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Are Birkenstocks Good for Flat Feet?

Are Birkenstocks Good for Flat Feet?

Approximately 20-30% of the world’s population is affected by flat feet deformity. It’s also called the fallen arches.  Fallen arches occur when the usual feet’ plane is lost, making them almost touch the ground or touch completely.

Flat feet affect the body’s stability; thus, individuals affected by this condition have a higher risk of chronic muscle strain, which develops after the body is forced regularly to compensate for the absent stability. Therefore, to live with a special condition like this, supportive footwear which can strengthen the foot arches and keep you moving without any hitches is required.

Now, the big question is, are the Birkenstocks good for flat feet?

What Are Birkenstocks?

The Birkenstocks are comfortable and sophisticated sandals that first originated in Germany.  Currently, they are found in the entire world, and anyone can buy them from the nearest shore store. Birkenstocks are renowned for cushy rubber footbeds and the countered cork.

How Birkenstocks Came Into a Reality

To understand how Birkenstocks work, their preferred usage, and efficiency, it’s essential to understand its history and how they are manufactured. Birkenstocks’ past insight shows that a dressmaker and a designer who had visited Germany for a vacation noticed these sandals, and she fell in love with their comfort.

On returning to the United States of America, she requested the Karl Birkenstocks to import the same sandals and introduce them to the Americans. That is how the Karl Birkenstocks received its worldwide recognition, and it’s now making its way to the entire planet.

The flower design Birkenstocks are among the major brands that made these sandals loved by many. When the flower designs were introduced, they entered deep into the hearts of people who love nature.

The Birkenstock and Flat Feet

For people with flat feet, the tight or loose grip is not much crucial compared to the level of comfort. When you have footwear that offers ultimate convenience, you can adjust how tight or loose they are using a belt. The Birkenstocks have total comfort and standardized adjustment ranges.

Individuals affected by flat feet find the Birkenstocks their best choice because they have a slightly tight strap, which is meant to grasp the toe and keep the heel at a proper height. Avoid the sandals with a tighter strap since it might compromise your feet’ mobility.

It’s now clear that the Birkenstocks are perfect sandals for people who have the fallen arches. For ordinary people with this condition, Birkenstocks sandals support their feet arches and keep the body in its proper position to reduce muscle strain. At the top is an encompassing bar that ensures good health by allowing the entire foot’s natural grip.

The health benefits of wearing the Birkenstocks include:

  • Aids in better body balance
  • Improve on blood distribution
  • Has reliable support on the feet arches
  • Guarantees proper weight distribution
  • Ensures a healthy alignment of the legs and the spine

Therefore, it can be concluded that Birkenstocks are indeed the most stable sandals ideal for flat feet.

 How Birkenstocks Work For People with Flat Feet

If your flat feet have a flexible arch that is not more harmful, you also need a curative procedure that prevents the possible emergence of preventable complications. The shape of your footwear matters and you need to consider the outcomes that your feet and the entire body will get before wearing it.

The recommended process of breaking into Birkenstocks starts with purchasing the right size of these sandals and unhooking the straps. Bend the Birkenstocks several times to loosen the cork. Place your feet in a better position in which the heel is at the heel cup and the toes are loosely held. Afterward, get into the buckling stage and ensure that the strap is holding your feet tightly. As you walk, check on the comfort you feel on your strip, and you will appreciate the contentment of Birkenstocks.

Getting More Comfort with Birkenstocks


The Birkenstocks typically have natural ease that works best for the fallen arches. However, you can cultivate more comfort and make sure that you’re always in the satisfying form of health. To get more of the desired results from Birkenstocks, practice the following tips:

  • Leave some significant space between the strap and the foot. This is achieved by getting sufficient room for wiggling your fingers
  • Always ensure that the feet don’t touch the footbed edge as you walk
  • You should be able to feel free movements of your feet as you walk
  • Break-in professionally and keep your Birkenstocks intact for 30 to 40 minutes daily
  • If you experience more pain after wearing these sandals, consider checking on the limitations affecting your comfort and the possible change you can use to improve on the fallen arches.
  • If you find Birkenstocks more favorable to you day by day, increase the time limit you can wear them

Birkenstocks for Long-Distance Walks

When it comes to long-distance walking, Birkenstocks delivers the same elevated level of comfort. It even supports your feet for a longer time; therefore, you won’t be complaining about body or leg aches. The cork footbed cushions your feet throughout the journey and reduces the amount of friction generated.

Ultimately, you can also use the Birkenstocks at uneven terrain and other forms of hiking. Its protective design also allows you to enjoy long walks along the sandy beach without any form of hitches.

The Final Impression

In conclusion, the Birkenstocks are soothing and suitable for flat feet. The valuable materials and designs are used to confirm your feet’ individual space and ensure that you get a reliable comfort level. The arch support is pronounced to control the feet arches’ movement, therefore preventing excessive shifts that can harm the feet and leg muscles.