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Dwyane Wade Shoes

Dwyane Wade Shoes

After a successful professional NBA career that began in 2003, Dwyane Wade finally hung his boots on April 9, 2019. To honor him, Miami Heat retired Wade’s number 3 jersey on February 20, 2020, during a half-time ceremony while playing with the Cavaliers. This made Wade the fifth Heat player to have his jersey retired, joining the ranks of Tim Hardaway, Alonzo Mourning, Chris Bosh, and Shaquille O’Neal. Most importantly, it sets Wade as a true legend who enjoys the highest number of games played, points, assists, steals, shots made, and shots taken while playing for Miami Heat.

The lifetime Deal with Li-Ning

In 2012, Dwyane Wade signed one of the most lucrative shoe deals with Li-Ning, a Chinese sneaker company. This partnership led to the release of a signature shoe line for the shooting guard who has won three championships and become a 13-time NBA All-Star. Therefore, it was not surprising when on July 18, 2018 he signed a lifetime deal with the company. Wade now becomes among the few top-class athletes like Michael Jordan and LeBron James who have had such privileges.

The Great Seasons with the Jordan Brand and Converse

Before Dwyane signed with Li-Ning, he had other endorsement deals, and the first one was with Converse. Under this partnership, Dwyane has his line of shoes (Converse Wade 1, 2, 3,& 4), and they were quite a hit, despite having to face stiff competition. He dropped these shoes during the 2008/9 season before signing with the Jordan brand, where he also received his signature line of shoes, the Jordan Fly Wade 1 & 2.

It is clear that Dwyane Wade, who wears shoe size 15, has always been the lucky star who is honored wherever he goes. Even now that he is no longer an active player, the NBA world is still expecting a lot from his partnership with Li-Ning. Over the years, we have witnessed the release of:

  •       Li-Ning Way of Wade 7

This was the first release after Wade signed a lifetime partnership with Li-Ning. Particularly, fans can never forget the ‘One Last Dance,’ a golden pair that marked the star’s final professional game.

  • Li-Ning Way of Wade 6

These shoes were released in late 2017, and it was unique as it dropped the Li-Ning logo. Instead, it had Wade’s logo placed on the midsole just below the midfoot strap.

  • Li-Ning Way of Wade 5

These were the first shoes that Wade released after joining his hometown team, Chicago Bulls.

  • Li-Ning Way of Wade 4

This was the fourth signature shoe by Wade, and it was released on July 13, 2016. It stood out for its TPU heel counter that gives it a cool look and provides excellent heel support.

  • Li-Ning Way of Wade 3

These shoes first came in Miami-Heat inspired colorways (black and red with white accents) and were liked for their patent leather upper.

  • Li-Ning Way of Wade 2

Wade’s second signature shoes had a noticeable full-grain leather upper and a flat rubber outsole that provided a good grip. It also featured the Bounse and cushion technology similar to the Li-Ning Way of Wade 1.

  • Li-Ning Way of Wade 1

The release of these shoes marked the beginning of an exciting partnership. These sneakers featured Li-Ning’s patented leather upper and were distinct for their extra-long tongue.