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Do Dickies Run Small?

Do Dickies Run Small?

As a leading apparel giant, Dickies is a brand choice having garments with little that could go wrong. For starters, Dickies has had a reputation for providing quality workwear and comfortable leisurewear for all ages. From pants to shirts, the brand has become a prime source of next-level quality apparel for the different settings.

However, like most ideal garments, Dickies garments, especially pants, have faced a contentious question on whether they really fit customers. Among these top queries with Dickies pants are ‘Do Dickies run small?” Well, truth be told, the Dickies do run small, with most customers reporting the pants running a little tight. This is since Dickies pants come with high-quality and challenging materials in the right places. For example, you can expect the Dickies pants to feature a rigid waistband coupling up with proper-sized pockets and fits in the right places.

How Do I Know My Dickies Size?

With that being said, it’s only suitable to get the right fit Dickies to avoid getting stuck with pants that don’t fit. First off, the type of Dickies pants you choose plays a significant role in getting fit when you try the garment. Models such as the Dickies 874 pants are known to fit true to size, with the waistline having a bit of a snug.

At the same time, the perfect Dickies trouser fit always takes the natural shape of your body from the waist down. In particular, the brand’s pants, like any ideal trousers, will be most comprehensive at the core with a seamless tapering down to the ankles. In addition, the right Dickies fit should not have any excess fabric hanging billowing down at the foot to make you look like a circus clown.

The right Dickies pant fit should also have the trousers lose enough for effortless movement when you wear them. In particular, the right size Dickies should not bunch or wrinkly around your thighs to allow the pants to slide off easily and be comfortable all-round.

Still, it remains critical to get the proper sizing in Dickies. As such, the brand provides you with adequate knowledge when looking for a matching garment. For starters, the Dickies brand provides you with a sizing guide to measure and find the right fit for your clothing. These measurement guidelines include how to measure the following areas to identify perfect-fitting Dickies trousers.

The waist

The waist size is critical since it single-handedly determines the Dickies level of comfort and especially whether the trouser turns out tight or not. Here, you will need to accurately determine the waist size by measuring around your hip bone over your shirt. Remember that the measuring tape should not be tight, and measuring should not happen over the pants.

  1. Hip

Often misunderstood for the waistline, the hip size remains a tricky part that comes with an overabundance of influence on comfort. For an accurate fit, the hip size measuring will have you measure around your hip bone or the fullest part of your hip bone bottom.


The thigh size will have you measure your leg circumference, focusing on the top upper part of the thigh. Just be sure that the measuring tape is high up enough to the level near the crotch area.


The in-leg or in-seam length includes measuring from the crotch point to the ankle area. Also known as the pant length, the in-seam offers an average of 32′ for most standard pants in the different ranges.


The Hem or leg opening area is also overlooked despite determining the drop-down look of the pants. As per Dickies, the hem dimensions will see you measure the circumference around the ankle bone to reveal the overall pant width.

Dickies Sizing Guide

With a reputation for quality apparel, Dickies provides customers with an overview of available size charts for comparison. The brand offers the following sizing charts for a better size review.


  • Dickies Sizing Options

Suppose the sizing chart is a bit complex. In that case, Dickies still provides different fitting categories for versatility and variety in the workwear. Currently, Dickies delivers the following unique fit.

  • Skinny fit

As the most fitted construction, Dickies has these pants featuring a build sitting slightly below the waist and legs that fit close to the body. The trouser design also comes with a tapered fit below the knee which is skinny enough to not fit boots.

  • Slim fit

Like the skinny fit, slim fit Dickies run close to the body, although with a little more room than the skinny version. Similarly, slim-fit Dickies also sit below the waist with the slim design throughout from the waist to the thigh. You can also expect a narrow design from below the knees, although the bottom still can fit over boots.

  • Original Fit

As the name suggests, the Dickies original fit is trusted as the standard option with a universal matching to most customers. The original fit sits right at your waistline, with the classic design running through the seat and thigh for what it’s worth. The original fit features straight below the knee, making the hem area fit over your boots.

  • Regular fit

This fit has the Dickies pants designed to start slightly below the waist with a traditional fit also running from the seat to the thigh. Dickies also has regular pants with a straight-down design below the knee to the hem area. Such a design allows for the regular Dickies fit to accommodate even boots.

  • Relaxed fit

The relaxed fit provides more legroom for Dickies fans. The overall construction has generous space through the seat, thigh, and below the knee. This makes it a roomy fit which you can fit over boots thanks to the extra space.


  • Loose fit

Lastly, the loose-fit pants rank as Dickies utmost roomy trousers with a construction starting right at the waistline. As the roomiest build, you can expect Dickies to provide a generous fit with ample space from the seat to the thigh. The fit also runs loose below the knee, allowing for you to fit over boots.

The Wrap Up

So, there you have it. Do Dickies run small? Indeed, most Dickies pants will run small but not all. As a result, we suggest you always size up a bit before getting your Dickies pair. Lucky enough, our guide gives you a great headstart on Dickies’ sizing guidelines.