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How to Wear Olive Green Pants(Men)

How to Wear Olive Green Pants(Men)

Green clothing is often misinterpreted as something weird; For example, men usually associate green trousers with extremes, such as military outfits or leprechaun costumes.

That might be true, especially due to the case of green slacks. Green trousers are commonly used as neutral colour anchors.

Many people consider green trousers too daring or difficult to combine with other colours. That is untrue. Green trousers are not only easy to dress, but they also have a great deal of power to elevate your style. They might be flamboyant yet flattering or unusual but modest.

Olive Green pants look great with neutrals like yellow and blue colours. Olive pants with a blue button-up shirt plus white sneakers or olive green pants with dark brown loafers and pristine white Oxford shirt are some of the stylish options.

The most excellent and most adaptable colour for green pants is olive. It’s a cold hue with warm undertones that works nicely with various tints. This article will enlighten you on wearing stylishly olive green pants for men.

Let’s get started;

Which Colors Match Perfectly With the Olive Green Pants?

  • Shirts

You can wear a neutral top with olive pants and still get a perfect match. Wearing a grey shirt with olive green pants is just as calm as wearing the same grey shirt with blue jeans.

However, the option of combining olive green pants with a grey shirt is more fascinating and equally simple.

On the other hand, Olive green pants and a white shirt are wholly professional and marginally eye-catching.

As previously stated, you can wear olive green pants with yellow-hued clothing. A yellowish-brown shirt, for example, brings out the earthiness of olive green.

You can combine the yellowish-brown shirt with olive green pants if you want a scholarly appearance as well as casual looks.

Consider olive pants with a brown flannel or green pants with a yellow button-down and tweed blazer.

Subtle colors of honey and champagne enhance dark green olive pants. An award-winning combo for a wedding is a champagne-coloured shirt with a button-down collar, olive green pants, and a honey brown leather belt.

Another fantastic shirt color to match with olive green pants is blue. The more relaxed tone of olive green pants is excellently highlighted with a blue shirt. You may even wear a bright ultramarine shirt since the trousers will soften the color.

A classic casual outfit consists of a blue shirt and green military-inspired pants. Pair olive green pants with a blue utility shirt to change things up. It’s unique enough to be stylish yet familiar enough to be wearable by any man.

  • Shoes

Olive green pants go well with dark brown Chelsea boots, white or tan dress shoes, loafers, and grey suede.

Yellow and blue-hued footwear is the most fashionable combo. The two fantastic options include blue kicks with green pants or honey leather shoes plus olive green pants.

If you’re a sneaker enthusiast, avoid wearing olive green pants with shoes with the main hue of vivid primary red or orange. That includes anything that falls within the realm of red Converses to orange Nike Dunks. The Clae Malone Whites, for example, would combine well with a touch of olive green pants.

If you enjoy brightly colored dress shoes, stick to the color wheel and stay away from red. The crimson suede monks look great with grey slacks and a red tie, but they’d be too flashy with green trousers. On the other hand, Tan Norwegian shoes look great with Olive green pants.

Why Wear Olive Green Pants

Olive green pants are the ideal blend of distinctive and neutral design. They won’t turn heads the moment you walk in, but you’ll be one of the few sophisticated gentlemen wearing them.

It would be best if you chose to have Olive green pants because the design and color make them easy to dress up in any ensemble.

Generally, you should wear olive green pants because of two reasons. First, if you wear a hue of green, you usually combine it with neutrals such as grey, black, or white or with complementary colours.

Green pants with white shirts and yellow shoes are special combinations to wear regularly. Don’t match olive green pants with red shoes, which are too celebratory.

Green clothing should be paired with colors from the left and right sides of the color wheel — for example, yellow and blue. In men’s fundamentals, they are pretty standard: To mention a few, camel coats, brown shoes, navy suits and blue and yellow club ties. As a result, adding a pair of olive green pants to your closet won’t cause any problems.

The second reason olive green pants are an excellent color for trousers is their neutral color; that’s why olive pants are utilized for camouflage. It’s common to see olive green pants blended with various colors and tones.

When not to wear the Olive green pants

A no-gone zone is wearing olive green pants with red clothing or anything within the red family. In addition, colors that are too close to red on the color wheel should also be avoided- for example, salmon, pink and magenta.

Final Thoughts

Olive Green pants are a stylistic mainstay that many people overlook. Every man should have a pair of olive green pants in his closet, much like a classic wristwatch and a well-tailored suit.

Luckily, now you know how to wear them fashionably. If you don’t have the olive green pants in your wardrobe, now is time to buy a pair.

The most pleasing colors to combine with olive green pants are neutral colored shirts or the options in tones of blue and yellow. Avoid wearing olive green pants with shirts that are bright red or orange.

Jackets with blue tones are fashionable choices to match with Olive green pants. The green pants also look elegant with a blue duffle, tweed jacket or camel pea coat. A brown leather jacket with olive pants looks raw yet professional.

Combine the olive green pants with a white button-down shirt, brown belt, and brown leather shoes for a polished look. A shirt with light yellow tones, like beige or champagne, is also a charming option; Switch brown leathers with black leathers if you like a dark button-down.