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Can Sneakers Be Used For Gym?

Can Sneakers Be Used For Gym?

Sneakers are without a question one of the most comfortable and popular types of shoes. It is for this reason why each year, hundreds of millions of sneakers are produced and sold worldwide. As sneakers continue to dominate shoe sales globally, there has always been the pressing question – can sneakers be used for gym?

While this question might seem simple, the truth is that it involves much more than meets the eye.

A straight ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answer would seem sufficient, but this would be far from the truth. As such, to answer this question, we must first answer all co-related questions for a proper guide. These are:

  • Are all sneakers built the same?

Not all sneakers are built the same. This difference is not only dictated by the brand or company that manufacturers a particular type of sneakers, but in the intended functions. To show how diverse sneakers are, these are some of the popular categories of sneakers:

  • Canvas sneakers
  • Designer sneakers
  • Plimsoll sneakers
  • Athletic kicks
  • Leather sneakers
  • Slip-on sneakers
  • High top sneakers

This proves that when it comes down to determining whether or not sneakers should be used for gym, there is a need to focus on the specifics. For example; while most athletic kicks are designed with sportspeople in mind, designer sneakers are developed for the fashion community. It would, therefore, be wrong to use both types of sneakers in the gym.

  • How do you choose the right shoes for your workout?

Now that you are open to the fact that there are different types of sneakers, it is time to determine the right criteria for choosing your workout shoes. This should not be a complicated process as you need to focus on:

  • Finding the correct shoe shape and size for your feet

The first thing you should do when looking for workout shoes is to go for a pair that suits the shape and size of your feet. Extra caution is required when you want a pair to use while exercising as you do not need the slightest strain on your foot. To ensure you find a perfect fit, always shop for these shoes while wearing exercise socks for better determination of how they will feel.

  • The comfort levels of the shoes

It is not enough to be satisfied with the shape and size of shoes before settling on them to be your workout pairs. Instead, ensure they are comfortable and can be out on for hours without making you feel uncomfortable. A simple way to do this is to go for shoes that are breathable, very flexible, and offer the best body support.

Note: Remember to go for a pair of shoes that are lightweight, has a rubber outsole, and a surface that allows your feet to breathe.

  • The type of workout you will be performing.

If you are thinking about working out, it is important to realize that you will be engaged in different kinds of exercises. Therefore, you have the mandate of finding the best type of workout shoes for each category of exercises. This is because different exercises involve varied body movements that must be supported by having a suitable pair of shoes. For example;

If you are primarily involved in indoor cardio workouts, then you need a pair of shoes that has flat soles, soft surface fabric and offers basic cushioning.

If you love running before you hit the gym, then you need a pair of shoes that have a higher heel and is slightly curved (heel side should be higher than toes side), provides extra room to your toes and offers extra cushioning.

If you are into circuit workouts, then you will need a pair of shoes that are flat from the heel to the toe, has a higher cut for ankle support, and slip-resistant medium resilient treads.

Finally, if you love hiking and other demanding outdoor exercises, then you need a pair of shoes that have a thick sole and tread, high ankle-cut, a tough toe-box, and offer high levels of cushioning.

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  • Is there value in investing in workout shoes?

If you are looking to train better and have the best workouts at the gym, then you need to invest in appropriate workout shoes. The value of purchasing specially-designed workout shoes instead of settling for any pair of sneakers you come across is that they are designed for fitness. In turn, they save you from the risks and frustrations of working out while wearing inappropriate shoes.

The good news is that there are lots of workout sneakers that you can purchase without having to break a bank. These shoes will give you the benefits of guaranteed comforts as you exercise, protect your feet, and support your body movements. You will also appreciate the long-term advantages of hitting the gym with the right pair of shoes as you never have to worry about pain in your feet muscles or joints.

It is equally vital to remember that by investing in the right pair of workout shoes, you will improve your performance. This is why you always see fitness experts insisting on having the right pair of shoes before hitting the gym. The science behind this is that when your feet and entire body feels comfortable, you will have the urge and energy to exercise for longer.


You should never be quick to pick up any pair of sneakers and use them at the gym. Instead, it would be best if you considered whether it would serve the desired purpose or become a hindrance while exercising. This is because no matter how much you love those Yeezys or dad sneakers, they do not belong in a gym.

On the other hand, there are lots of sneakers that have been designed and built for those who love exercising. This means that while one type of sneakers might not be appropriate for use while working out; there are lots of options for you. The bottom-line is when you are thinking about exercising; take time to find a perfect pair of workout shoes that will keep you safe and support your activities.