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Can Birkenstocks Get Wet?

Can Birkenstocks Get Wet?

Although it’s good to avoid prolonged exposure to rain and other dampness, Birkenstock, just like any other footwear, can get wet occasionally and still last for a considerable time with proper care. Most people who wear Birkenstock think that the shoes will get ruined if they get wet more than once, which is not always the case.

Birks are basically designed to remain soft, comfortable, and easily accessible for the most part. Perhaps this is the reason why it’s easy to see several hipsters within your hood or college campus with a pair of Birkenstock shoes on their feet.

Still, you may be worried about getting your new Birkenstock wet, so we should discuss it.

Even prolonged exposure should be avoided, it is possible for Birkenstock to get wet. However, so long you’re taking proper steps to care for and maintain your Birks, they can last a long time even if they’re getting wet quite so often.

One marketing assistant at Birkenstock USA, Jackie Porter, says generally, they don’t suggest wearing the shoes in areas where wearers know they will get wet. This is because the plug/corck footbed will assimilate water in wet conditions and consequently result in the stopper drying out.

However, so long you’re taking proper steps to care for and maintain your Birks, they can last a long time even if they’re getting wet quite so often.

What Do You Do After They Get Wet

It’s all common to get your shoes wet on occasion, and Birkenstocks are no exception. You might have stepped on a paddle, or you dropped your Birks in the water, probably after surfing. Thus the need arises for best ways to dry your shoes before wearing them again.

Note that your feet can deform or twist the surface of wet Birks, especially the section where the foot goes.

Avoid using excessive heat in an attempt to dry your Birkenstocks. Instead, putting them in the sun may be a viable option, but be sure to bring them inside as soon as they dry.

Fixing Wet Birkenstocks

You can use lukewarm water and a piece of cloth to scrub the footprint away. Again, don’t put them in direct heat or excessive sunlight exposure as this may make dry rot and probably cork cracking.

Ideally, clean your Birkenstock on a day when you’re not planning to wear them to give them enough time to dry naturally from windows and doors for about 24 hours.

Also, you may be wondering if you can wear Birkenstock to the beach. The good news is that the EVA Birkenstock is more versatile footwear and can be utilized anywhere without ruining its construction with external elements.

Birkenstock sandals are generally well-designed and with simple care and cleaning in mind. They hardly get damaged from the sand, water, or sun when you wear them at the beach.

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How To Maintain Your Birkenstock

As stated earlier, Birks are designed with waterproof sealer on the cork. This layer is prone to wear and tear, so you might need to replace it with a layer of sealant. Otherwise, if the cork sole is not protected, it may lead to moisture creeping inside. When the shiny layer on the cork has worn off, it means it’s time to apply the cork sealer. Make sure the shoes are clean and dry before applying the sealer.

Remove the dirt and such things using a soft or a gentle brush. You might need to apply water and stain repellent regularly to prevent the leather suede and Nubuck from water and dirt. Use water and soap to remove stubborn stains.

You can get this type of sealer on Amazon. You might have to use a spray-on waterproof for the top leather part of the shoes. This is a bit safe for leather in case you find it necessary.

Birkenstocks are made out of suede leather upper and cork sole. These shoes come from a production line with a touch of waterproof sealer on the sole. With time, the sealant will wear off, making it easy for the shoe to absorb water by the cork sole.

The upper part of the shoe is designed with suede leather, commonly known as full-grain leather. This leather fabric is open poured and is meant to let your feet breathe, meaning it can soak water pretty well, which is something you don’t really need.

Are Birkenstocks Ideal for Your Feet?

Any footwear that’s meant to support the foot arch can take a while before becoming comfortable. That said, podiatrists suggest that sneakers with good heel and arch support can be just as good for the feet as the Birkenstocks.

These shoes aren’t any different, all without the underlying pain. In fact, Birkenstocks have begun to break free from the typical stereotypes.

Another thing worth mentioning is that Birkenstocks are relatively expensive. The cork employed on the outsole is designed to mold your foot shape due to the pressure and heat that naturally occurs during movements.

As such, every pair becomes unique. Podiatrists usually recommend them for persons with foot problems because they have amazing comfort and versatility. They are highly favored by many, especially for city walking. The memory foam footbed and comfy straps will grant you max comfort on both grass and cobblestones. Some Birkenstock lovers wear no shoes.

Birks footbed will also allow your feet to feel cushioned with ample arch support when walking, making them ideal for long periods. After wearing them for some time, the footbed becomes softer and molds easily to your foot. However, it’s good to mention that traditional Birkenstock can feel a bit hard to those suffering from back pain.

 For a comfortable fit, the straps should be a bit snug but not tight. Note that most support comes from the footbed, not really tightly buckled straps. It would be best if you can wiggle your finger between the strap and your foot. There should be room to wiggle your finger between the strap and your ankle too.