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Best Shoes for Heel Pain-2020 Reviews

Best Shoes for Heel Pain-2020 Reviews

Heel pain is a common foot concern faced by most people in the world today. This condition can develop from various complications in the feet, including Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, stress fractures, and even injuries.

In most cases, such problems result from excessive heel pounding or gait abnormalities causing irritation in the ligaments joined to the heel.

Among all alleged options out there, heel pain can be effortlessly managed by having the right footwear. This calls for a better understanding regarding the best shoes for heel pain, and the features to check out for when choosing one.

Talking of features, this might include regular stretching, support, application of orthotics, and anti-inflammatory elements.

It is important to have your feet evaluated by a podiatrist and talk to your doctor to help determine what shoes for heel spurs would work best for you.

Our reviews highlight the ten most effective shoes for heel pain made by well-trusted footwear manufacturers worldwide. We have also added a quick buying guide for a more informed purchase.

Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker

Sometimes it is better to slow down and enjoy the view. The Brooks Addiction Walking shoes are well among the most supportive footwear with slip-resistant soles and leather upper that complements ultimate comfort. Still, there are more intriguing aspects of this model.

The support level it offers is all you need if you have low arches, or are suffering from overpronation. The whole thing is contemporary, meaning buyers won’t have to think twice about counting on this as an all-errands daily running shoe. In fact, it might end up being addictive, just like the name suggests.

Soft cushioning, BioMoGo DNA is the proprietary support system present in this model. It adapts to your strides, speed, and weight, thereby protecting your feet against excessive impacts generated during walking.

The shoe boasts the Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar that comes in handy to promote comfort and support across the entire body. The arch support is strategically positioned to guide and keep your feet in a natural path of motion.

The unfailing slip-resistant stands between you and excellent traction—the shoe rest on an innovative outsole that’s endorsed (ASTMF48996) for superior grip and stability. The forefoot MC Pod built quality guarantees a stable ride while setting your feet in an optimal, stable, and efficient position.

The overall design is well-streamlined, featuring full-grain leather upper that’s both comfortable and long-lasting. And the moment you step on this shoe brand, you’ll get to feel how advanced the comfort, stability, and motion control incorporated by this model are.

Those who own the Brook Addiction can attest to how comfortable it is. Users marveled at how effectively the shoe alleviated pain and discomfort and is generally considered durable and comfortable by many.


  •   Durable construction
  •   Suits extra wide feet
  •   Excellent comfort for extended sessions
  •   Slip-resistant outsoles


  •   Breathability could be improved.

Brooks Women’s Ariel’ 18

Like a mermaid, this woman’s running shoes combine the world’s ultimate comfort and support. The updated toe box provides more space while the cushioning molds to your feet. The shoe allows you to achieve excellent protection, now with a comfier fit.

You will get maximum support alongside the ultra-soft padding package with the advanced fit. Thanks to the well-wangled air mesh upper. It couples with the external heel counter and structured saddle for that extra stability.

One of the most impressive things about this shoe is the lightweight, supportive and responsive style it features. Runners understand how vital these features are, especially when you’re planning for regular running sessions.

The Ariel 18 features a roomier toe-box better than the previous release, and the overall cushioning is similarly improved. All these come down to one thing; the shoe is more comfortable. It’s biomechanically manufactured to offer continuous support in your life, when walking or running, no matter the weather season.

Contrary to the rest, the Brooks Women’s Ariel 18 is fitted with synthetic outsoles. These soles might not be the most durable out there, but they are exceptionally effective in functionality and better traction.

There’s also the Extended Progressive Diagonal Roll-bar that keeps your feet in their natural motion-path. This is enhanced by the tremendous support offered by the soles.

Generally, everything about this model is focused on offering an excellent fit. This ranges from roomy toe-box, soft mesh upper, structured saddle, and external heel counter. It is ideal for those with varied arches since the footwear is designed with a flat, medium arches support system.


