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Does Nike Tech Fleece Shrink When Washed?

Does Nike Tech Fleece Shrink When Washed?

Nike is undoubtedly the world’s leading sportswear manufacturer. Apart from monopolizing the sneakers industry, Nike also has a firm grip on workout clothing. Most of these workout clothes are made using Nike Fleece technology.

What is Nike tech fleece?

Fleece is modern material used by sportswear companies to make workout garments like fleece pants and hoodies. Nike tech fleece is applauded for its ability to provide warmth while remaining light, making any apparel made from the material ideal to wear in the morning or chilly evening workouts.

Does Nike Tech Fleece Shrink When Washed?

Fortunately, Nike tech fleece does not shrink when you wash it. However, just like most other materials, it shrinks albeit very gradually over time. According to Nike, the fabric offers lightweight warmth and responds to the wearer’s natural motion. Plush foam sandwiched by cotton layers also provides comfort where needed.

Each design in the Nike tech fleece lineup was taken apart and rebuilt from the inside out to highlight the fabric’s performance. Arms were redesigned for better mobility, while the restructuring reduced the silhouette’s thickness and top-stitching required. Nike took it further and replaced traditional ribbed cuffs with black elastic micro binding, making for a comfortable fit and updated designs that complement black zippers and traditional gray methods.

Nike Tech Fleece Products


The Nike tech fleece collection is held together by the Nike tech fleece Windrunner, a redesigned iconic jacket. It is available for both women and men, combining all the sweet features one would expect from a Nike tech fleece jacket: micro elastic binding, bold black zipper at the front, and side zip pockets. In addition, the women’s version enhances hand coverage further with thumbholes at the cuffs.

The Nike tech fleece AW77 and Nike tech fleece N98 are updated with a steam-bound kangaroo designed for the pockets, making a clean appearance, improved storage, and better access. There is also a zipped pocket on the left chest, reminiscent of the Nike Destroyer jacket. However, this one is more bold and incorporates two internal pockets for digital devices like phones and flash drives, an essential feature for any modern jacket to have. In the same way, the Nike tech fleece Crew adds ribbed cuffs and a kangaroo pocket to its timeless cut, giving it a contemporary feel.

Nike tech fleece hoodies

The Nike tech fleece hoodie and Nike tech fleece Cape pushed the classic hoodie into the future by introducing a slightly thinner fleece for better drape. In addition, the Nike tech fleece hoodie boasts of a multipurpose oversize funnel neck that can act as a cowl or hoody while also presenting fresh features like side thumbholes at the cuffs, zip pockets, a toggle at the neck, and a bound hem.

The Nike tech fleece cape takes this design to the next level by maintaining the details while adding an off-center zip with an unconventional line and spicing it up with an exaggerated drop back hem.

Nike tech fleece pants

The women’s Nike tech fleece pants offer a zipper at the hem for easy on and off over shoes while maintaining the classic bottom featuring elastic cuffs and an elastic waist. On the other hand, the men’s version offers the same easy fit, adding a drawcord waistband, open side pockets, and inset structure for better knee articulation.

How to maintain Nike tech fleece

Clothing made from advanced technology like the Nike tech fleece lineup must be hard to maintain, right? Wrong. Nike tech fleece is built to last long apart from giving comfort and warmth in a light package. Here are a few things to do to keep your Nike tech fleece clothes in mint condition:

l Use powdered detergent.

l Machine wash inside out in cold water to preserve the colors.

l Don’t dry clean.

l Don’t bleach or use fabric softener.

l Don’t wring excess water.

l If you need to iron it, do it in a cool setting to avoid damaging designs or logos.

l Air tumble or dry on low heat.


Of course, this is on top of any other instructions that might be on the garment itself.

Is Nike tech fleece worth it?

With all the additional features, clothes in the Nike tech fleece lineup tend to be a bit more expensive than similar ones from different materials. As a result, it is not unwarranted to wonder if the higher costs are worth it.

It all depends on what you need the clothes for. If you are a professional athlete who will spend many hours working out, it is only right that you get workout clothes from durable materials like Nike tech fleece. On the other hand, if working out is something you rarely do and only need the clothes to add to your wardrobe, you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on them.

How to pick the right workout clothes

Fitness is an integral part of modern living, with health experts encouraging everyone to work out at least twice a week regardless of their age, sex, or health conditions. However, to have productive workout sessions, you will need to choose the right workout clothes that will make it easy for you to exercise. Here are a few things you should consider when shopping for workout clothes:

Pick the right fabric.

The fabric your workout clothes are made of will make a big difference when you are exercising. Some fabrics are made to absorb sweat as you exercise, while others are made to pull it away from your skin. You can choose according to what makes you more comfortable.

You should also avoid any fabrics that make your skin uncomfortable when subjected to friction. This includes any fabrics that you might be allergic to. In addition, choose a strong fabric that will handle intensive workout sessions without wearing out.

Change workout clothes with seasons

If you exercise outdoors, it’s essential to change your workout clothes according to the season. In summer, you should wear clothes that expose your skin and allow it to breathe as you work out. However, in colder seasons, you will need clothes that provide warmth while still allowing you to move freely.