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Do Wrangler Jeans Shrink?

Do Wrangler Jeans Shrink?

When it comes to casual wear, jeans are quite possibly the first thing to hit most people’s mind. Jeans were initially created as a durable material for laborers and miners in the American west, but today, they’re purposely designed to make everyone equal as they were worn. Simply put, they showed the world a happier way of life, something that we needed.

The comfort, functionality and durability were as much a concern back then as they are now. It’s just that nowadays; we’re slightly more focused on fashion and cleanliness than people used to during the 1800s.

On that note, the extemporary jeans from Wrangler have become the iconic style embraced by the magnitude crowd since 1947. They provide a variety of fits that match just about any lifestyle. From cowboy cut jeans and boot cut jeans to slim fit jeans and relaxed fit jeans, numerous options out there are meeting your fashion preferences.

Wrangler jeans designed with longevity and comfort in mind. And if you ask one of those common questions about sizing; “Do Wrangler Jeans shrink?”, this article seeks to cover the whole topic in detail. We’ll also attend to other widespread questions related to it.

So, Do Wrangler Jeans Shrink?

The straight answer is yes. Wrangler jeans shrink upon several launderings. While wearing them doesn’t make them stretch that much, they may shrink up to an inch over the first couple of washes. Thus, it might help if you opt for a size or two larger for a perfect fit.

For the most agreeable fit, be sure to choose the correct size while buying your jeans. Note that wrangler jeans don’t actually stretch even while you wear them. They tend to shrink after wash, so to make up for that, you’ll be wise to select a larger size.

Going with your regular size, rather than something slightly larger will often mean that your wrangler pants are not fitting well. Again, this is simply because they get shrunk when washed and thus run smaller to the size.

However, people often have different desires for shrinkage. See, the tall guy wants to avoid it while the petite person would prefer having it to some extent. In case you washed your jeans a few times hoping they would shrink, but haven’t, then it’s most likely because the fabric was preshrunk (something we’ll discuss later in this article) during production.

On the other hand, if they keep shrinking every time you give them a wash, and are wondering when is it going to end, then they most likely weren’t preshrunk. Usually, you can expect up to 3-4% shrinkage.

On a pair of jeans with, say 30” inseam, the stated shrinking would mean something about 1”-1.25” in the length. Note that this will vary from style to style and from brand to brand. Nonetheless anything over 5% is often considered unacceptable.

Do Wrangler Stretch Jeans Shrink?

Some jeans from wrangler, such as the Wrangler stretch jeans are associated with a greater amount of polyester for stretching. The polyester tends to resist shrinking. Since stretch jeans are designed to fit snugly into your body, they usually shrink less compared to other pants. They however stretch as you wear them and move around, but you can easily shrink them by following the techniques mentioned hereinafter.

How to Shrink Wrangler Jeans

Your preferred pair of Wrangler jeans may get smaller to the actual size, and you’ll be suggested to consider a larger size to make up for it. But then again with the larger size, your pants may slightly rest above your favorite fit.

This is very common even among individuals with average size and build, where they find their supposed “perfect size” of Wrangler jeans to fit slightly too loose in the waist or too baggy through the thighs. The good news is that there are effective ways to shrink your pants to your size.

The first thing is to try to get a better fit by choosing Wranglers just a tad too big and shrinking them. While some styles of Wrangler jeans are made with spandex and polyester, probably for shaping or stretch, these materials tend to resist shrinking. For such cases, check out the following tips:

  •         Put the jeans separately and give them a wash in hot water for a long period.
  •         Dry them in hot settings to make them shrunk to their maximum extent.
  •         You might also want to run them in the dryer for some extra minutes once they’ve completely dried up. And if you’d love them to fit extra snug, then try boiling them.

Are Wrangler Jeans Preshrunk?

Authentic Wrangler jeans are not preshrunk. Jeans from Wranglers tend to shrink when washed. If they don’t stretch, then they are not preshrunk. Wrangler jeans are known to shrink when washed and gradually become softer.

It is often recommended that you buy a larger size or two so that they meet your perfect size after shrinkage. After all, jeans from Wrangler are made from stiff cotton, thus they hold the tendency to shrink after laundry.

The Bottom Line

Overall, Wrangler jeans are incredible and are generally agreeable with shrinking just like any other type of jeans. It can be the perfect choice in terms of sizing and comfort, from boot cut fit to snug fit. Besides, we have mentioned a few techniques to shrink your jeans and ways and how to compensate for the shrinkage.