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Do Wrangler Jeans Run Small?

Do Wrangler Jeans Run Small?

A blast from the past, you’d be pardoned for thinking Wrangler had been vanquished by high-street pants over the last few years, but the quality and set of experiences that made the brand still remains today. The Wrangler brand is all about performance- something that has been at the core of their jeans since their first outset in 1947.

Established in Greensboro, North Carolina, the Wrangler brand updated the classic blue jeans to make them more agreeable even for cowboys. That said, shopping for this wardrobe essential can be tedious and time-consuming, given that jeans aren’t designed to be one-size-fits-all.

While people often ask whether Wrangler jeans run small, we’ve interacted with people who’ve been busy testing numerous pairs of jeans so we can reliably inform you how these jeans fit. We will cover the whole topic in detail and address the most common questions related to it.

So Do Wrangler Jeans Run Small?

The simple answer is yes. Wrangler jeans do run small. These jeans are designed with comfort and durability in mind, but when it comes to sizing, they actually run small, and wearing them won’t make them stretch. In fact, they’re more likely to shrink after washing. It is recommended that you go a size or two larger for a perfect fit.

To fit right, you’ll need to choose the correct size while purchasing your jeans. Again these jeans don’t stretch even as you wear them and they tend to shrink after washing. To make up for this, you’ll certainly have to select a larger size.

Going with regular size while purchasing Wrangler jeans means that your pants may not fit you well. Getting closer to specific models, the Wrangler’s Core jeans are available in sizes 24 to 34, which is equivalent to a UK 6-16. The plus-size range spans sizes 34-44, which is equivalent to UK 16-26.

In Wrangler jeans, size 1T is equal to the size of a 1 year old baby. They’re generally offered in very small sizes. The sizing 1T in Wrangler jeans can be explained as follows; The size 1T is offered for the baby of one year old with a height of 29-30.5 inches and weighs approximately 20-24 lbs.

The length of the inseam tends to be 11.5 inches, perfect for a 12 months old baby. It comes with a flexible and adjustable waistband for any hip size of a baby  between 12 months.

Contrary to high-street jeans, whose sizes only come in even numbers, Wrangler jeans come in handy, even for those in between two sizes. We’d recommend sizing up, especially if you’re in between sizes.

How to Fit the Right Size for Your Jeans

It doesn’t matter how nice or expensive your jeans are, if they don’t fit right, they won’t look good. Below are the various ways to find your perfect size:

The first thing is to take your best favorite pants which fits you perfectly all around. Then get a soft measuring tape or buy one from your local craft shop.

Note that there are four primary measurements which you need to take; the hip, the waist, ascertaining the rise, and measuring the inseam.

When measuring the waist, take the measurements of the top of the pants waistbands, and double the readings of your measurements. Be sure to lock the button while measuring.

To measure the hips, lay down your jeans flat, and measure across them from the point of the bottom of the zipper. The double the number.

To check the rise, take the measurements from the crotch to the top of the waistbands. Lastly, measure the inseam from the crotch to the bottom of the pants.

What Makes Wrangler Jeans Special?

As stated before, Wrangler is all about performance. They have updated their classic blue models to make them more suitable for the majority out there. Although most of these details have been adopted over the years for a more modern look, the longevity and functionality has remained the same.

Wrangler jeans are generally hard-wearing and sturdy and won’t sag or stretch upon the first wear. They’re also easy to identify. You can determine a pair of Wrangler jeans by the marked leather patch on either the waistband or back pocket. Most pairs also feature a black or white tab. Additionally, all rivets on jeans from Wrangler are in a vintage inspired copper.

What are Wranglers Made From?

Most styles from Wrangler are made almost wholly of cotton with a dash of elastane or polyester added into the blend to enhance stretch and movement. The softness and thickness of the fabric tend to vary by style. For tighter designs, softer, stretchier, and lighter fabric is used. That said, even the skinniest Wrangler jeans may feel comfortably sturdy.

Another impressive thing about the brand is that it’s so confident in the construction and quality of their denim. In fact, you’re entitled to a full refund should your pair develop a fault within two years of purchase.

The Bottom Line

Wrangler jeans might not be able to compete with the most premium high street denims of trend-oriented styles. But if you’re looking for classic, high-quality jeans that will stand the test of time, you’ll hardly go wrong with Wrangler.

Moreover, Wrangler jeans are incredible and favorable with running smaller to actual size. Speaking of sizing, it can be the best option, from a bootcut fit to the all popular snug fit. While they run smaller, we have discussed the ways to make up for that and fit you the best. Hopefully, now you’re well-informed about wrangler jeans’ sizing and fit.