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Why Does My Dog Cuddle My Shoes?

Why Does My Dog Cuddle My Shoes?

Most pet owners tend to have a footwear problem. The issue is not the style or uncomfortable shoes- it’s that their pets love their shoes a tad too much.

One common problem is that dogs, generally are prone to grabbing one shoe at certain moments and sometimes subject it to mild use of their teeth.

This may be because they like the scent, that the smell makes them feel more secure when they are anxious. Still, your dog could have learned that it gets a treat after doing so.

If you find your dog much obsessed with your shoes, here are some of the most common explanations for this behavior and what it actually means when your little fur baby does this.

Since there are many possible causes, we found it best to focus on what would make each of them a possible view. Perhaps this will help have a good idea on how to stop your dog from messing around and get your footwear back.

Your Shoes Feel Comfortable to Lie On

This is one of the possible convictions behind your dog’s love for shoes. Your dog may just decide to sleep on your shoes simply because they feel comfortable lying on.

Shoes are generally close to the surface, or rather floor, that means they offer an agreeable for your dog whenever they want to cuddle or take a quick nap.

However, being low to the ground is not the only reason why dogs find shoes pleasurable. Your shoes might be really comfortable.

If you wear leather shoes or shoes crafted from lightweight materials, your dog might take them just as comfortable as a pillow.

At times, your dog might want to cuddle your shoes because they’re just comfortable in that they have high sides and provide some protection. This is particularly the case if you own a small dog that can snuggle up in between sneakers.

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The Scent That Comes From Your Shoes

The smell that comes from your shoes, probably due to sweating or normal wear and tear might be very comforting for your dog. For instance, when you’re not around, your dog might decide to lay on your shoes as a way to comfort themselves while you’re gone.

Dogs are touchy to smell, so whatever smells like you is definitely what the dog will gravitate towards. The dog might do this with your shoes or other items such as shirts and socks. However, shoe smells are probably the most common appeal that dogs will follow.

The taste and smell of your shoes are two things that make your dog feel safe and secure. Your shoes might also have a scent obtained from wherever you’ve been.

Your dog might love the earthy smell of your shoes, for instance, if you were out hiking in them or just walking in them. Remember that all the places you’ve been throughout the day mostly leaves a scent on the sides and soles of your shoes. And this could be exactly what your dog loves about.

Leather shoes usually give a natural smell that many dogs appreciate. Leather shoes hold smell, including that of the natural material, and your dog might find this really appealing. Therefore if you own them, or are planning to get a pair, keep that in mind. Not to mention that some will even chew them.

The shoe might be the Coolest Place For your Canine In the Summer

During those hot summer months, the shoe rack could be the coolest area in your house for your dog. If you have a shoe rack, chances are you have set it in the coolest place of your home.

As for dogs, the shoe tack can be a favorable place to get relief from the hot temperatures of the summer months. Whether that means close to the front door, or maybe you’ve just tacked them inside a closet, where you placed your shoes tends to be the coolest areas in your home.

To seek attention

Your dog can try cuddling your shoes in an attempt to get more attention from you. This would be more convincing if it does this more when you have not been paying much attention, but you always do when it does it.

You might want to give your dog more attention by playing or exercising with it. However, it might also help to avoid giving your dog too much attention after hiding or messing with your shoes.

How Do You Get Your Shoes Back

Here are some of the things you can do to discourage the dog from interfering too much with your shoes.

Minimizes the chances that your dogs might be anxious

As earlier stated, the dog could be cuddling your shoes out of something that has been making it to be anxious.

One way to get around this is to limit the reasons why your dog could be becoming anxious. The various things you can do include exercises and making sure it gets food and a chance to pee before you leave it.

Don’t Encourage the Behaviour

Getting up late in a workday only to start thinking of missing shoes due to the perky little canine isn’t that funny. From the point that your dog gets rewarded every now and then, it would help not to give them treats when they cause such inconvenience.

The best thing would be to reward when they have rectified the behavior. Some dogs will cuddle your shoes far too much, that they end up with too much fur, and thus the need to wipe or clean again. Avoid getting emotion with your dog when it takes your shoe front door too.

Keep Your Shoes Out of Dogs Reach

Like medicine and children, keeping your shoes in places where they cannot access them will help get back your shoes. This may be somewhere high-up, a closet or other places where it does not have access.