good days on the courts despite never gaining much popularity among the pros. Joel Embiid was among the players who spotted this shoe that came with an engineered mesh upper and solid rubber outsole with good traction.

  • Adidas Light Em Up 2

The three stripes released the Light Em Up 2 with excellent features that include Bounce technology, multi-directional herringbone traction, and a special TPU midsole made of foam, textile upper, & mesh lining. Joel Embiid is famous for wearing these shoes as they marked his return to the courts after a long period of fighting injuries, with critics counting him out.