  •   Suitable for different arches
  •   Breathable upper mesh
  •   New and improved fit
  •   Soft DNA midsoles


  •       Relatively pricey

Hoka One One Hoka Bondi 5 Women’s Running Shoe

Next up is a product from the game-changing Bondi line-up, Bondi 5. It is the most cushioned road-shoe in Hoka’s Bondi legacy; footwear like no other in terms of comfort, and undoubtedly suitable for heel pain. We just can’t blow their horn enough.

From the introduction, the model has lured athletes in profusion due to its squishy-soft feel and incredibly lightweight. An excellent choice for long-distance, or just long hours on your feet to combat heel pain- it boasts the sweetest cushioning.

Made for running on hard surfaces, the Bondi 5 brings you the cushiest of extensive rides and maximum traction to let you cover light trails should the mood catch you.

The mesh uppers are ventilated to ease breathability and comfort. Perforations in the material promote airflow, ensuring better, comfier conditions for your feet to thrive in. It has a 3D Puff Print Frame that warps the shoe to deliver lightweight structure and support while subsiding in-shoe slippages for smooth and seamless strides.

The Meta-Rocker midsole is specifically designed with a minimal heel-toe drop alongside sculpted outsole deferential between the heel and forefoot. This promotes a unique natural rolling experience, natural running form with an efficient, sustainable positive rolling motion across the foot.

The molded Ortholite sock liner rests atop the ballistic midsole to cradle you through moisture-wicking aeration. The antimicrobial function comes in handy to keep off nasty-odor and bacteria build-up. It’s a gear designed to bring you long-lasting freshness.

The wider, accommodative toe-box is another that allows for easy splay, while the padded collar and tongue provide an irritation-free fit. Apparently, the manufacturer understands how blisters and running can ruin your day.


  •       Synthetic fabric air mesh
  •       Rubber outsole for maximum traction
  •       Available in 19 different colors


  •       A bit expensive

ASICS Men’s Gel-Nimbus 18 Running Shoe

For those searching for a comfortable and extremely well-padded shoe, the ASICS Men’s Gel-Nimbus 18 could be a go-to option. Ideal even for those with rigid foot types, this model features Convergence Gel- an advanced gel incorporated closer to the foot and enhances cushioning and shock absorption.

There’s also the jacquard mesh upper that controls seams and material overlays, promoting a comfortable fit.

The shoe comes with a FluidRide midsole that presents a perfect combo between cushioning and bounce back. Despite the excellent cushioning, the whole thing still remains light in weight and durable. This helps to minimize the fatigue by keeping your feet safe from excess pressure generated during movements.

During manufacturing, ASICS employed a little more innovation rather than just evolution. Significant weight reduction possesses the center stage, with almost FluidFit upper that feels and fits like a runner’s dream.

Another major highlight stems from the heel clutching technology. On the heel section, you will find an Exoskeletal heel-counter that comes in handy for ultimate support for those who often experience heel pains. The feature also influences how well the foot rests at the heel.

Coming down to breathability, the model’s breathability is unmatched. It features seamless built materials that are sure to keep your feet in perfect shape with improved airflow. This aeration also helps to combat excess friction and irritation common with other regular seams and stitches.


  •       Lightweight construction
  •       Excellent gel cushioning across the shoe
  •       Bounce back properties to reduce shocks
  •       Seamless and breathable uppers


  •       Durable but not among the most durable in our list


Orthotic Arthritis Diabetic Women Stretchable Shoes Wichita

This product is a true interpretation of style and comfort, as developed and introduced by Orthofeet brands. It is suitable for comfortable and painless walks, made by a leading footwear manufacturer for heel and overall foot pain. It’s designed to make your life better with each comfortable.

The ergonomic outer-sole is incredibly lightweight and is equipped with air cushioning. What’s better, it is coupled with orthotic inserts and cushioning layers for anatomical arch support.

This shoe’s support is soft and viable enough to keep your feet free from hops, knee, heel, and lower back pains. The kind of versatility featured here is something not so common in other brands out there.

The shoe is available in different sizes. Many find it hard to get something that fits their needs. But with these Stretchable Shoes, you will achieve a perfect fit for your feet as it comes in varied options ranging from wide, medium, and extra wide. Moreover, the shoe allows for a customizable fit. You can always use your custom orthotics due to the additional depths available.

