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How Long Do Red Wing Boots Last?

How Long Do Red Wing Boots Last?

Located at 315 Main Street In Red Wing, Minnesota, Red Wing is one of the most prominent footwear brands, known for high-quality products embraced by many. We can say from previous buyer’s reviews that the amount of history that the company holds is incredible.

That said, the aspect of sustainability and material choice is becoming more and more pervasive these days. Shoppers are now more interested in knowing where the products they’re buying come from and if anything or anyone suffered in the production process.

Although the internet has made it easy for individuals to inform themselves about such topics, one of the most common questions, especially among those looking for tough and reliable footwear for outdoor activities is how long Red Wing boots actually last.

Red Wings Boots Durability

Red Wing boots generally are developed with excellent construction that makes them last for decades with the proper amount of care. Well, you might want to consider buying something more important if you’re down to your last $2 00, but if you’re ready to invest in high-quality footwear, Red Wing is a one-stop option.

Most Red Wing boots styles are recognized for their work functionality. Original work boots from Red Wing often used by construction workers are purposely designed to withstand excessive moisture, mud, and paint spills. Not forgetting that some models even feature the ever-popular steel toe installation to keep you safe from being crashed during performances.

Another impressive thing about Red Wings is that they’re intended to properly seal your feet from the water. Most of these boots are double and sometimes triple waterproofed to deliver unyielding protection against moisture.

But what makes it so waterproof? First, Red Wing boots are designed using tried and true waterproofing methods such as double liners. Second, the company employs only the finest material in the making of their waterproof boots.

Reading on their website, Red Wing’s tannery cures its leather using a more costly and rather time-consuming approach, but the final product is much waterproof and durable leather. They’re not all old school though as they immerse their boots in state-of-the-art hydrophobic compounds to provide full protection from the water. They also test their models thoroughly at full submersion for their functionality and waterproof capabilities.

How Red Wing Boots Are Made

It takes a great team of dedicated people who have a critical eye to deliver a high-quality boot from start to finish. A large portion of Red Wing boots is hand-stitched mainly because the technology available today does not meet the company’s standards.

Everything starts with leather, before all else. Charles Beckman corporated with the SB Foot Tannery to make the best and the most durable leather for the Red Wing Shoe company. Red Wing Shoe Company later acquired that tannery.

Speaking of the construction process, the leather is tanned, stretched, and then rolled. It is then cut into patterns before being fitted. One interesting factor is that the fitting department actually involves 30 different steps before the leather is transferred to the next department.

What follows next is the lasting department. This involves 30 different styles and numerous sizes in which the shoes and boots can be made. Then the footwear is sent to the bottoms department where the soles are added.

At long last, the whole thing is sent to the finishing department. This is where every shoe and boot is crosschecked, footbeds and shoelaces added, and things being prepared for distribution all over the world.

Perhaps the best thing about Red Wing boots is their soles. The lug, which was invited by Vibram, provides adequate traction on different surfaces. Moreover, this traction trend outsole is non-marking and certainly one of the most iconic elements in Red Wing boots.

Red Wing Boots and Shoe Repair

Truth be told; sometimes even the most reliable Red Wing boots need repair work. While shoes and boots repair is a specialty left only to professional cobblers, Red Wing does have repair shops with factory equipment so you can have your boots attended by the manufacturer. For $125, you can have your boots resoled, welt replaced, uppers reconditioned, and receive a full-size container of leather conditioner.

Reading on their website, Red Wing’s repair shops are well-equipped to handle all boots repair needs, from securing loose stitching to replacing boot eyelets and worn leather. Besides, you can protect your leather boots with Red Wing-free oiling. Note that maintenance is one of the things to keep in mind when it comes to leather.

Different types of leather may require different types of oil, cloth, or brush. For instance, Red Wing recommends that their all-natural boot oil works perfectly on their Iron Ranger. Meanwhile, most products designed to help maintain your leather boots would work just fine.

 The Bottom line

As usually the case in this footwear category, whether Red Wings are durable and worth it for you really depends on how you choose to wear them. For those on the hunt for a heavy-duty boot that bears and runs through unforgiving grounds, Red Wing actually does provide boots that are developed purposely for individuals who work outdoors.

Of course, it would be great if the company offered its boots at a more budget price point, but it’s good to understand that Red Wing is making its boots and shoes here in the US. Production costs in the USA tend to be much higher compared to overseas production. You also probably know that the cost of leather is rising globally and often shoe companies have to make up this cost in their retail pricing.

So, all things considered, it’s safe to state that Red Wing boots are worth it. These boots are worth the price, considering their quality construction, versatility, and above all durability. They are also some of the most comfortable boots you can wear with many things throughout the year.