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Dress Shoes You Can Run In

Dress Shoes You Can Run In

Life demands that you put your best foot forward. If you take the meaning of this phrase literally, your best foot is one donned with stylish and comfortable footwear. Dress shoes are almost everyday footwear, as you can wear them on almost every occasion. Regardless of how you are spending your day, a comfortable pair of dress shoes go a long way in offering maximum comfort throughout the day.

Finding the ideal dress shoe is mostly a walk in the park. You only need one neutral-colored pair that’s crafted with ample sole support and quality material. Men, especially, do not put lots of time into comparing the quality or prices of the various shoes before making a purchase.

Here is a round-up of 12 brands with the best dress shoes for men that will eliminate the guesswork and help enhance your looks, and have you looking sharp. All the shoes here are light, comfy, and provide maximum support for your feet, making them the best dress shoes you can run in.

12 best dress shoes for men that you can run in

Wolf and Shepherd

Wolf and Shepherd is a company that makes some of the most comfortable dress shoes on the market. Using the same comforting qualities as sneakers, Wolf and Shepherd have expanded it to loafers, cap toes, and wingtips, making them as comfortable as running shoes.

Clarks Men’s UnKenneth Way

Clarks’ stylish dress shoes feature a breathable leather lining and a leather upper that’s amply padded for maximum comfort. These shoes also feature a removable cushioned footbed and a rubber sole for extra traction.

Johnston Murphy Bradford Derby shoe

With roots dating back to 1850, Johnston Murphy is one of the most recognizable shoe brands. With its cap-toe design, this colorless derby is an excellent example of Johnston Murphy’s great, lightweight dress shoes. Satisfied customers say that the shoes are very comfortable, light, and elegant.

Vionic Shane oxford

An Oxford pair designed by Vionic’s podiatrist looks stylish and smart. It provides maximum comfort and orthopedic support. The shoe also features a removable, leather-covered footbed for arch support and a rubber outsole that provides excellent traction.

La Milano Double monk strap loafer

These stylish slip-on loafers by La Milano are perfect for both work and play. They are comfortable enough for everyday wear, thanks to their padded insoles and stacked heels. They are available in seven fashionable colors.

Cole Haan Washington Laser wingtip Oxford

According to one reviewer, the Cole Haan Washington Grand Laser Wingtip Oxfords feel like running shoes disguised as dress shoes. It gets no more comfortable than a pair of sneakers.

Hush Puppies Men’s Rainmaker Loafer

If you are not a wingtip guy, Hush Puppies’ slip-on loafer may be your best choice. They’re waterproof and easy to wear, as they have no laces. They are also light and super comfy. This pair is usually large, so make sure you order the smaller end of your size spectrum.

Gucci Jordaan leather loafer

Jordaan leather loafers have a stylish extended toe to match Gucci’s high-quality Italian leather. It is both a dress shoe and a wardrobe staple. It offers support and comfort for your feet.

Rockport Essential Details Waterproof Wingtip

Rockport’s men’s shoe is the perfect choice for those who want to dress up. You can choose from classic black or a rich burgundy pair. The heel is made using sports technology to absorb shocks and provide comfort for running.

Samuel Hubbard Wingtip Oxford

Samuel Hubbard’s Oxford is described in two words: classic and sturdy, the essential features you want in a high-quality shoe. The Vibram Morflex rubber sole with a memory foam insole will keep your feet comfortable for hours.

Florsheim Men’s Marino Wingtip Oxfords

This smart Florsheim pair is a more affordable option for the wingtip Oxford. These timeless shoes are more budget-friendly and feature a leather lining that provides comfort and durability.

Dockers Edson Slip-on

This brand is the least expensive pair of dress shoes on this list, but it doesn’t compromise comfort. It provides support for your feet and is comfortable. The Dockers slip-on is a great option if you don’t have the budget for a full investment but still want to look good.

How to clean your dress shoes

Dress shoes are ideal for night-outs, weddings, and the workplace. A gleaming pair is a perfect accessory to any outfit. Scuffed-up or dirty dress shoes will drain your outfit of its beauty. You need to ensure you properly clean your dress shoes before the next wear. The method of cleaning to use depends on the material of your shoes.

Here’s how to clean your dress shoes.

For leather shoes:

  • Brush the shoes’ surface with a horsehair brush to remove debris and dirt. You can also use a clean, lint-free cloth in place of the brush. It is advisable to do this step when you take off your shoes, making the rest of the cleaning process easy. Also, remove the laces because they will impede your cleaning.
  • Rub off stubborn dirt, stains, and scuff marks using a damp cloth, saddle soap, or other leather shoe cleaner. Give the shoe a firm but not aggressive rub.
  • If road salt caused the stains, apply water and white vinegar mixture to a 2:1 ratio to the stain using a clean cloth. Dampen the stain lightly; don’t over-saturate the stain with the solution.
  • Add acetone nail polish remover to a cotton ball and gently wipe off the old polish for clumpy polish layers.
  • Let the shoes dry and then nourish them with your product of choice, like saddle soap, leather conditioner, or an oil renovator, to make the leather supple and soft. Ensure you follow the instructions for the application.
  • Polish your shoes with cream or wax polish. You can start with a thin cream layer, then add wax over it. You can use a brush or cloth, whatever is available or comfortable for you.
  • Buff the shoes with a clean cloth using a circular motion to bring out a perfect shine as you even out the wax and work it into the leather.

For suede shoes:

  • Use a brush to remove excess dirt, gently scrubbing in the same direction. You can brush scuff marks vigorously using a back-and-forth motion and finish by brushing in the same direction.
  • Rub the shoes with a damp cloth and then blot them dry. When they dry, use a brush to restore their texture.
  • You can then spray a suede protector after cleaning.