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Do You Wear Socks with Sperrys?

Do You Wear Socks with Sperrys?


Modern menswear often prefers a nice throwback and boat shoes are no exception. Since 1935, Sperry has been making quality boat shoes and is quite possibly the biggest company dealing with topsiders that blend with contemporary fashion naturally.

Sperry boat shoes are simple to slip on/off and are specifically designed for water-related activities. Combining classic cool and modern styles, these versatile shoes are actually pretty easy to dress. Plus, there are many outfit ideas to wear with your Sperry topsiders.

But should you Wear Sperrys with Socks?

If you want a short answer, yes. You can wear socks with Sperrys. In fact, for enhanced comfort, personal health and probably to support the integrity of the shoes, it is recommended to wear socks with Sperrys. Below are the various reasons to wear socks with Sperrys.

Pairing socks with Sperrys can improve your comfort

Perhaps this is the strongest reason behind wearing socks with Sperrys. It’s simply more comfortable. The extra layer of material between the leather and your skin will protect you from any rubbing, hotspots, and blister development. Besides, boat shoes can be really uncomfortable during the break-in period, and wearing some socks helps subside this discomfort.

Additionally, a good pair of socks will also help manage excess moisture to keep your feet dry and comfortable.

Sperrys with Socks Keeps Your Feet Healthy

Considering that Sperrys are most often worn in the hottest months of the year, you might be tempted to wear them without socks to make sure they stay cool. The problem with going sockless is that humans have about 125,000 sweat glands in each foot. Thus, going sans socks can turn your Sperrys into a warm, dark, and moist base for all sorts of nasty bacteria.

Socks Will Make Your Sperrys Last Longer

With all the reasons mentioned above, wearing Sperrys without socks can lead to an accumulation of sweat. This will not only lead to lead issues, but sweat will also ruin the integrity of your Sperrys and even lead to discoloration.

This mostly affects the insole. As moisture builds up the insoles will loosen and start to peel back and might end up bunching up under your foot. This can be extremely uncomfortable and difficult to fix without completely replacing or removing the insole.

A generally accepted remedy to keep your feet dry while wearing Sperrys is to apply foot powder. This solution is likely to work, but you’ll notice some powder accumulating and building up into a quite nasty crusty substance within the shoes.

How to Wear Socks with Sperrys

No-Show Socks

In case you’re trying to avoid wearing socks with Sperrys simply because you prefer the casual look associated with going sockless, you can still achieve the same style without skimping on comfort. Go for no-show socks.

Boat shoes are a style staple, especially in the spring and summer, when people are dealing with high humidity and blazing hot weather. For such reasons, this type of socks can help keep your feet cool and dry. You might want to opt for fine, breathable merino wool for a better experience. Aside from being soft, these socks have fiber that pulls moisture away from your feet while being breathable to keep your feet comfortable.

Speaking of no-show socks for Sperrys, it’s important that the socks stay up. No-show socks usually don’t slip off the heel or ball up under the feet- else the socks would be aggravating and uncomfortable.

Avoid Wearing Athletic Socks With Sperrys

First of all, let’s preface this by saying that athletic socks should be worn in athletic scenarios. Note that athletic socks and such cheap tube socks are meant for both style and functionality. Khakis with boat shoes are perfectly acceptable and are considered a staple in the field of fashion. However, the right type of socks is key in creating such a great look.

Wearing Dress Socks With Sperrys

If you want to wear socks with Sperrys, dress socks are an easy recommendation. They are a more suitable type of socks pair with Sperrys, probably because they are more refined and polished. Note that while Sperrys are generally considered casual footwear, they’re elevated casual, and above the purview of a pair of athletic socks.

Also, dress shoes are thinner. This will enable your feet to fit more comfortably inside the shoe. The same way you wouldn’t squeeze bulky athletic socks into dress shoes, it’s the same way such socks wouldn’t work with Sperrys.

The Bottom Line

We hope that this article has been helpful and informative on whether you should wear socks with Sperrys. Based on reviews and users’ feedback, we’re positive that socks and Sperrys are a great combination, especially when the right style of socks is considered. Whether you wear Sperrys with or without socks is entirely up to you.