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Vans That Change Color in the Sun

Vans That Change Color in the Sun

In 2016, Vans celebrated fifty illustrious years in the industry by reinventing their classic logo and revamping their business model. The aim was to let their customers know that they no longer identified solely as a skateboarding shoe manufacturer but have more in their repertoire to offer the public.

Vans started off in 1966 when Paul Van Doren, decided to start his own shoe-making business after leaving Randy’s where he had worked for a number of years as a shoemaker. Together with his brother James Van Doren and a friend, Gordon Lee, the trio embarked to create a shoe enterprise, and the first Vans store, The Van Doren Rubber Company was born.

Over the years, the company grew becoming a major player in the apparel industry well known for the production of skateboarding shoes. With the revamping of their business model, Vans has modernized and taken the old skool models to yet another level by releasing Vans shoes that change color in the sun.

Post pandemic, we are all eager to step out and in style for that matter. Vans has just the footwear for you. Vans color-changing sneakers will add some excitement to your wardrobe and with the prolonged quarantine now over, you have every reason to step out in one a pair of these trendy shoes.

Why Vans Shoes Change Color in the Sun

UV (Ultra Violet) heat-sensitive ink is used now in many decorative creations to create marvelous captivating color-based effects. The ink is used in Vans shoes to create a color-changing effect when you wear the shoes in the sun. 

Depending on how much light the eyes absorb, different people see different colors and in different intensities though arguably most people should be able to see the same color or similar hues within a narrow range of intensity.

Thermochromic or thermosensitive ink reacts to temperature changes and exhibits a different color when exposed to heat levels of approximately 32 – 38 degrees Celsius. Once back inside or if temperatures drop to room temperature, the appearance reverts back to the original color.

If the shoes are over-exposed to sunlight, however, the ink will disintegrate destroying its ability to respond to temperature changes so it would be advisable not to leave the shoes outside in the sun for anything more than eight hours at a time. The lost thermosensitivity is also not reversible and you would have to replace the shoe instead.

Vans That Change Color in the Sun

The Vans line of shoes or as they have dubbed the ‘thermochrome capsule’ currently showcases three main shoe designs with the thermochromic feature. Originally designed as a skateboarding shoe, these old skool models have sustained their place in the apparel arena as one of the most relatable beloved shoes to date.

The Vans UV Ink Classic Slip-On

The Vans Classic Slip-on is the iconic Vans model that debuted the Vans brand back in 1966 and has endured, remaining stubbornly popular, forever associated with the ‘cool’ and laid back persona across all ages and regardless of gender. 

This shoe features a stable simplistic slip-on canvas upper body with the easily recognizable Vans checkered pattern, the signature rubber waffle outsoles, and padded collars. The Vans UV Ink Classic Slip-On features a pattern of blue dots all over the canvas body and along the sole as well as a checkered print on the sole of the shoe once exposed to sunlight.

The thermochromic patterns apply a layer of ostentatiousness and fun to a shoe that is already a favorite of many.

The Vans UV Ink Era Stacked

The Vans Era Stacked is very much like the Vans Slip-On but with additional features that grant the shoe that added bit of stylish extravagance. Made with the same strong canvas upper body and padded collars, Vans Era Stacked also features exaggerated outsoles and oversized platform bumpers. They also have laces and are a Vans staple.

This is a shoe made to capture attention and remain visually extravagant compared to the Classic Slip-On. The thermochromic version features a colorful array of colored dots all over the upper body of the shoe or on the canvas part of the shoe.

In the sun, a pattern of flowers displayed in different colors and sizes appears making the shoe dizzyingly pleasant and beautiful. The flowers appear to be both overlaying and underlaying the previous dotted pattern in a motif that appears to integrate the previous dotted pattern as opposed to replacing it.

This is, needless to say, a women’s shoe.

The Vans UV Ink Old Skool Stacked

This model is similar in every way to the previous model with both sporting a more robust sole and oversized bumpers. Both Era Stacked and Old Skool Stacked are upgrades of the Classic Slip-On and come in adult sizes for men and women.

The thermochromic model features the timeless fashion favorite, the leopard print. When exposed to sunlight, purple and pink colors tastefully laid into the leopard print pattern emerge giving the shoe a touch of playful vibrancy. Like the Era Stacked UV model, this shoe is as well audacious and visually alluring, to say the least.


Vans shoes are not only for the young as would be readily assumed. Vans sneakers have made yet another notch on their belt with the recent trend of brides, bridegrooms, and their bridal parties wearing sneakers and old skool shoes under their wedding dresses in place of stilettos, high heeled shoes and other occasion friendly shoes that traditionally graced these celebrations.

On the red carpet, various high-profile celebrities have shelved the classic dress shoes in favor of sneakers and old skool shoes which means that these shoes continue to gain popularity across the board. 

The thermochromic upgrades will definitely send this trend on the upsurge and in no time at all, most of our feet will be changing color depending on whether we are indoors or outdoors. In any event, your post-pandemic summers will be every bit as colorful as you would like.