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How To Walk Without Creasing Your Shoes

How To Walk Without Creasing Your Shoes

Everyone wants their shoes to look new, decent, and perfectly usable, even after traveling multiple miles on them. Yet, the only sure way to prevent shoes from creasing is not to wear them at all.

Since footwear is a must-have necessity, most people tend to experience awkward moments with their shoes and even foot complications due to creases and too much pressure around the toe box.

Fortunately, you can help your favorite pair of shoes last for a great course with some bit of Tender Loving Care. Of course, creases are inevitable to some extent, but there is too much you can do to combat its occurrence.

This article focuses on various recommendations, tips, and guidelines on how to walk without creasing your shoes.

Buy The Right Size

Right from the start, don’t buy a pair that doesn’t fit you. Just steer clear from ill-fitting shoes if you don’t want to crease in your shoes.

No matter how much you like the pair you want to purchase at all costs, it might not be an ideal option, as far as shoe creasing and wrinkling are concerned.

Creases usually start at the toe-box and eventually go all the way to the end of the shoe. Remember, the more space there is between the shoe and your foot, the more the leather is likely to bend.

This is one of the reasons why shoes crease. So go for a pair that fit your feet closely without leaving too much unnecessary space. Some space in the toe box is good though.

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Wear Your Shoes in Dry Conditions Before Normal Use

Another effective way to keep your shoes from creases is by wearing them in dry conditions, at least during the break out period. It is mostly ideal for shoes made from pure leather.

The point here is to wear your shoes without having to dry them before they break-in properly. Note, soaking and tossing your shoes in the bathtub isn’t recommended.

This is because if water gets soaked into the shoes during the break-in period, the creases will appear, particularly in the toe box. Even after the shoes have broken-in, try not to get them wet too often, as this would discolor the leather.

Use a Shoe Horn To Reduce Heel Creasing

To prevent creasing around the heel of your shoe, buy a shoe equipped with a good quality heel counter. A shoehorn helps you to put on the shoe easily and comfortably. This will not only allow you to slide the shoes in faster but will also add support to the back of the shoe, therefore keeping it free from creasing.

So, when shopping, go as far as necessary and pick one that features a rigid plastic heel counter. You will note that the best method to use a shoehorn is when putting the shoes on.

That means if you can manage to use a shoehorn whenever you want to wear your shoes, you will indeed prevent the heel from crushing, thus extending the life of the shoes generally.

It might seem like an expensive accessory but will save you bucks in the long run as you won’t have to go shopping every time and then due to shoe creasing.

Try A Shoe-Tree

You might want to have a shoe-tree inserted in your shoes when you’re not wearing them. It’s probably the best thing you can do to prevent your shoes from creasing when you’re not wearing them. In fact, it does not only help the footwear to remain crease-free but will also wick excess moisture in the shoe after a long day of use.

Moreover, shoe-trees are fairly inexpensive and are readily available in the local shoe stores. You also don’t have to go abroad searching for the most premium shoe-tree, as the cheapest one serves the same purpose as any high-valued option.

Have multiple pairs

It would be best if you don’t repeat your shoes. In fact, podiatrists suggest that you should have at least two pairs of shoes that you count on for work.

Swapping shoes in between your weekly routine helps the shoe to dry out completely before the next wearing. This is particularly useful during the winter season.

Rolled Up Socks and Force Fields

Speaking of footwear, force fields are simply paddings that are put inside the shoes. They go all the way to the shoes’ front part, and they help to prevent the shoes from creasing. They deliver a great deal of aid to your leather shoes.

Alternatively, you can consider rolled-up socks. Before you pack your shoes for the next walk, take those extra socks that you want to include in the luggage. Roll and tuck them tightly into the shoes before packing. The roll will help to maintain the shape of the shoe when you go traveling in your tight-fitted suitcase.

Also, remember to keep your laces tighten up, even if you wear shoes every day. Well, a little bit of flinging looks stylish and fancy in the modern trend, but you don’t want to risk your footwear by walking on a baggy lacing system. Therefore, have the laces done correctly, tightly, but snug enough, so you don’t compromise the comfort.

Walk Correctly

This is one of the most significant footwear noob moves. You need to walk properly if you want to prevent creasing. Well, that doesn’t mean your current walking style is wrong, but there’s always a way out to reduce creasing.

If you’re creasing, chances are you’re walking on toes. In that case, you might want to walk on high heels to avoid the experience. Such walking style might feel rather uncomfortable at first, but it gets better as you get used to it.

Bottom Line

The process of keeping your feet crease-free might be as hectic as keeping your skin free from wrinkles. After all, there are no definite ways to eliminate creasing completely. However, there are methods and hacks to stave it off to some extent and perhaps make your shoes look somewhat slightly used.