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How To Dry Shoes With Newspaper

How To Dry Shoes With Newspaper

Knowing how to dry shoes easily and flawlessly without damage is a common yet daunting query among most people. For most of us, stepping into puddles or walking in the rain is a no because it can make the shoes create horrendous squeaking noises and develop mold. Moreover, wet shoes can make your feet cold and uncomfortable.

But away from the cold puddles mishap, shoes should be properly washed to prevent grime and bacterial buildup inside and outside the shoes. Washing them regularly is fine, but too much cleaning now and then can make the shoes discolored.

The main question revolves around the drying. If not well attended and properly done, the method you use to dry your shoes can make them get crumpled and shrink in size.

Luckily, there are various ways to dry your shoes carefully without ruining them in any way. One of these methods involves using absorbent materials inside the shoe to draw out the moisture.

The most common materials and probably the least damaging are the newspapers. Perhaps the best thing about newspapers when it comes to dryness is that they can be used on any shoe style or material.

So if you want to dry your shoes overnight, slip off your damp sneakers and stuff sheets of newspapers inside of each shoe. Get back after every hour to check whether the inside remains damp. If the sheets are soaked, replace with a fresh one and leave the shoe to dry. Below I a step by step guide on how to do this:

Remove the insoles and let them dry separately

Insoles refer to the cushioned pads inside the shoes. Take them out of the shoes so that they can dry faster. Keep the insoles in a dry environment, a sunny window, in front of a fan, or prevent them from creating mold or odors.

However, you can skip this step if the insoles of your shoes are not removable- only that it will take longer for your sneakers to dry. Note that it’s recommended to use newspapers on white shoes because the ink might transfer in return. Ideally, consider placing a fan close to the shoe to ensure good air blowing on them.

Ball Up Some Newspaper and Stuff Them Inside Shoes

Mold the newspaper sheets into balls using your hands such that they can fit inside the damp shoes. Two large sheets per shoe may be enough, but if you can always squish in more if you’re a bit more motivated.

Put the newspapers inside the shoes as far towards the toe as you can and keep shoving in the sheets until you’re satisfied no more can fit. The sheets will wick the moisture and enhance the drying process. You can use old newspapers lying around your premises or get some from the local convenience stores.

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Wrap the Outside of The shoe with More Sheets

Stuff 2-3 layers of newspaper sheets and set one shoe on top of them to keep it together. Wrap the sheets around the shoe as tightly as you can such that they can absorb the water. You can use 2 or 3 rubber bands to keep the newspapers in place.

Do the same to the next shoe. Avoid using those sheets with profound sections of colorful ink. If you’re drying an all-white pair of shoes, for instance, you might have to buy blank newspaper sheets to avoid leaving ink marks or stains on the shoes.

Change The Newspaper Every 2-3 Hours to Eliminate the Most Wetness

With time, the newspapers in and around the shoes will bear some moisture and start to get wet. Thus, keep close to the shoes and the sheets to check if they’re dry or you need to replace the newspapers.

If the sheets are wet to the touch, remove them, and replace them with fresh ones. Keep on with the cycle until the shoes are dry. Drying your shoes using newspapers can take a few hours, but if they’re excessively wet, you might have to leave them overnight.

Although we have meticulously explained how you can dry your shoes using newspapers, it’s good to note that you should be patient with the drying process.

How long the shoes take to dry might be influenced by various factors, including the material of the shoes and how damp the shoe is. There’s no fixed time for your shoes to dry up. Some could take twenty minutes, while others take a whole night.

Bottom Line

It’s all common for people to seek ways to keep their footwear dry. This is particularly true in light of all the available hacks to dry your shoes available online nowadays.

Wet shoes or boots can be more than just annoyance. They allow the bacteria to develop and cause foot odor. But with a bunch of newspapers, whether old or new, you can dry your shoes really fast without damaging them as opposed to certain drying methods.

However, it’s recommended that when drying the shoes, inspect them every thirty minutes or to help know if they are ready. Failure to this, the overall drying time might be significantly compromised. Additionally, the shoes will not dry correctly, which could lead to the development of mold and bacterial build-up.

It’s also important to inspect the shoe as they dry to see if they’re drying properly. Newspapers will work well in most fabrics, but it’s always to keep the shoe’s material in mind before using various drying methods.

For instance, if you use methods that are hostile to the shoes’ construction, it could start to crack. And as we all know, prevention is better than cure. Keep off from situations and things that could get your shoes wet, especially when you don’t have time to let them dry naturally.