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Are Crocs Unisex

Are Crocs Unisex

Brought into the market in 2002, crocs were initially developed as footwear for boating, with decent non-slip tread and waterproof tendencies. Crocs is one of those brands that stand for comfort, and innovation for individuals looking for shoes that conform to their lifestyles and personalities.

Well, these clog-like shoes might not match everyone’s idea of fashion, but they do boast excellent customer support where fans swear by their comfort. Now available in multiple styles and worldwide, the company is taking a big step forward in delivering intuitive comfort to feet everywhere and for more occasions. That said, one of the most common question among crocs lovers is whether these shoes are unisex.

Are Crocs Unisex?

Based on reviews, there are no differences between Crocs for men and women. These shoes are unisex. In fact, most croc models come sized as men’s/women. For instance, if you wear a size 7 in women, the pair is most likely to come sized as Men’s 5/women’s 7. Crocs are a quite beefy shoe and you can wear them exclusively at work and also around the house.

Moreover, these foam-made clogs are now available in more than 100 different styles for men, women and kids. They’re incredibly versatile and adaptable, making it easy to get a pair ideal for every event and occasion.

Another impressive thing about crocs is that they’re designed to run true to size with ample, comfortable fit. Perhaps you might want to size down crocs if you’re more interested in a snug fit, but for most people, normal sizing works perfectly.

Crocs’ Different Fits

Crocs are certified by the American Podiatric Medical Association as well as the U.S. Ergonomic Council. One podiatric stated that what Crocs skimp on aesthetic value, they make up in therapeutic benefits. The brand offers what’s known as Rx line models carefully developed with healthy feet in mind.

These shoes are specially designed to help manage plantar pain and achy feet. They are also ideal for people with bunions, injured feet and diabetes. You’ll also get a lot of inner support, massaging heel nubs, heel cups, and arch support. Simply put, they are suitable for people with foot problems.

Since they first launched their first loose fitting clog in 2002, Crocs have come a long and are now offering a range of models in a variety of fits to match your specific needs.

Crocs Roomy Fit

This is basically the original Crocs model that features a wide roomy fit. This will allow your feet to fully stretch out during movements, so your toes won’t hit the ends and your feet won’t rub the sides uncomfortably. Crocs models in this category usually come in the form of a clog and feature a heel strap to keep your feet in place.

Crocs Relaxed Fit

With the ‘relaxed fit’, you can still expect some space around the perimeter of your foot and a bit of wiggle room for your forefoot. Models under this category offer a more secure feel than the ‘roomy fit’ above, while still giving you the much-needed comfort factor.

The Standard Fit

What you get here is a more snug fit that feels somewhat tight and comfortable. Your toes will still, however, have a bit of room to wiggle as the whole thing is designed to fit securely to the contour of your foot so your heels don’t slip up or down during performances.

Crocs standard fit shoes are true-to-size and will hug your feet snugly without being too tight. If you want a secure fit while walking around, Crocs models from this collection are what you should consider.

You will get a bit of wiggle room for your toes, and the arch and heel of your foot will fit snugly in the shoe. Also, for those with an average foot size, this true-to-fit shoe is a perfect choice. Otherwise for a wider or a looser fit, be sure to check out the relaxed and roomy fit discussed above.

Crocs’ Different Comfort Ratings

As mentioned before, Crocs are exceptionally comfy, and a perfect house and errands shoe. Supportive, fun and easy to slip-on, Crocs are very cushy, especially for quick walks around the neighborhood.

Some stated that the shoes feel like walking on giant foam sponges. We also found that most people find Crocs much more comfortable to wear with socks than without for long walks, but still, there is absolutely no problem wearing them sans socks around the house.


The Bottom Line

Crocs, quite possibly the most underrated footwear ever, are constantly being attacked for their aesthetics. But why can’t we just come to appreciate these fabulous and comfy clog-like shoes? Some folks have it that these Crocs do not adequately support the foot, which can bring about a variety of medical problems. While we recommend them for water activities, they might not be the best for wearing for long periods.

For aesthetics, you can actually make your Crocs look somewhat cute. You simply need to incline to the fact that you’re wearing Crocs and don’t strain yourself. After all, these shoes aren’t quite as ridiculous as most people used to think they are. So many fashion individuals on Instagram are loving these Crocs and discovering ways to make them look very agreeable.

Overall, we’ve got to give it up to Crocs. These shoes are comfortable, easy to wear and they will last a long time. It’s easy to think they’re ugly, but on the bright side, it’s a great pair of shoes ideal for wearing around the house.