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How To Stop Shoe Heels From Wearing Down

How To Stop Shoe Heels From Wearing Down

Are you tired of having to invest in new pairs of shoes after a short period because of worn-out heels? Well, the good news is that it is possible to make your shoes last longer by stopping the heels from wearing down quickly.

While it is normal for shoe heels to wear down, the rate at which this happens should not be alarming. Overly, it is not normal to invest in a pair of shoes only for the heels to wear down after one or two months. This is because while friction is expected to cause the natural wear and tear of shoe heels, this is a gradual process that should allow you to enjoy your footwear.

However, it is essential to understand that having shoes that will serve you for a long term starts by investing in quality shoes. To do this, you need to look for shoes that:

  • Have a small amount of torque. To determine whether a pair of shoes has the right amount of torque, hold it at both ends and slightly twist them. They should be able to smoothly twist or bend, which is a mark of a quality shoe heel and body material.
  • Easily bends where the toes bend. As you are walking, running, or relaxing, your toes will need space and room to bend. This is important not only for your mobility but to support the blood floor to every part of your feet. For this, you need shoes that are flexible enough to allow your toes to bend.
  • Have a stiff back or heel. It is one thing to have a shoe with the right amount of torque and another to have a pair whose heel keeps moving from side to side. Generally, you should always go for shoes whose back, or heel does not shift from one side to the other.
  • Provide arch support. You will also need shoes with arch support for a firm fit whenever you put them on. The good news is that you can always add extra arch support by buying quality insoles.
  • Are comfortable. It does not matter how expensive a pair of shoes is if they do not feel comfortable, stop wearing them. Your feet should always feel great whenever you wear a shoe even after wearing them for several hours or walking for a long distance.
  • Wide and long enough at the toes. If you have wide toes, stop trying to squeeze them into shoes that are not wide or long enough. Remember to use your toes to determine the right pair of shoes after finding the right size for your feet.

Now that you have the right type of shoe, you can now solve the problems of heels wearing down quickly.

Ways to stop shoe heels from wearing down rampantly

The major problem most people have with their shoe heels is that they wear down unevenly. This is problematic as once this happens, your shoes will lose shape and become near-impossible to wear. If you want to avoid this, you need to focus on your walking technique.

Mastering the right walking technique 

Every step that you take goes through two phases; the stance and the swing. The stance phase begins with the leading foot making heel contact with the ground. This is then followed by the heel to toe progression of weight-bearing foot.

On the other hand, the swing phase begins with the rapid hip, knee, and ankle flexion that allows for foot movement from the ground. This phase always requires a body balance to sustain the forward momentum. While walking is a process that our brain does instinctually, you can improve your walking technique by:

  • Standing upright as you walk. This will help you avoid pilling pressure on one side of your shoes, leading to the heels wearing down. Maintaining an upright posture as you walk is critical not only for the longevity of your shoe heels but also helps to avoid health problems. Some of the conditions associated with a hunched or slouched walking posture include; back pains, higher risks of stroke, and other serious maladies.

Note: For a better balance, remember to keep your shoulders pulled back but relaxed. This will help you to evenly distribute your weight as you walk.

  • Use all the muscle groups in your leg as you walk. Strive to maintain even steps by using all the muscle groups in the leg (calves, hamstring, and quadriceps) for forward movements.

Once you have mastered the right walking techniques, you can proceed to:

Invest in sole protectors

This is one of the easiest fixes that stops shoe heels from wearing down. Sole protectors are designed to fit in all kinds of shoes, as they can be easily cut to fit the shape of any shoe heel. The good thing about these products is they are easy to fix and do not necessarily require the expertise of shoe repairers.

It is important to remember that sole protectors get worn out after a period of use and will require regular changing. Sole protectors act as guards that prevent the actual heel material from getting in contact with the ground and wearing down.

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Put rubber taps on your shoes

Shoe repairers can assist you in protecting your shoe heels by putting rubber taps on your shoes. Heel taps cover the surface of your shoes and will ensure they do not wear down quickly. Always go for quality rubber taps that will last for a long time.

Rotate your shoes

Another simple way to stop your shoe heels from wearing down is to make it a habit to rotate your shoes. It does not matter how much you love that pair of shoes, do not wear them for two days in a row. Rotating your shoes naturally protects them and ensures they do not age quickly.


Before you buy your next pair of shoes, it is vital to consider the quality of its sole. You should also strive to embrace the best techniques for stopping your shoe heels from wearing down.