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Are Vans Non Slip Shoes?

Are Vans Non Slip Shoes?

The need to wear slip safe or non-slip safe shoes largely depends on your occupation and the condition of the workplace. Buying slip-resistant shoes are imperative for people who work in places with wet and tricky floors or those who partake in hiking or jogging in places where slipping could be disastrous.

When shopping for the best slip-resistant shoes, one of the most prominent brands you’re likely to encounter is Vans. So, what’s the deal with Vans. Are these shoes non slip? Well, the simple answer is yes.

Vans shoes are largely common among skaters and people working in fast-paced service centers such as hotels and restaurants. For skaters, Vans are probably the best choice as they allow you to exert sufficient traction from the ground as you push your skating board forward.

Benefits of Slip-Resistant Shoes

Before we start talking about this popular shoe brand, it’s important to understand what really makes slip-resistant shoes beneficial for you. You can say that you’re wearing a slip-safe shoe if it’s designed in a way that can reduce the risk of trips, slips, and accidental falls.

The slip-resistant or rather the non-grp feature is usually found at the shoes’ tread. This is major assistance in helping you to stay stable on your feet in case you find yourself around greasy, oily, or wet surfaces.

One of the major benefits of buying a slip-resistant shoe is, obviously, the ability to minimize the risk of facing an accident. For instance, if you’re working in a restaurant, slip-resistant shoes can help prevent accidents even when you’re constantly exposed to wet and slippery surfaces. Non-slip shoes are basically designed to keep you safe from slips and falls at work.

With that, you can keep your feet safe from possible injuries that slick surfaces might cause. Investing in a non-slip shoe is also beneficial in that such models are produced using high-quality materials. That gives you some sort of assurance that the product is durable.

Fortunately, you can get all these in the shoes from Vans. Most of the shoes from this brand actually feature some sort of slip-resistant in them. Perhaps this is because they’re mainly designed as skateboard shoes. In fact, these shoes began as a boat deck, so they incorporated some type of grip and traction meant to prevent slippages.

Vans are ideal for chefs as well as those who work in the foodservice industry. These shoes are also designed for those in the hospitality, healthcare, and nursing industry. Moreover, most of these shoes are made from lightweight croslite material that promotes a comfy fit.

Features that Make Vans Shoes Slip Resistant

In a fast-paced environment, where floors are common, slip-resistant shoes are the most suitable choice as they provide maximum protection against slipping accidents.

Vans shoes generally come in many colors and different patterns. That means you’ll possibly find a good combination that’s ideal for work; something like the black sole and black canvas supper. You’ll hardly go wrong if you go with neutral colors (tan, grey, and black) or basic traditional patterns in tonal shades (tan check/small brown).

Vans Slip-Resistant Features

Vans shoes are developed with excellent attributes that make them slip-safe. They embrace traditional features that are not always present in other shoes, probably due to their unique applications. Let’s get into details of these features that make Vans slip-resistant:

Rubberized Soles

PVC and rubber are the main raw materials used in the manufacturing of the Vans shoe soles. Rubber possesses many preferable slip-resistant qualities compared to other soles materials. This feature implies that the outsoles made with rubber have fewer chances of slipping on wet and greasy surfaces.

Vans shoes feature exceptionally soft rubber soles that keep them from sliding when they come into contact with wet surfaces. Workers in a restaurant, for instance, need shoes that have this feature so they can work comfortably without worrying much about slips.

Non-Slip Thread Patterns

Aside from rubberized soles, Vans shoes’ outsoles are composed of threads done carefully to make them more steady and slip-resistant. The threads on the soles provide an adequate grip between the shoe and the ground.

Well, you might think that the thread has nothing to do with slip-resistance, but Vans has threads that are done in circular patterns to keep water and oil off the soles. Consequently, the shoes will have more traction while you walk or run, reducing the risk of a slipping accident.

High-Quality Rubber Materials

Apart from having rubber outsoles and exceptional thread patterns, Vans shoes are designed with top-notch rubber materials. The high-quality rubber offers the much-needed friction between the shoe and slippery floors. You will achieve strong traction with the surface while walking in these shoes- a feature that minimizes your chances of slipping.

The higher the quality of rubber, the better, the non-slip ability. The vice-versa is also true. Shoes made with low-grade rubber slip easily on watery surfaces.

The extent to which a shoe can resist slipping is indicated by a factor concocted as the dry static coefficient. This is the ratio of frictional force between two surfaces, in this case, the frictional force between your shoes and the ground.

Vans feature a high dry static coefficient. The high efficiency means that when you walk or run in these shoes, you will experience high frictional with the surface, meaning you’ll hardly slide around.



No matter where you work, wearing non-slip shoes can really grant you the much-needed protection to keep you safe against injuries and other forms of accidents. Luckily, there are reliable brands like Vans that offer shoes with great non-slip features. To sum up, it is crucial to understand the beneficial features that make all Vans shoe slip-resistant or rather what wearers can focus on to make sure their Vans shoes are slip-resistant and ideal for a particular application.