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How To Soften The Back Of New Shoes

How To Soften The Back Of New Shoes

The thrill of buying new shoes may eventually fade. Your feet will start to develop blisters after wearing brand new shoes. Without proper protection, wearing your shiny and luxurious shoes will cause you pain. 

Softening the back of your shoes will make them comfortable. You can either wear them with different types of socks or use moisture to enlarge the back. Moreover, you can use stretch sprays to get the best results. 

You can quickly soften the back of your new shoes using easy tips. Please read this article to understand the reasons behind the pain and how to eliminate them. 

Why Does It Hurt To Wear New Shoes?

Shoes are an integral part of your daily routine. Ironically, the shoe may fit you perfectly but still hurt the back of your feet. The reason? Lack of softness.  

A hard material is always used to make the back of your shoe. While walking, this narrow patch rubs against the back heels causing discomfort. This movement causes friction. It subsequently applies a certain amount of pressure, causing a nasty blister. 

The pain and injury caused by wearing brand new shoes are unexplainable. However, shoes are advertised to promote comfort and safety for your feet. Without continuous wear, they will not become flexible. 

The techniques showcased in this article will fasten your shoe softening process. Let us get started. 

Tips To Soften The Back Of Newly Bought Shoes

These are the easiest ways to increase the softness of your shoes. Using these tips will best ensure comfort and the reduction of pain. 

Wear Socks

You can wear socks to provide comfort to your feet. A sock is the most basic way to soften your new shoes. It is perfect for any foot movement. 

Wearing insoles with socks will enable you to run in your new shoes. The most beneficial type of insole would be a customized one. 

You can use socks to reduce the pain caused by the back of the shoe while performing any activity.  Moreover, your feet will feel comfortable. 

Socks and insoles provide an elevated and softer footing. Therefore, it is best to buy socks or insoles with your favorite pair of shoes. 

Socks will ensure relief from blisters and keep the thrill of wearing stylish shoes intact. 

Use Wooden Inserts 

An ancient and effective way of making your shoes larger is the application of wooden inserts. You can place the wooden insert inside the shoe to enlarge it. 

This technique is perfect for making the shoe roomier for your feet. Using a wooden insert ensures the expansion of both the heel and the toe area of the shoe. 

Using this is an effective way of utilizing pressure to stretch the shoe for better wearability. However, they can be a bit pricey but a worthy investment. 

A customized wooden insert is essential to retain the perfect shape of the shoe. You can easily make your shoe softer and keep it ventilated. 

Wooden inserts work best with formal wear shoes.

Keep It In The Freezer 

Water molecules soften the stiffness in your shoes by expanding them. It is an unorthodox but productive way to make the back of your new shoes soft. 

You can use sealed bags half-filled with water to put inside the shoe. However, it would be best to make sure that the bulky bags push down on each side. The bags should not contain excessive water, which can cause them to rip.

Now, proceed to put the pair in the freezer for almost seven hours. The frozen water will expand and make your shoes softer. 

Moreover, keep the shoes aside to warm after taking them out of the freezer. You can even repeat the process if the shoes are not soft enough to compliment your feet. 

Use Shoe Stretch Sprays

The use of shoe stretch sprays can only be on leather shoes. Softening the leather material can be a hassle. You can get the best shoe stretch sprays at any local shoe repair store.

Stretch sprays make the shoe perfect for regular use. This spray will cause the leather to be moist but save it from losing its shine and shape. 

It is advised to apply the spray all over the shoe to speed up the stretching process. However, you need to wear socks before using the already sprayed shoes. 

The use of shoe stretch sprays is considered the most economical way of stretching the back of your shoes. You can use a wooden insert along with this to get the best and faster results.

Use A Hair Dryer  

Heat expands the size of any object. Therefore, this effective mechanism can be used on shoes. You can stretch and soften leather shoes using heat from a dryer. 

You must evenly apply the heat on the shoes with your feet inside. It would help if you stretched out the shoe by wearing them manually. However, before taking your feet out, you need to let them cool down. 

The use of a bit of water will enhance the process and get you the best result. This method will ensure the softness of your shoe and make it comfortable to wear. 

Use Oil As A Moisturizer 

Oils like glycerin or castor oil help with the softening of shoes. The fat content in these oils will make the back of your shoe soft. 

This method will help you maintain the longevity of the shoes. You can use a tiny amount to rub it all over your leather shoe. After which, you can stretch the shoe to any extent by wearing it. 

Oil makes the shoe airy and comfortable to walk in or wear. Oils will also maintain the shine and luster of the leather shoes. 

You can further apply a mixture of kerosene and vinegar to widen the shoes and make them easy to use. Oils moisturize the shoe and make the back softer. 

Visit A Shoemaker 

If you fail to get any results using the methods, you can seek some professional help. With equipment best fitted for your needs, they will assist you with every shoe-related problem you have. 

Getting The Perfect Size

In some cases, the shoe might not be the right fit for you. The shoe size differs in every company. Therefore, it is best to get a customized foot size before buying your desired footwear. 

Summing Up

Softening the back of your shoe is a simple way to save your feet from getting hurt. A substantial course of action would be to follow the tips provided in this article. 

Making the shoes wider and stretching them out is the perfect way to make the shoes comfortable. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the right tip for your shoe to make wearing them painless. 

With these simple steps, you can wear your newly bought shoes with comfort and pleasure. You can perform any activity with new shoes that are soft and comfortable.