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Shoes To Wear With Ankle Pants

Shoes To Wear With Ankle Pants

Ankle pants make the perfect choice for transitioning between cool and warm seasons. However, it is not always an easy task to choose the perfect pair of shoes to match them. One common thing about ankle pants is that they put your pair of shoes in full view. However, you can always match them with the right choice of tops and ankle pants. This guide will help you choose the perfect shoes to put on with ankle pants.

Shoes To Wear With Ankle Pants

Ballerina Flats

Most ladies feel that ballerina flats are the perfect shoe choice to pair with ankle pants. The ballerina flats are the slip-on type of shoes with a thin sole and show off the top of your foot. If you wear these shoes, you will see some skin from the lower leg to slightly above your toes, which gives you a streamlined appearance.

Ballerina flats have rounded or pointed toes. Either of these is ideal for matching with ankle pants. The rounded toe ballerina flats give a casual vibe. The pointed type can be worn from day to night time.


Many people often think that loafers are masculine when paired with slacks, jeans, or any other long pants. However, loafers can make you look more refined. They are typically preppy and classic. But they do not have more feminine charm when you match them with traditional pants.

Remember your shoes will be in full view. Thus, you should make sure they are in perfect shape. Besides, you can still get bold with your shoe selection. You can go for traditional penny loafers or those with unexpected details to help you stand out. Loafers with some metallic add-ons make a perfect choice for wearing with ankle pants. 


Fashion sneakers seem to be getting back to the word of style. However, it would help not put on running shoes when you are not out there for a run. Bear in mind that you intend to look good. Thus, it would help if you went for other sneaker styles that pair perfectly with ankle pants.

For example, you can choose skater-style shoes that work well with different types of ankle pants. The most critical thing is to make sure the pants are just as casual as the pair of shoes. Also, sneakers that are in good shape and of high quality can match with dressier pants. But casual sneaker shoes will pair well with laid-back pants.


Do you think there are any pants that you can’t match with heels? Most types of heels make your legs look longer. They also add height. They look fantastic when matched with ankle pants because they add a bit of sophistication.

In warm weather, you can consider putting on heeled strappy sandals. You will not only show off your ankles but also show some skin on your foot. This is the best way to keep a professional yet seductive look.

Kitten heel pumps are great for daytime get-togethers and even office. They are more practical. The low heel type is excellent but will not raise your foot to offer some more height. Thus, you can always go for the kitten heels because they will add height and look sexy. Finally, you can get yourself some sling-back heels to match with ankle pants. However, they are not ideal for cooler weather. You can consider wearing them in warmer seasons. 

Flip Flops

You can wear flip-flops if your pants are made of casual material such as cotton or linen. You can also pair your brightly colored pants with some fun flip flops. This choice is ideal for a picnic in the park. Besides, you can still rock some leather flip flops which are more refined. However, you should not wear flip-flops if you are heading for work in the office.

Gladiator Sandals

Gladiator sandals are the best picks to pair with cropped pants. This is because they extend past your ankle. Typically, gladiator sandals have many straps and ties. Thus, they are best worn with moderately neutral styles on top.

Some heeled gladiator sandals end near your pant’s hem. These are perfect shoe choices for any season. You can also go for flats that tie at the calf and wrap around your ankle. However, you should ensure that the pants do not cover your shoe top. Finally, the shoes should not be too high-heeled. They might feel uncomfortable and even create some visual traffic jam once they meet the pants. 

Platform Heels

Platform heels have a large sole which makes them look daunting. They often look so high. But if the platform stretches to the shoe front, a gradual slope is created. In other words, the heels on these types of shoes are not always as high as they seem.

The platform heels are some of the comfiest heels to wear. You can occasionally rock the platform heels to the office. But you can always choose them when going for fun days with your friends.

In A Nutshell

Ankle pants give more space to be outstanding on the style of shoes you choose to wear. Indeed, You can get more creative with how to style your shoes when they are in full view. If you want to wear ankle pants with the right pair of shoes, you would better prefer any of the shoe types revealed in this guide. Also, it would help if you were not afraid of putting on shoes with bright colors. In addition, shoes with some unique or unexpected details give you a trendy look.

With the several picks shared above, you can buy those with animal prints, plain colors, or any other trendy finish. The goal is to look sexy and maintain comfort. Just make sure the shoes are not in any way covered by your pants. That is why you should match them with ankle pants to make sure they are in full view. Lastly, these shoes are not suitable for all seasons. Thus, you should buy the ones that serve you well in the current season.