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Do Sperrys Run Big or Small?

Do Sperrys Run Big or Small?

Undoubtedly, the Sperry brand is the world’s famous manufacturer of boat shoes. The company has now ventured into the production of flip flops, sneakers, loafers and boots. As a result, the fitness aspect of Sperry shoes is determined by the style you choose.

Do Sperrys Run Big, Small, or True-to-size?

Sperry shoes tend to run a little bigger in length.For example, Sperry boat shoes run big towards the heel, but they’re true-to-size in the forefoot for most wearers. Even if the Sperry shoes run big on the heel, they have a great function that prevents heels from clashing.

Compared with other well-known brands, Sperry looks to run 1-2 US sizes bigger than Nike, Keds and Vans. As a result, it’s crucial to take exact measurements of your foot and compare them to the Sperry size chart.

Since each person’s foot is unique, providing precise shoe sizing information isn’t easy. It isn’t just about length and width. The three-dimensional structure of your foot is crucial. So far, the fit of Sperry boat shoes has received mixed reviews.

How Do Sperry Boat Shoes Fit?

According to the Sperry Company, Sperry sneakers fit like a glove. That is especially true if you’re buying shoes with synthetic uppers. They don’t stretch with time.

If you’re looking for leather Sperrys, be prepared for the upper stretching. However, the stretching only affects the width of the shoe and not the length.

Some claim the Sperry shoes run small at the front, yet they fit wonderfully in length. If that’s the case, it’s recommended that you wear the Sperry shoes for a few days because the boat shoes break in and stretch out rapidly after 5 to 6 years due to the flexibility of the full-grain leather or canvas on the shoe’s top. As a result, you should concentrate solely on selecting the suitable length of Sperry boat shoes.

Sperry boat shoes wearers complain of blisters on their heels due to friction during the first few days because of the loose fit in the rearfoot region.

However, they will feel comfortable and practical for you in the long run. Blisters on the heels can be avoided in early break-in days by wearing Sperry shoes with thick socks.

Are Sperrys Comfortable?

Yes, Sperrys are comfortable boat shoes. The Sperry leather shoes can conform to the shape of your foot with time for you to slip in without socks. Like the sneaker option, they have a padded footbed and water-resistant finish.

Overview: Sperry Boots and Sneaker Sizing

Sperry offers a variety of boots made from genuine soft leather uppers and nylon or cotton shafts that wrap around the calves. The most popular Sperry boots are the Saltwater Duck Boots.

Men’s Sperry Saltwater boots come solely in medium widths, whereas women’s Sperry Saltwater boots come in medium and wide sizes.

According to Amazon surveys, 56 per cent of customers believe Sperry Saltwater boots fit true to size, while 36 per cent believe Sperry boots run big.

Only 8% of buyers found Sperry boots too tight or opted to order a half size larger because they intended to wear them with thick socks.

When it comes to Sperry sneakers, they have a cloth or canvas top and don’t stretch as much as Sperry boot shoes. Consider the Sperry Men’s Striper II CVO Sneaker as an example. The upper of these Sperry shoes are made of soft cotton canvas for easy on/off.

In addition, unlike the Sperry boots, the Sperry sneakers come in only two sizes for men and women: medium and wide.

According to Amazon reviews, 57% of customers believe Sperry sneakers fit true to size, while 29% believe Sperry sneakers run large and recommend ordering a half size down.

The proportion of those who think Sperry sneakers are too tight is as low as 14%. That might indicate that they didn’t consider the proper width for their Sperry sneakers; as previously stated, Sperry footwear has a slightly different width requirement than other brands.

Therefore, if you have broad feet, it’s recommended that you try getting the Sperry sneakers in your actual size.

Sperry sneakers only come in medium and wide widths, so if you have narrow feet, go down a half size. There are no thin widths available. That is why some individuals find Sperry sneakers to be a little big on their feet.

The Bottom Line

Ideally, Sperrys should feel like they were made specifically for your foot. The boat shoe company has over 80 years of experience working around the clock to provide true-to-your fit footwear. They don’t always run big. You can apply hacks to find the Sperry boot or sneaker that fits appropriately.

First, you should know what the shoe you’re going for is made from. If you prefer the leather, Sperry shoes go half-size. The leather will stretch with time. If you want Sperrys made from synthetic materials, they will stay true to size because they won’t stretch.

You need to know that the break-in process significantly affects the width of your Sperry boat shoe and not the length. The authentic Sperry boots have 360-degree lacing that you can loosen up when you’re on the go.

Are you still worried about getting the right size of Sperrys? Use the Sperry sizing chart here.

Finally, remember that half sizes of 11.5″ are offered in Sperry Authentic Boat Shoes. After that, full sizes of up to 15 are available.

Therefore, if you typically wear size 12 and the Sperry shoes are too tight for you, opt for a slightly bigger size, for example, 13. The leather will stretch out, and the Sperry shoes will turn big.

You may choose an extra wide fit for your Sperry sneakers to accommodate your foot comfortably.