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How To Keep Socks From Slipping Into Shoes

How To Keep Socks From Slipping Into Shoes

Shoes and socks are probably the most important pieces for an elegant outfit. Whether that means casual shoes, heels, ballet flats, or loafers, footwear is a must if you want to blend in just about any event. It’s very common to find smelly shoes, especially where there are no socks inside.

But alongside socks, another problem arises- how do you keep your socks from slipping inside the shoes. This is one of the most common issues among most people as far as footwear is concerned. It is a problem mostly associated with low or mid-cut known socks. Slipping socks are generally enjoyable and can easily ruin your day.

Fortunately, the issue is very conveniently addressed by this run down. So if you are wondering how to keep your no show socks from slipping, you may read on.

Choose the right material and coverage for your shoe type

Different types will go extremely well with different kinds of socks, or no show socks for that matter. If you like wearing dressy shoes such as high heels, loafers, ballet flats, or such, you’ll be best to consider socks with smooth and soft fabric.

This type of socks will simply glide against the sides of your shoes. It will reduce friction and pressure points that could lead to slipping.

For sneakers and casual shoes, you will be better with socks that are designed to bear even the most taxing line of work. This is particularly true for those who spend most of their time standing.

A pair of socks that is made from a soft fabric and designed to hug your feet and hold up to the most demanding physical activities can be a great choice too.

After spotting the right fabric, go ahead and check whether the pair in question has the right amount of coverage for you. You don’t want to choose a pair of socks with downright low coverage.

This would leave your feet susceptible to excess friction. Not to mention other conditions like blisters this can cause. So make sure the socks you’ve selected will bunch up the bottom of your feet before you leave the store.

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Go with the Right Size

This might sound obvious. But note that the reason behind slipping socks is that they probably don’t precisely fit your feet. If you wear no show socks or one size pair, for instance, and they are slipping into the shoes, chances are you’re wearing the wrong size for you.

You can count on your shoe size to help determine the right size for your socks. Socks will generally come in a range; from 5-14 (for women) and 6-12.5, meaning you can easily get your perfect fit.

Moreover, the customer service team at most apparel stores are always willing to help just in case you’re unsure of what size is best for your feet. You don’t want to go with anything other than what works best for you.

Check The Silicon Grips

Silicone is a major essential if you don’t want your socks to go slipping underneath. In fact all no-show socks wearers can attest to this. However, all silicone doesn’t work the same.

Just like certain footwear types call for certain materials, different fabric socks call for different silicone designs and configuration of the grips. Socks are generally designed to stay in your feet.

However, when it comes to no-show socks, be sure to check the perfect silicone grip for the activity you’re planning to perform in a certain type of shoes. 

Maintain the Silicone Grip

Make sure the grips are clean and dry. In case you wear your shocks and find them to be slipping contrary to what they used to, check the grips to see whether there’s anything stuck to them- anything, things like dust or pet hair.

Also, your natural body lotion can create slippery issues that compromise gripping. There are many factors that can influence the effect of a non-slip, irrespective of how modern or technologically advanced the socks are.

If you suspect something might be deteriorating the silicone, in terms of grip, consider applying baby wipe or swab to it and see whether it will help the socks to their intended sticky state.

Avoid putting lotion or body oils on the part of your heels where silicone grip will come into contact right before pulling your socks.

Heel Stitch

This is yet another most important feature that will stop your socks from slipping inside. Most no show socks feature a Y stitch a 3 phase heel stitch which is just not enough to keep the socks up throughout. You might ask why can’t all no show socks employ this kind of stitch. The answer is that the machines used in knitting such technical stitches are mostly expensive and rare to find.

Elastic Arch support

Arch support is not only important in shoes. It is essential in socks as well. Interestingly, elastic arch support is not that uncommon with lower cut socks. Apart from being more comfortable, socks with arch support will hug your feet and leave no gap under the arch. They provide a snug and secure fit that comes in handy to prevent sliding.

Go For New Pair

Unfortunately, even the most durable and highly branded socks are not made to last millenniums. They run obsolete also with time. With constant wear, the silicone grip gets compromised, fabric losses a good deal of its elasticity, and holes start forming. So if your favorite pair of socks is no longer working as they used to, it could be high time to get another pair.

Bottom Line

Socks or no show socks have a tendency to slip down from your heels and bunch inside the shoes. And when this happens, you may find yourself extremely uncomfortable or being forced to pull your socks every now and then. Hopefully, the above tips will help solve most of these problems.