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Does Carhartt Run Big?

Does Carhartt Run Big?

The Carhartt workwear brand has become a fashion staple amongst street stylists in recent years. With the introduction of the fashion division Carhartt Work In Progress (Carhartt WIP), the company is modifying classic footwear staples to meet the increasing demands for skaters and individuals who want to combine durable and quality tailoring with popular street favorites.

That said, one of the most common among Carhartt lovers is whether Carhartt Clothing runs big or small. So to answer that question we researched this handy Carhartt sizing guide. Although the brand offers durable and reliable items that will last a lifetime, it’s important to get the right sizing.

How Does Carhartt Clothing Sizing Run?

Generally Carhartt clothing (pants, shirts, jackets, coats, overalls, etc) runs big. Since the clothing is usually meant for active work and outdoor environments, garments are sized and cut for comfort and freedom of movement.

The t-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts, in particular, are cut generously with a slightly boxy design and are likely to fit somewhat longer than you might expect. In most cases, you can order your usual correct size, if you’re between sizes, it’s best to go for the smaller size.

The Difference Between Regular and Tall Sizes in Carhartt Clothing

Tall sizes in Carhartt clothing run approximately 2 inches longer in the body with a greater sleeve length compared to regular sizes. Usually, anyone from 5’6” to %’11 can wear a regular size, while those from 6’0” to 6’5” should consider ordering a tall size.

How Does Carhartt Jacket Size Run?

This is quite a difficult question to answer not knowing your specific preferences or what type of jacket you’re interested in. Nonetheless, one important thing to understand about Carhartt jackets is that they’re warmer, heavyweight clothing built with extreme conditions. That means they’ll generally have more space built and fit larger. This extra space is meant to allow you to layer other garments underneath.

Carhartt Jackets sizing also varies depending on what they’re designed for. These jackets come with differing levels of insulation, which, in turn, affects the sizing. Generally, the more insulated a jacket is, the bigger it will run, given that Carhartt has left the room to allow for extra layers. Considering this factor, stay true to the usual correct size and don’t size up.

Does that mean all Carhartt jackets fit the same? Of course, no. Heavyweight Carhartt winter jackets and coats tend to be roomier in comparison to spring/fall jackets. These jackets are designed to suit mild to moderate winter conditions, with a trucker-style form that finishes at the waist. It’s important to keep this in mind before purchasing, especially for those who are taller.

In general, we recommend ordering your usual sizing in Carhartt jackets. Well, some of the winter jackets have a roomy cut, but normal sizing tends to work best for most people. The lightweight spring/fall jackets offered by Carhartt usually run true-to-size. In almost all cases, normal sizing is best.

How Do Carhartt T-Shirts Sizing Run?

As is the case with other Carhartt clothing, we recommend that you stick to your normal sizing in most cases when ordering Carhartt t-shirts. For a roomy fit, go for your regular size, but if you have a particularly slim build, then you might want to size down.

Keep in mind that Carhartt work shirts are meant for tucking in, thus they usually come up longer. The extra room is ideal while on a job, but if you prefer an in-between fit that’s not too baggy or overly tight, we’d particularly recommend the Carhartt Force Cotton Tee.

For those who are shorter, checking out the short styles can be a great idea for a perfect fit. But whatever you do, don’t be tempted to size up else you’ll be swamped. You might be tempted to think that the tees will shrink upon washing, but the overall shrinkage is quite minimal and does not cause the shirt to fit otherwise. Carhartt definitely takes a more tailored to their t-shirts, so stay to your regular size for that comfy skater feel.

Do Carhartt Hoodies & Sweatshirts Run Big?

If you’re one of those who prefer an oversized look, stay true to size as this clothing already runs big. In fact, you might want to size down one or two sizes for a more ideal fit. Similar to other Carhartt clothing, the Sweatshirts and hoodies run big to allow for extra movement while working.

For Carhartt Work In Progress models, stick to your normal size to get that significant street-style look. If you are under 5’7 or under, the sleeves are likely to bunch at the wrist, but it just fits well with overall aesthetics. The Carhartt sweatshirts and Chase hoodies are probably the most popular out of all the styles. Available in various colors and high quality for the price, it’s definitely worth adding one or more to your wardrobe.

The Bottom Line

Aside from being a predominant workwear supplier, Carhartt brand’s items generally leave extra room for movement. Thus we recommend that stick to your true size or size down compared to other brands. Their WIP fashion division seems to take a more tailored approach, but the same case still applies. The clothing is built to deliver an oversized style to accommodate the workwear aesthetics. That means there’s no need to size up to achieve your usual size. Go with your correct size or even size down one or two if you want a more fitted look.