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Do Vans Crease?

Do Vans Crease?

Vans “off the wall” began in 1966 with a simple idea, providing skateboarders with a sturdy pair of sneakers to cushion their falls. In essence, they were the first sneakers to be explicitly created for skating.

Vans are an iconic style of footwear that can be seen on both men and women. They have been spotted at skate parks, music festivals, and on the feet of teenagers all over the world.  But do they crease?

Common creases on Vans

Yes, Vans crease. In fact, it’s almost impossible to see a true crease-free Vans shoe.

The creases on a pair of Vans shoes are very distinctive, and most people who have owned a pair will acknowledge this fact. The wrinkles are somewhat unique to each owner of the shoes, however, and that is what makes them so special to those who love the brand.

How do Vans crease?

Although Vans creases are an integral part of the sneaker experience, not everyone likes them. Some creases also make the shoes really ugly, which can be frustrating. So, how do these creases form?

Vans, and most other sneakers, crease for many reasons. Most of the reasons actually have nothing to do with the shoe’s quality and more to do with how you wear it. While creasing is not a serious problem, it can damage the shoe after some time if you don’t find a solution.

Bad fitting

The most common reason for Vans creases is bad fitting. This is especially true for loose-fitting shoes where the shoe has more room to crease from the empty space not filled by your toes. Nevertheless, it’s still possible to have perfectly fitting shoes that crease.

Quality of the shoe

The second common reason for Vans creases is quality. Some Vans’ design makes them more likely to crease than others. It’s not even about the quality of the shoe’s material. Most Vans basically have the same vulcanized rubber sole, making the creasing more prominent.

Furthermore, it’s worth mentioning that whole-cut or plain-toe shoes would crease more. Therefore, the creasing is more to do with the shoe’s design.

Why Vans make creaking sounds when you walk

Before we look at how to remove creases in Vans, there’s another annoying problem we should look at. It is the creaking sound that some Vans make at the sole when you walk.

How to stop the creaking sounds

Hearing creaking sounds from your shoes as you walk can be uncomfortable and very embarrassing. The sounds come from three main parts of the shoe:

l The insoles inside the shoes.

l The outer part of the shoes.

l The bottom of the shoes.

But for most Vans, the creaking sounds come from the shoe’s outsole.

Thankfully, you don’t have to take your Vans to a professional cobbler to solve this problem. Instead, you can use a few DIY tricks to stop the creaking.

Rubbing the bottom with a dryer sheet

Some Vans shoes make creaking sounds when you’re walking on smooth or polished floors. You probably relate if you work in a restaurant and you wear Vans.

The creaking is probably because the bottom of your Vans is too slick. You can take these steps to reduce the creaking:

l First, run a dry sheet through the bottom of the shoe.

l Do it several times to make the bottom less slick.

l You can repeat this procedure every few times you wear the shoes.

Using sandpaper on the bottom of the shoe

Sandpaper can make the bottom of your Vans less slick and polished. This will prevent them from creaking when you walk on a smooth surface. However, remember to be careful with the sandpaper you use not to scratch up the shoe too much. It’s best to use sandpaper with 120 to 220 grit.

l Gently rub the bottom of your Vans with sandpaper until they feel slightly rough to touch.

l Repeat this procedure every few times you wear the shoes.

Ensure that the bottom is not loose

Another reason your Vans could be making creaking sounds is a loose bottom. Reattaching it with durable glue will solve the problem.

l Check if there’s a gap between the bottom and the upper part of your shoe.

l Fill the gap with super glue.

l Clamp it down until the glue is dry.

l Leave it for a day before wearing the shoe.

How to remove the crease from your Vans

Let’s now look at how to get rid of those annoying creases that make your beautiful Vans look old.

There are many ways to remove creases from shoes, some of which do not apply to Vans. For example, ironing only works for leather shoes. Since most Vans are sneakers, canvas, and basic Vans styles, that method might not work.

Using alcohol and shoe stretcher

If your shoe has older creases, this method will be very effective.

l Mix equal parts of water and rubbing spray in a spray can.

l Spray the mixture on the creases.

l Work the shoes with your hands.

l Insert the shoe stretchers gently into the shoe.

l Wait for the shoes to dry.

l You can leave the shoe stretchers in until the next time you wear the shoes.

Using blow dryers and shoe trees

If the creases on your Vans are deep, you might consider trying this method.

Insert a pair of shoe trees into your Vans.

Expand the shoes to stretch out the creases.

Put a blow dryer on low heat and hold it about  6 inches from the shoe.

Move the blow dryer around the shoe.

Ensure you don’t keep the blow dryer in one spot to prevent warping the material.

Seeing a specialist

These DIY methods require precision. If your Vans are too valuable, or you don’t feel confident enough to try them, it’s always a better option to go to a professional shoe specialist. However, this will come at a cost, and they will likely use one of the methods we have discussed.

To wrap it up

In the end, it’s still up to you to decide whether you like the crease or not. But that’s the beauty of fashion—and Vans. They come in so many colors and styles that you can match your outfit, mood, and even your shoes!