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What Shoes to Wear with Mom Jeans

What Shoes to Wear with Mom Jeans

As a mom, you should always look amazing. A great look does not just come by. You are required to make the right outfit choices, and shoes are the top considerations in any case. Despite the hundreds of options, many people still can’t tell what shoes best match with mom jeans. Your shoe choice can either make or break your outfit. Thus, you should be keen on what you choose to wear with mom jeans. But in most cases, mom jeans strike a perfect look when paired with particular ankle boots and other shoe styles discussed in this article. 

You are free to choose any of the shoe recommendations shared here. However, you are not restricted to the mentioned color. Thus, you can choose the colors that suit your style. Also, you can choose a trendy top to match with your shoe and mom jeans. When it comes to the selection of jewelry, there are no limitations. You can play with colors, but they should not exceed two unless it is a cultural print. In most cases, gold, silver, and other shiny pieces make the best jewelry choices for various mom jeans combinations. These are the shoe picks that will go well with different types of mom jeans: 

  • Sleek heeled black ankle boots
  • Casual white sneakers
  • Converse high tops
  • Colorful court heels
  • Chunky boots
  • Pink Converse
  • Metallic heeled boots

With these shoes, you will get the trendiest look with your mom’s jeans. Besides, most of these are ideal outfit choices for weekend outs, events, and even daytime classics. 

Sleek heeled black ankle boots

Pairing mom jeans with some heeled ankle boots makes a perfect combo. It is a classic combination that is suitable for a daytime look. You can add a few black accessories to this combo, such as a chunky black belt. 

For example, you can rock blue mom jeans, a leather jacket, a jumper, and heeled ankle boots for a chic weekend outfit. In addition, you can look for baggier mom jeans and black ankle boots. You will finally realize that black ankle boots pair well with most styles of mom jeans. 

Casual white sneakers

If you want to create a relaxed, casual look, you can pair your mom’s jeans with casual white sneakers. You can match the white casual sneakers with a white tee to complete the look. This is a universally flattering outfit, and you should try it soon. 

You can finish the outfit with gold jewelry to give it a feminine twist. Alternatively, you can try black or any other color- mom jeans with white sneakers. Be free to play with the jewelry and the tops. 

Converse high tops

Do you know why converse high tops are a great choice? They are super comfy and come in a plethora of colors to choose from. In addition, they are timeless, and their different patterns make them versatile when it comes to styling. 

Typically, converse high tops match perfectly with baggier mom jeans. On top of that, you can add a graphic tee or even a white one. If you want to rock a super on-trend silhouette, blend it with a cropped pastel cardigan. 

Colorful court heels

For a vibrant pop of style, you can put on colored court heels with your mom’s jeans. Enhancing your outfit with brightly colored shoes gives it an instant lift. For example, you can try distressed mom jeans that have trendy curved hems with court heels for an evening out. You can add silver jewelry and even a form-fitting bodysuit. 

Chunky boots

Chunky boots and mom jeans are universally cherished fashion pieces. They always make the best outfit combo when paired together. You can therefore add an edgy style to your mommy jeans. This shoe style goes well with any mom jeans color. Thus, be creative to pair with any color. Be it black, indigo wash, painted, embroidered, blue, patched, or even colorful. 

Pink Converse

You will always get it right once you pair your mom jeans with any converse style. However, this pink converse is a unique pick for an adorable look. You can pair them with balloon-leg and pink denim. Complete the outfit with printed accessories such as vibrant yellow bolt socks for a trendy style. 

Metallic heeled boots

Metallic heeled boots matched with mom jeans are great for daytime outfits. They are known to add a flashy detail to any outfit you choose to wear. If you have a lunch date soon, you can match a heeled boot with mom jeans for a super cute look. For improved comfort all through the day, you can opt for a chunkier heel. 

For instance, blue wash mom jeans paired with golden metallic heel boots and a sheer floral wrap top make the best feminine look. In addition, you can get a gold chained black bag for your style. It is a simple yet amazing style that you can try on the weekend. 


If you have had problems when it comes to matching mom jeans with shoes, you are now well-informed about the shoe choices to add to your closet. Remember, the goal is to look good. And this top shoe picks are a great combination for most events or even weekends. In most cases, you can choose the latest version of the shoe in context. 

This inspiration gives you the best shoe types that are proven to match well with either baggier or fit mom jeans. You can get yourself some converse high tops. They are available in many colors, are comfortable to wear the whole day, and come in various patterns. Chunky boots and metallic heeled boots are great choices to wear with mom jeans. Ankle boots and court heels are yet other shoe styles that can offer an amazing look if well-paired with the right color of mom jeans. Thus, you should choose your shoe type and color then match it with the right top for a trendy look.