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Are Doc Martens Good For Snow?

Are Doc Martens Good For Snow?

It is vital to prepare for winters as the cold temperatures and general wet weather conditions of the season can be so unforgiving. One of the must-haves for snowy days is a good pair of boots that will keep you warm and provide sufficient support for mobility. In the search for the perfect snow boots, a particular question of interest is whether Doc Martens are good for snow.

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Do Doc Martens make good winter boots?

It is true that Doc Martens are uniquely constructed as they have been designed to be comfortably tough for the good of workers. But, since the toughness of a shoe is never the focus quality when thinking about snow or ice, there is a need to check its other attributes. So, besides being the go-for footwear for demanding work environments, what are the other qualities of Doc Martens?

To answer this, we have to look at the following aspects:

  • Are Doc Martens slip-resistant? And how good are they on wet slippery surfaces?

Doc Martens have been designed and built for use in industrial environments where safety is paramount. To ensure that workers are never at risk, the company re-engineered their original boots to feature slip-resistant GripTrax™ soles. This makes the shoes suitable for use in demanding work areas where there could be oil spills, wet surfaces, and construction areas.

For snowy days, the slip-resistant soles of Doc Martens boots will come in handy as they provide very good traction and grip. This makes it possible for the boots to be used on icy surfaces as they reduce the chances of one slipping and falling. However, it is important to note that depending on the extremity of the weather, the boots might not provide as much grip as desired.

Still, Doc Martens has an exclusive line of shoes for winter that take care of this problem. The Wintergrip boots have been built with grooved cleats that provide superior traction and grip, making it suitable for harsh weather. These boots have also been fleece-lined and made with water-resistant leather.

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  • Are Doc Martens warm?

Doc Martens are designed and created with the comfort of workers in mind. For this, they have a cushion layer that makes the shoes a little warm, but this will not protect you from the coldness of winter. Nevertheless, you can make them extra warm by wearing them with a thick pair of wool socks when it is snowing.

To keep you warm in winter, Doc Martens has another line of shoes that have extra linings of faux fur and fleece. The Warmwair boots are built to be worn in the snow as besides these additional layers meant to insulate your feet, they are made with water-resistant leather.

  • Are Doc Martens comfortable?

This is the defining quality of Doc Martens that has made them become one of the top-rated brands of worker’s shoes. Comfort and sturdiness are in the company’s DNA, and there is never a question about how great these shoes will feel on your feet. This is a feature that makes them great as winter wear since they can easily be worn for long hours.

The main lines of shoes by Doc Martens are not water-resistant and made of leather, which will begin to absorb water in extremely wet conditions. Nevertheless, it is important to note that the leather used to make these shoes is tough and about 75% waterproof. To make them waterproof, you will have to use a shoe protector.

But, Doc Martens has other lines of shoes including; Warmwair, Wintergrip, and Drywair that are made with water-resistant leather. So if you want the best protection for your feet when it is snowing, you can always opt for these boots.

  • Does snow ruin Doc Martens?

Once again, Doc Martens do not score a perfect mark on this as prolonged exposure to snow spoils the leather used to make these boots. However, this depends on the line of shoes that you settle for as its water-resistant boots do not get ruined by snow or water. Still, you can take extra precaution when using the regular boots by using a shoe protector.

What You Need to Know About Doc Martens

Doc Martens are military combat-like boots that are primarily distinguished by their air-cushioned soles, welted construction, and noticeable yellow stitching. Since the 1960s, these boots have found a spot in the footwear industry as they represent a tradition of work. While they have always been built for the men and women in the frontline of industrial work, this iconic British shoe brand has long broken the limitations of its primary market.

The first mark that Doc Martens were never going to be only a workers’ wear boot was their rise to fame that was made possible by rock music bands. To date, several rock brands have become inseparable from this brand. It is this platform that saw these boots become highly sought after in the mainstream market with the increased demand earning them a special place in the fashion industry.

Are all Doc Martens combat-like boots?

While at the mention of Doc Martens what comes to mind are tough-looking combat-like boots, this brand has diversified its line of production. Nevertheless, the defining qualities of what constitutes a worker’s boot have remained to be the company’s DNA. Right from its leather Oxford shoes and fisherman sandals to Chelsea boots and steel toe slip-on work boots, the productions by the brand have an industrial touch.

Primarily, the idea behind creating such a broad line of shoes was to cater to the varied demands of the men and women in different industries. Over the years, this has proven beneficial to the brand as it has managed to offer the market an ideal range of footwear that fits modern-day fashion wear.


The straightforward answer to whether Doc Martens are good for snow is – Yes. But, you have to consider how extreme the weather is likely to be and select the right pair of boots. Ultimately, its winter collection of boots is the best choice to face those snowy days without any worries.