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Are Van Shoes Good For Lifting?

Are Van Shoes Good For Lifting?

If you are into any sports or training, then you understand that your feet need the best protection for ease in exercising. But, it is never enough to put on any type of shoes as you always need the right pair for different kinds of exercises. This brings us to the big question; are Van shoes good for lifting?

The golden 80s

Most people who grew up in the 80s and 90s remember Vans for being an affordable pair of shoes that every teenager wanted to own. The popularity of these shoes made them a staple of American footwear culture with celebrities and fashion influencers, pushing them to extreme levels. In particular, five classic styles have defined Vans, namely; Era, Slip-on, Old Skool, Authentic, and Sk8-hi.

So, what were the defining features that made Van shoes a must-have? The simplistic yet practical construction of Vans has been their biggest win over the decades. A tough outer sole and a soft body material were all it took to win the hearts of millions at an instant. The great wear-ability of these shoes was an extra plus as they have an effortlessly cool factor that made everyone love them.

The entry of Van shoes into the sports arena

While many people remember Vans for gaining entry into the American footwear culture, its greatest impact was in a different area – the sports arena. In the early years as Vans shoes were gaining entry into the market, skateboarders quickly adopted them. Back then, nobody paid much attention to skateboarding as it considered to be another part-time activity for the hippie youths.

Even Vans in these early times had no idea that their shoes would become the much-needed solution to skateboarders. Two defining features made these shoes great for skateboarding – the tough rubber sole and protection that it provided to the toe areas. As skateboarders quickly adopted these shoes, there was a need for the creation of the first official skate shoes.

It took two skateboarders, Tony Alva and Stacey Peralta to tweak the original style #44 Vans shoes to design the #95. As the world’s first skateboard shoes, style #95 or Era as is commonly known introduced Vans to the sports arena. This then made these shoes become a popular option for people who exercise and has since then become ordinary wear for gym lovers.

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Have Vans proven to be good for lifting?

It is never enough to notice that many people wear a particular pair of shoes while at the gym for it to be considered appropriate wear. As such, while Vans have always been worn to the gym, there is a need to verify how impactful they will be as you lift weights. To factor this in, you need to take into account the following:

  • Vans have a flat rubber sole.

The flat hard soles that made Vans famous among skateboarders are the very quality that makes them suitable for the gym. Anyway, don’t you need firm support as you exercise and move from one spot to the other?

But, is this an excellent quality when lifting weights? Well, the answer is a big – Yes because as you lift weights, you need a firm sole that allows you to push off the ground. Shoes with soft soles cause problems while lifting because you have to shift your body weight each time you do the lifting. It becomes worse when you have to squat or do deadlifts as a slight shift can cause great body imbalance.

As such, for its flat and tough rubber soles, Vans provides all gym lovers with shoes that they can always opt for when lifting. The support that these shoes offer will be of great advantage as they allow you to focus on your workout without worrying about the state of your feet.

  • Vans are lightweight.

Another defining quality of Vans is that they are lightweight. Again this is another reason why they became popular among skateboarders and easily charmed their ways to become a popular street-wear. Well, if you are planning to lift some weights, you know there is no need for extra weight on your feet.

Because vans are lightweight, they are guaranteed to make your time at the gym more productive. You will also have ease in moving around and hardly spend time adjusting your shoes.

  • Vans come in different styles.

You will find Vans in different styles, and this is an extra plus for anyone shopping for lifting shoes. The freedom to either go for the brand’s slip-on or its laced shoes takes care of everyone’s preferences. The best part is that regardless of the shoe style you settle on, you are guaranteed great functionality.

  • Vans are comfy to the feet.

Vans have become popular globally not only for their firm waffle soles that provide a good grip but because they are comfortable. Men and women, the young and old have all appreciated these shoes for this vital quality that makes them everyday wear. It is this very quality that also makes them an appropriate pair for whenever you need to hit the gym.

If you are planning on lifting some weights, then Vans will do you great justice. You will love that your toes will naturally breathe even as you engage in such an involving exercise. This is enhanced by the sufficient room for your toes to wiggle and move as you push the limits of your training.


Seasoned athletes and fitness enthusiasts have made it a habit to invest in weightlifting shoes that have been specially designed and built to support the exercise. The defining feature of these shoes is that they provide a secure fit, a slightly raised heel, and a sole made of hard, incompressible material. All these make them the ultimate shoes for lifting weights as they support all angles when training.

Nevertheless, Vans have proven to be a popular alternative for anyone who is low on budget but needs an appropriate pair of gym shoes. It is vital to note that while these shoes have not been built for this purpose, their qualities make them a suitable option. In the end, you need a pair of shoes that offers the best support, makes you feel comfortable and is lightweight enough.