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Golden Goose Alternatives

Golden Goose Alternatives

For some of us, Golden Goose shoes are completely out of our budget. Fortunately, there are dupes that look much alike to these. So if you’re not ready to spend the money, don’t despair. There’s still plenty of great options available for comfortable, fashionable, and affordable sneakers.

You will have several pairs of cute shoes and still save some bucks to buy groceries for the rest of the year. However, dupes and alternatives usually sell out fast. So if you come across a pair, you love for a price that makes you happy, be sure to get them immediately.

For a more informed decision, we developed a rundown of some of the best Golden Goose alternatives currently available for purchase. If the price is the ultimate consideration, then these models will not break the bank.

Here are Best The Golden Goose Alternatives

Steve Madden Women’s Rezza Sneaker

These Steve Madden Women’s Rezza Shoes are one of the high-quality sneakers that you will find close to the Golden Goose alternative. The shoes are cute, stylish, and well-made. They are also available in different color options, including white, neon, pink, and yellow. Some are even designed with solid metallic gold and white alongside leopard-print shades and red laces.

The shoes are also equipped with real leather uppers, which are comfortable, offering excellent comfort and fit. Plus, they have distressed platform soles that come in handy for both traction and stability. Overall, it is an ideal pair that Amazon reviewers clearly love, boasting a 4.4-star overall rating.

Syktkmx Womens Glitter Fashion Sneakers

This is another excellent pair of sneakers that’s so comparable to original Golden Goose. Well, it may not be distressed, per se, but the seamless pairing of silver glittering and a cute off-white truly make them look a little classic.

Being a high-top sneaker, this pair features a tattered aesthetic with platform soles. The stitched star on the side close to the toe box adds to the overall elegance. The Syktkmx Womens Glitter Fashion Sneakers are available in several color options and print combinations, such as leopard and snakeskin. Not to forget that they are budget-friendly in comparison to other models out there.

Rubie Star Sneaker

Featuring a bold star applique and carefully-broken in design, the Rubie Star Sneaker is meant to make your style shine on the street. You can sport these kicks with your favorite hoodie and pants for that seamless cozy-cool ensemble.

The Rubie Star Sneakers are designed and developed by Steve Madden, yet they look quite a bit more than their Golden Goose counterparts. And coming down to price, the whole thing is budget-friendly, coming in at $99.

Orlancy Lightweight Women’s Sneakers

Aside from being one of the best Golden Goose alternatives, the Orlancy Lightweight Women’s Sneakers are incredibly priced at only $30. This pair boasts a signature star, excellent lacing system, and distressed platform soles.

The shoes are available in many color options, and some versions are designed with a mesh panel on the side to enhance breathability. Another impressive aspect of the Orlancy Lightweight Women’s sneakers is that they are derived from super fiber leather material. Previous buyers stated that they are very comfortable walking in.

Kathemoi Women’s Fashion Sneakers

Similar to other shoes like Golden Goose on our list, the Kathemoi Women’s Fashion Sneakers are available in nearly a dozen color options. The laces are thick, and the platform is adequately padded for ultimate comfort.

The shoes also have an excellent customer rating, boasting a 4.4-star overall customer rating. As such, quality and overall value for money are pretty much guaranteed. Buyers who found Golden Goose shoes way too expensive were impressed by this great alternative as it looks just like the original models.

Painted Leopard Low Tops

The Painted Leopard Low Tops are another excellent option designed with the idea that shoes should be comfortable right from the box. On that note, these low-tops feature MWL Cloudlift insoles for a super comfortable and highly supportive fit. And they are cute, too, so you can match them up with just about everything.

Golden Goose Inspired Sneakers at Steve Madden

We never wished to stack too much from one brand, but we just can’t get enough of the Steve Madden models. Borrowing inspiration from Golden Goose, these sneakers are available in a variety of colors and styles, all of which fall under the $100 price category.

Although that might sound pricier, probably for the designer inspired, here you can rest assured you’re getting excellent quality. Besides, the shoes are constantly coming out in new designs. And they run true to size.

Golden Goose Superstar Dupes on Shein

In all conscience, you will hardly go wrong with Shein. First, their products are incredibly priced at just $20 for an ideal pair of shoes, and speaking of quality, these shoes are well among the best in the range. Reviewers who bought a whole array of cheap Golden Goose dupes from Shein stated that they love all of them.

Cole Haan Tennis Shoes 

Lastly, these Cole Haan Tennis Shoes that just recently made it to the markdown section can be a great alternative to Golden Goose. The shoes come in Brazilian Leather, Mahogany rose leather and even Nimbus cloud leather. They are not the most popular on our list, but the shape and looks are quite similar to the Golden Goose. They are also pocket-friendly, especially when compared to the originals.

The Bottom Line

Unless you’re too much interested in Real Golden Goose sneakers and are willing to dish out +$500 for a pair of sneakers, then you will be wise to opt for one of these Golden Goose alternatives instead. You don’t want to buy a solitary pair of sneakers that ends up collecting dust in your closet.

That said, you might want to consider buying several pairs of shoes so that even if you don’t end up using them every now and then, you won’t feel like you’ve wasted money.