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Allen Edmonds Mcallister Review

Allen Edmonds Mcallister Review

Every man at some point or another deserves a pair of well-made welted dress shoes. It doesn’t really matter what kind. We all have our preferences. And regardless of what you pick, they most likely won’t be cheap but will prove worthwhile in the long run.

A decent pair of shoes that you care for and recraft quite so often should last you as much as 15 years. Allen Edmonds is well among a handful of companies that produce shoes that fit this bill.

While people are usually loyal to the brand they love, Allen Edmonds boasts excellent customer support. And for good reason, they’re incredibly classic. The overall product quality is impressive and available at a handsome price point.

Based out of Port Washington, Allen Edmonds produces shoes locally just as they did upon their first outset in 1922. Type them on Google, and you will find numerous stories of people affectionately buying their first pair of Allen Edmonds.

With excellent craftsmanship known to work, these shoes are meant to age better than you. And when the brand offered us a chance to develop an in-depth review of their legendary model, Mcallister, we jumped at the opportunity.

We’ve reviewed a fair number of different styles and of course, the brand we’re discussing here is the Allen Edmonds Mcallister Wingtip- a slightly more casual dress shoe that comes with distinctive broguing. So let’s actually get closer to the Wingtip.

Allen Edmonds Mcallister Wingtip Overview

Indeed, wingtips have historically been viewed as a more casual shoe. Though not sneakers, the brogue, and the typical two-tone leather certainly make them somewhat less formal than a cap toe or whole cut oxford. While it’s common to debate the finer points of shoes’ formality, there’s one thing that’s not up for debate here; wingtips are very versatile shoes.

No doubt, a pair of wingtips look similarly indoors with a twofold breasted suit just as they do with a pair of slip dark denim. However, there’s one thing you need to pay attention to: the color. An oxblood, dark brown, or walnut wingtip shoe will be boundlessly more versatile from casual to business than a lack pair. Versatility is a beautiful thing.

Allen Edmonds Mcallister Construction

The Mcallister wingtips arrive in a sturdy navy blue, which is designed to be retained for storage and they are great in terms of quality. Stacked leather heel, elegant broguing, and Goodyear welted soles with recessed stitching give Allen Edmonds a sterling reputation.

Like any new dress shoe, Mcallister wingtips are stiff at first, but they begin to break in quickly and turn out very comfortable. You can pair them with jeans, khakis, and Nantucket Reds, as well as the navy suit and white pants mentioned above.

They are designed to pull off every instance with ease, which has led to plenty of compliments in the process. As we’ve mentioned before, men’s clothing enthusiasts ought to grasp the importance of buying high-quality products.

Again, some of us have the funds to secure the best of the best of everything, thus the process of finding and buying footwear and accessories becomes more of a decision of when to save and when to spend.

We could go on about the agreeable quality and durability of Allen Edmonds shoes, but what we’d e saying is nothing new than what has already been said many times before. So, let’s turn the focus to the shoes’ functionality.

Allen Edmonds Mcallister Performance

After wearing these shoes for a while, you may expect the rubber on the heel to start detaching and flapping around. This can be quite a surprise, especially if you received the shoes in new condition and have been taking care of them properly.

Without stressing much as to whether the issue is negligible or a harbinger of bad things, you might want to consider an expert option. Fortunately, Allen Edmonds assures its customers that sole detaching is a minor issue and any competent cobbler can fix it.

Moreover, they say they’d be glad to take care of it for you. And while this is somewhat uncomfortable, especially if you purchased the shoes off of eBay, it might feel dishonest to claim any sort of warranty store.

Nonetheless, the brand assures satisfactory customer service. You’ll get your shoes back in a few days, nicely repaired and polished. Indeed, Allen Edmonds is one of those companies that earn business not only because of quality products, but also excellent customer service.

Allen Edmonds Mcallister Price

Should you pay full price ($345) for these shoes? Well, it depends. First, the “entry-level shoe” niche has gotten more crowded over the past few years. As such, choices are far more vast compared to what they used to be.

However, Allen Edmonds shoes are almost always on sale and when that’s the case, we think they are still among the best quality shoes that come at a reasonable price.

Moreover, the shoes are much more accessible in comparison to many online storefronts. That means many people can find a place and try them in person, which makes all the difference. Not to forget the recrafting services, a large variety of sizes, and excellent customer support. Overall, buying Mcallister wingtips often feels like a pretty good deal.

Granted, someone looking for a sleek English oxford might not find it at Allen Edmonds. On the bright side, however, the American sensibility and “not too casual, not too formal” versatile look that their exemplary models provide work great for most lifestyles.

The shoes offer a great starting point for those looking to understand what a quality shoe actually looks like.

 The Bottom Line

Now that you’ve heard and looked at Allen Edmonds in the past, and felt like they were just off-limits in terms of price, we have to tell you that now is probably the best time to consider picking up a pair. Currently, the Mcallister (or the Fifth Avenue) may be budgeted at a savings of up to $150. So to all Allen Edmonds fans, this is probably the best value worth looking forward to every year.