Overall, the shoe is all about superior comfort with some of the comfiest and pliable uppers. Underfoot is fitted with smooth lining alongside additional padding, making it suitable for any form of foot sensitivity.

Orthofeet is confident enough as it gives its users a 60-days test period. That means you’re entitled to a refund if the shoe isn’t satisfactory as per your needs and expectations.


  •       Available in different sizes
  •       Stretchable uppers
  •       Alleviates variety of feet-related pains
  •       Adjustable Velcro straps
  •       60-days test period


  •       Not waterproof


Orthofeet Top Orthopedic Men’s Sneakers

The BioFit Men’s Sneakers is yet another choice for all your pains, from knees and heels to hips and lower back. It comes with lightweight, ergonomic soles that adjust to the shape if different. This is an extra perk to those who find it difficult to get something that fits their feet well.

The shoes are also designed with anatomic support to help those suffering from plantar fasciitis. The cushioning featured here is on the next level. It brings you much-needed comfort, so you don’t have to make frequent trips to the doctor.

The cushioning is meant to eliminate pains caused by overpronation—flat feet, arthritis, neuropathy, and diabetes. We also appreciate the wider widths. The pair comes in wide, medium, and extra-wide widths. It also allows you to use additional orthotics according to your needs.


  •       Alleviate under-heel pressure
  •       The comfortable, non-binding toe box
  •       Soft with bouncy walking experience
  •       Available in different sizes and colors


  •       Not the most durable

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Mizuno Wave Inspire 14 Running Shoe

For sporty, stylish running shoes, be sure to try the Mizuno Wave Inspire 14. It is an excellent choice for those suffering from heel pain as a result of  Plantar Fasciitis & Achilles . It also a great option for those who have general issues related to foot pain.

The shoe is designed to be exceptionally lightweight. In fact, some buyers stated that they felt almost nothing at all when walking on them. The inner structure is cushiony, yet comfy enough to accommodate shocks and harmful impacts.

They provide optimal support to keep your feet steady during running. This is an essential feature as it keeps the body in proper alignment while protecting you from tripping or twisting your ankle during moves.

The shoe is true to size, but as in most running shoes, we recommend ordering something up to give your toes enough room to splay when making an impact with the surface.

Apart from being best for runners, the Mizuno Wave Inspire 14 Running Shoe is a practical choice for those who tend to be on their feet most of the time, like nurses, cashiers, and servers. With the excellent support level, the shoes offer lightweight experience as they hold to the job of keeping your feet comfortable all day long.


  •       Rubber outsole for grip and traction
  •       Textile and synthetic upper
  •       Available in all sizes, from narrow, medium and wide
  •       Three different color options


  •       A bit pricey

Vionic Women’s Fitness Shoe

When it comes to the best shoes for heel pain and other foot complications, Vionic usually has it all. This particular brings a combination of synthetic and mesh upper, so comfort, flexibility, and foot aeration are well pretty much assured, making it helpful for those dealing with heel pain.

The shoe’s inside features surprisingly detachable insoles that are crafted from textile-covered EVA. The interior cushioning absorbs the shock while alleviating the heel pain, thereby keeping you comfortable throughout the day.

It also comes with durable rubber outsoles, carefully manufactured to give your feet the much-needed traction on different surfaces. Similarly, the outsole acts as an effective shock absorber, so your heel will be protected against harmful impacts.

It’s important to mention that the shoe is crafted with synthetic latex on the interior, so you might want to wear them with a pair of socks if you’re allergic to latex.

Alternatively, you can customize it with an irritation-free fabric to ensure your skin and underfoot are well protected. Meanwhile, if you always opt to have your socks on, be sure to order something slightly bigger than actual size as they can affect how the shoe fits.


  •       Durable rubber outsole
  •       Breathable synthetic upper mesh uppers
  •       Flexible, yet firm orthotic inserts


  •       Latex might not suit most people.

