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Anthony Davis Shoes

Anthony Davis Shoes

Antony Davis is one of the NBA’s best and most recognizable players, thanks to his outstanding performance in the courts. Davis made his entry to the NBA after playing college basketball (University of Kentucky) for only one season before being drafted as the first overall pick in 2012 by the New Orleans Pelicans. He currently plays the power forward and center positions for the Los Angeles Lakers after being traded to the team in 2019. The seven-time NBA All-Star and recipient of the NBA All-Star Game MVP Award (2017) then went ahead to win his first NBA championship with the Lakers in 2020.

The entry to the NBA with a Nike Deal

Right from his rookie season, Davis was a Nike athlete, and as he made his debut for the Pelicans, fans noticed his appealing Swoosh sneakers. Since then, a lot of interest has been on the star’s footwear, given his undeniable love for high performance and attractive shoes. Anthony Davis attributes his weaknesses for sneakers to an obsession that began when he was a teenager, which led him to exchange his beloved Xbox for a pair of Air Jordan 14s.

The elusive signature shoe line 

Antony Davis is the star you would want to parade in front of everyone when pursuing a course, but the sneaker world thinks otherwise. For a long time, the basketball player has hoped to have his signature shoe line, but Nike has always held back. On the one hand, it could be because of the ‘big man theory’ where it is believed that players with extra-large shoe sizes, such as Antony Davis, who wears shoe size 17, rarely heavily influence the sneaker market. On the other hand, this could be attributed to Nike’s strict selection criteria on who gets to have a signature shoe line with the brand.

But, as the NBA world waits on what could happen in the coming years for the highly-priced superstar, here are some of the amazing shoes he has worn over the years:

  •   Nike Cosmic Unit

This is the basketball shoe that everyone expects to see Antony Davis wear in the 2020/21 season. It is a new release from Nike that is unlike its other models. It incorporates some 3D spherical detailing, warped netting upper, and a bulging touch at the Achilles for enhanced heel stability.

  • Nike Kobe 5 Protro

This revamped version of Kobe’s signature shoes has been a top pick by Antony Davis in the 2019/20 season. He rocked some spectacular Player Editions of this shoe including; Chaos, Kay Yow, and Trophy Gold.

  • Nike Kobe 4 Protro

Before picking up the Kobe 5 Protro, Davis started his stint at the Lakers by wearing the Nike Kobe 4 Protro. These shoes’ new performance features include; wider outsole traction, full-length Zoom Air unit, and adjusted vamp shape that make it an ultimate choice for the courts.

  • Nike Kobe AD Exodus

The Nike Kobe AD Exodus was released in August 2018, and Davis was among the leading NBA stars who rocked these shoes.

  • Nike Air Max Audacity

While playing for the Pelicans, Antony Davis was known for wearing the Nike Air Max Audacity, which is also known as the Hyperfuse and Air Max combo. He was the face of these shoes as he was heavily used for advertising them.