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Do Gildan Shirts Shrink?

Do Gildan Shirts Shrink?

Located in Montreal Canada, Gildan was initially founded in 1946 by Joseph Chamandy as a manufacturer for children’s clothing. Today, it’s a global brand that offers a variety of high-quality apparel, including the all-time charming Gildan Ultra Cotton line.

Gildan is globally recognized for its excellent product safety and customer well-being. When it comes to facilities and supplies, the company complies with the strict code of conduct, as they recycle resources as much as possible.

Reading on their website, Gildan even utilizes recycled polyester derived from PET bottles when making some of their products. Moreover, Gildan keeps researching new blends for fabrics, which is exactly how their Ultra Cotton line was established. However, if there’s one common question among shoppers of this brand is “Do Gildan Shirts Shrinks?”

Do Gildan Shirts Shrink?

Gildan shirts tend to shrink after washing them. However, this is reduced only to half a bit after laundry. Some people state that when they buy large or –X-large shirts from other brands, the shrinkage is usually noticeable and doesn’t fit perfectly after washing. But Gildan shirts only shrink a bit after washing and fit just right after washing. Perhaps that’s why most people prefer Gildan t-shirts.

Based on reviews, most people don’t report any difference in size before and after washing Gildan shirts. The overall shrinkage is insignificant and hard to notice. Perhaps the difference can be felt if looked very closely as it’s minor.

That said, it still depends on people as people generally have different tastes when it comes to size and fit. It’s good to note that while shrinkage is not much in width, it might be easily noticed in length. For instance, some people prefer to wear loose shirts as a style and such shirts may show a noticeable shrinkage in length after laundry. Thus, it depends on the wearer and the type of shirt style they buy.

How Much Does Cotton Shrink After Washing?

Naturally, when washed with hot water, cotton shirts will shrink by up to 5% from their initial size. This usually happens once, but it’s important to keep that in mind to avoid spoiling your favorite attire.

Another quick note is that cotton t-shirts may shrink due to the way they are made. As stated, hot water does not work well with this material. You might want to wash it in cold water so your clothes don’t shrink down to size.

While cotton is the most shrinkable material, wool, silk, and linen will also shrink. They’re, however, more resistant to shrinkage than cotton. Nylon, spandex, and polyester, meanwhile, will probably not shrink at all.

Does Cotton Shrink With Every Wash?

As long as you‘re not using hot water, cotton won’t shrink every time you wash it. It is also important to air dry your cotton shirts, polos, and even sweatshirts rather than tossing them in the dryer.

In case you accidentally shrink your shirts, you can try restoring them by filling a bowl with cold water and ¼ cup of hair conditioner and then soaking them for 15 minutes. This isn’t a foolproof hack, but it’s likely to help get your shirt back to its original size.

Pre-Shrunk Cotton

Gildan often uses a pre-shrinking process for the cotton, which prevents shrinking after the shirt is built. They subject the cotton in hot water before the shirt, or any other cotton-made item is sewn together.

The cotton shirts may still have moderate shrinkage in the first wash. And as stated before, the best way to prevent excessive shrinkage is by washing the shirts in cold water and either hanging or laying them flat to air dry. The company also employs ring spun cotton, which softens fiber, which makes the fabric softener, durable, and less prone to shrinkage.

How Do Gildan Ultra Cotton Shirts Fit?

The Gildan ultra cotton line offers some of the most popular shirt styles. The models made with this fabric are affordable, heavyweight 9coming in at around 6.1 oz) and 100% cotton. They are also available in more than 50 colors so you can easily find what works for you. Shoppers will also get a wide range of sizes, with specific colors going up to 6XL. The is sizing relatively generous, running slightly larger than a standard shirt.

While Gildan Shirts are pre-shank, they’re not expected to shrink in the wash, provided you follow the right washing procedures. The youth sizing ranges from Youth XS- Youth XL. Some of the youth sizings are ideal for petite women. Overall, Gildan Ultra Cotton Shirts are great quality, durable, and budget-friendly product.

Gildan Ultra Cotton vs. Gildan Heavy Cotton

Both Heavy Cotton and Ultra Cotton lines include trendy styles with many similarities. They feature a twofold needle sleeve and bottom hems, quarter-turned to eradicate a middle shrinkage and a taped neck and shoulders for a sleek and polished look. Such fitting details make the shorts more comfortable for everyday wear.

That said, Ultra Cotton is heavier 6 oz. in comparison to heavy cotton’s 5.3 oz. Ultra Cotton is also softer material, given that the cotton is heavier, thicker, and heavier and spun tighter. Moreover, their labels are different. Heavy Cotton (also known as Gildan 100 cotton has a tearable label, whereas Ultra Cotton comes with a stain label. The heavy cotton sizing runs from small to 3XL, while the Ultra Cotton sizes are smaller to 5XL.