Gravity Defyer Proven Pain Relief Women’s G-Defy Mighty Walk

Made from a combination of fabric and synthetic elements, the Gravity Defyer is among the lightweight and breathable shoes on our list. It is designed to eliminate all fatigue, even after wearing them for prolonged periods.

The forefoot comes with rocker soles, integrated with midfoot support that minimizes and prevents heel pains. The patented VeroShock technology is more of a spring system that attenuates shock with every stride.

It converts the excessive shock into renewed positive energy that improves your walking experience. The removable insole allows you to use your custom padding based on your support and comfort needs.

Besides, heel pain, the shoe is also a great solution to people with sensitive feet. It eliminates all the chances of irritation, with an excellent interior that makes it ideal for neuropathy and diabetic cases.

The extra toe-room available ensures maximum comfort. This feature alone makes the shoe suitable for bunions since your toes will be moving freely, so you will have a smooth transition throughout.


  •       Removable insoles
  •       Seamless interior
  •       Lightweight and breathable sneakers
  •       Accommodative toe box


  •       For-front tends to rub off easily.

Best Shoes for Heel Pain: Buying Guide 


Cushioning is one of the most critical factors for eliminating heel pain Caused by Plantar Fasciitis & Achilles . This refers to the nature of the midsole and the innersoles. In most cases, heel pain is caused by complications that develop from wearing shoes that don’t provide the right amount of support.

Therefore, you need to determine the areas that need the most cushioning and support before buying your new pair of shoes. A good start is to check individually for insoles because they do a great job of easing and reducing the pain.

However, people have different needs, and the cushioning level is not an exception. The key is to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible. If the padding used does not suit you, it is always wise to consider other options, especially those that allow for customizable comfort. As such, pay attention to the inside of the shoe and preferably go for those with removable footbeds.

Arch Support

Overpronation is one of the common causes of heel pain. However, the situation can be managed by investing in shoes with proper arch support. The overall support level can be attributed to cushioning, especially the midsole and inserts.

Proper arch support should match your arches. That means you have to determine whether you have low, normal, or high arches. Nevertheless, anatomical arch support could be of immense benefit in managing heel pains because it provides support to the feet and keeps them as naturally as they should be.


When dealing with heel pain, the last thing you want is something that feels too stiff, as the pain afterward is drastically unbearable. You can attest to this if you have ever walked or performed exercise in too rigid shoes.

For this, choose from those options with stretchable mesh uppers, rubber outsoles, and foam insoles. Such combination can help reduce how much foot strain you experience when coordinating moves, particularly during fitness workout sessions. These materials also make the shoeless bulky, hence keeping your joints and feet muscles safe.

Toe Box

Roomy toe-box is an important feature across any given footwear, especially when you’re planning to have them for long hours. The forefoot design should not make your toes feel cramped or squeezed in one position. So make sure you can move freely.

The feature remains relevant to those dealing with heel pains. Otherwise, any pressure or a slight pinch on the forefoot will just exacerbate the existing condition. Also, shoes with tight toe-boxes might make you go for a smaller size than your actual measurement as they affect how well the shoe fits, based on the shape of your feet.

Depth Design

Besides cushioning, you might want to add your own orthotics, whether as a doctor’s recommendation or individual preferences. This works typically if the shoe’s design allows for custom inserts, or features extra space in depth.

Luckily, most of the best shoes for heel pain have removable inserts. Manufacturers understand that users have different tastes and preferences regarding what’s comfortable and what’s not. The point is to have enough room that can accommodate personal orthotics. You can also add more layers of inserts to achieve a perfect fit should the shoes tend to be bigger.


Various things can hold you back from proceeding with your regular plans, but heel pains are not one of them, especially when you consider all the available choices at different stores.

When speaking of this type of footwear, the best shoes for heel pain revolve around your comfort. We have reviewed some of the best options in the market, basing our criteria on all crucial aspects ranging from cushioning, support, flexibility, and customizability.

When reading through the recommendations, the ultimate decision should be after trying and establishing how comfortable the shoe in question feels on your feet.