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How To Lace Doc Martens

How To Lace Doc Martens

How To Lace Doc Martens

Doc Martens are one of the highly sought-after boots as they are considered a major style investment today. Owning a pair of these boots that have been around for over half a century brings a sense of pride for most people. This is because of this brand’s rich history that became popular for creating comfortable and durable work boots.

The entry of Doc Martens into the mainstream fashion world was bound to make it a staple brand for many circles. It is no wonder that at a time when the footwear industry is crowded with thousands of companies, the demand for these shoes continues to grow.

As a boots lover who has just acquired your pair of Doc Martens, it is imperative that you will want to master the best ways of lacing these classic boots. This guide offers insights on the different techniques you can use to lace up your boots, so they offer the best functionality and retain their great looks.

What type of laces do you need for Doc Martens?

First things first, if you own a pair of Doc Martens, it is vital to have the right pair of shoelaces. Not all laces are built equal, and for such a tough pair of shoes, you need equally strong laces. To avoid frustrations, you need to go for:

  • Industrial laces that are made of natural, woven cloth
  • Laces that have a great tensile strength
  • Laces that have outstanding slip resistance
  • Laces that are long and will stretch under load

Luckily for you, Doc Martens has you sorted with its line of laces that have been specially designed and built for use with their boots.

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Proven techniques for lacing your Doc Martens

There are several ways to lace your Doc Martens, and it all depends on what you want. Some people want a simple lacing style, while others prefer a more complex technique to give them a unique look. Fortunately, when you own boots, you have the flexibility to try out different techniques as you have lots of eyelets. Some of the most popular techniques are:

  • Criss-Cross lacing

Without a doubt, this is the most common lacing method, given that it works with all types of shoes and boots. It is a simple lacing technique that, as the name suggests, involves crisscrossing the laces from the bottom to the top of your boot. To do this, you need to:

  • Insert your laces through the bottom pair of eyelets in your boots.
  • Ensure the remaining part of your lace is balanced on both sides of the boot so you have sufficient length to run to the top.
  • Take the left part of the lace and cross it over to the right side, so it goes into the next eyelet, and pull it all the way. Do the same with the right part of the lace. You will instantly notice the crisscrossing laces.
  • Continue doing this until you get to the final hole at the top of your boots. It would be best if you had some remaining bits of the lace to allow you to tie a knot.
  • Wear the boots and tighten the laces until you have the perfect fit before tying the knot.
  • Amy lacing

This is another popular lacing technique that works great with boots. It has been used by lots of armies hence its name and is a great technique whenever you are wearing stiff or tough leather boots. To do this, you will need to:

  • Insert your laces through the bottom pair of eyelets in your boots. Pull through the last eyelet, so you balance the lace on both ends.
  • Take both sides of the lace and insert them on the next pair of eyelets over the top. The lace that went through the right side’s underside goes out through the next set of eyelets on the same side. Do the same with the lace on the left side to create a bridge-like loop.
  • Pull the lace and crossover to the opposite side to a higher set of eyelets. In this next step, the lace that went through the right side crosses over to the left side, and the one on the left crosses over to the right side.
  • Repeat the last two steps where you create the bridge-like loop, and then you crossover the laces until the entire boot is laced up.
  • Commando lacing

The commando lacing is another technique that is used by the military to tie their boots. It works with Doc Martens boots and involves a simple process that most people prefer. This lacing technique is done by:

  • Put one end of your lace through the bottom eyehole from the underside of the holes.
  • Tie a stopper knot in this end, so you have only one loose end to use.
  • Run the loose end across to the opposite pair of eyelets and in through the adjacent eyelet.
  • Repeatedly do this, ensuring your lace runs straight on the inside and straight across on the outside.
  • You will have a loose lace after lacing up your boot that will be used to make a slip knot at the top. If you have a long lace, you can wrap the remaining part around the calf before tucking the end through these wraps.
  1. Lacing the lower eyelets only

If your Doc Martens has lots of eyelets, you can always choose to lace the lower eyelets only. This lacing style is great if you prefer boots that do are not too tight past the ankle. It is also a great lacing style if you will not be involved in a demanding activity and want to have fun in your boots. To do this, you can:

  • Go for a straight run from the lowest eyelet by inserting your lace over these holes.
  • Crisscross the laces as you move up the next set of eyelets
  • Stop at the point after you have laced all the lower eyelets and only have the top ones remaining. Since this lacing style is likely to leave you with a loose fit, ensure all the lower eyelets are properly tightened.


There are lots of ways to lace your Doc Martens, and you never have to be limited to how you can wear these boots. The only thing you need to ensure is that your lacing style allows you to have a good fit and does not ruin the shoes’ comforts.