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Ag jeans protege vs Graduate

Ag jeans protege vs Graduate

High-end fashion has never been so accessible as the AG jeans brand is bringing it out. The AG jeans are typically the godfather of denim, established in 2000. They are exclusively nice, and the fabric is ultra-soft.

Yul Kull and Adriano Goldschmied are the groundwork experts who design and explore various innovative strategies to make the AG jeans one of the most admirable denim attire in the fashion industry.

The AG jeans are available for both males and females. The AG jeans for females include Leggings Ankle, Farrah Skinny, Maternity Prima, Stilt, and AG jeans the Stilt Crop. When it comes to AG jeans for men, the available options include AG jeans Graduate, Matchbox, and AG jeans Protégé.

This article will solely focus on comparing the two AG jeans meant for men; The AG jeans Protégé and AG Jeans Graduate.

Let’s start with the similarities, then later explore the differences plus all other important things you need to know about the AG Jeans.


Both AG jeans protégé and Graduate are true to size. Therefore, that means that whichever size you buy, they will fit into your body exactly as you had fantasized. Protégé fits like Graduate, and vice versa is true.

The two AG men’s jeans have an excellent durability feature. You’re likely to wear AG Jeans Protégé and Graduate for many years before they turn color or get torn.

The design and production procedures used in manufacturing AG protégé and AG Graduate are all staged towards promoting environmental sustainability.

Generally, the AG Jeans company is always at the forefront of ensuring that its products are environmentally friendly and wholly safe for human consumption. Therefore, when you’ve AG Jeans Protégé or Graduate, you’re indirectly practicing sustainable environment conservation.

If you want to buy either AG jeans Protégé or AG Jeans Graduate, you can receive financing through the Klarna financing option.

However, the two AG Jeans brands are considered expensive. According to the recent buyers of the AG jeans, they are worth the price, and you will never part ways with your money for something that will lure disappointments.


The clear difference between AG Protégé and AG Graduate is the accommodating aspect. The AG Graduate is slim and tight, while the AG Protégé is big with well-spread bottoms.

When you wear the AG Jeans Graduate, you will feel it holding your skin tightly from the hip level to the knee and even below. Luckily, the denim jeans are stretchable, and you can wear them to any occasion.

On the other hand, when you wear the AG Jeans Protégé, you will feel that the denim jeans give your limb some free space from the hip to the ankle region. It’s a bigger option that doesn’t hold tightly to your skin. Still, the AG protégé jeans can stretch to accommodate your body configuration.


  • AG Jeans Protégé

AG Jeans Protégé is a bigger option with the Protégé bottoms. Its design features include the indigo medium wash adorned with vintage fade lines.

AG Protégé is the ideal pair of jeans to pair up with any top for a relaxing night or a fashionable night outing. It has a stretchy fabric that leaves your body feeling comfortable throughout the day. You can get yourself a pair of AG Jeans Protégé by spending around $185.

  • AG Jeans Graduate

Like the Protégé jeans, the Graduate jeans from AG Jeans Company are taking men’s fashion to an entirely new level.

AG Jeans Graduate is typically tailored with slimming features. Making the AG Jean Graduate tight appeals to almost every man.

The dark wash of AG Jeans Graduate mimics the genuine vintage jeans that are styled with the mid-rise design. It has a relaxed fit from the level of the hip to the knee.

You can happily wear the Graduate jeans to any day shift duty. It’s made to sustain the superiority of comfort and body flexibility. They are easily stretchable. Therefore, they won’t make you miss out on something important.

Currently, the price of AG Jeans Graduate ranges between $65 and $215. That seems like a long way to go, but the denim attire is worth the price.

Do AG Jeans Shrink?

Shrinkage is the major concern when buying sweatpants and jeans, and AG Jeans are no exception. According to a significant number of AG Jeans reviews, you’re safe if you buy your clothing from the brand. Most customers report that the AG Jeans remain true to size even after wearing them for several years.

Are AG Jeans Good for you?

Both the men’s and women’s AG jeans are available. If you’re that person looking for comfort and style from a world-class denim option, then the AG Jeans should be your everyday wear.

Considering the styles and sizes of AG jeans, you can get it if your size is 20 or more. Still, the jeans can stretch and conform to your body shape without compromising comfort.

When you want slim-fitting AG jeans as a man, please go for the AG Jeans Graduate. On the other hand, if you want comfortable jeans that are a bit big yet comfortable and stylish at the same time, please go for the AG Jeans Protégé.

Generally, you’re likely to find any jeans that you’re looking for at AG Jean brand stores, no matter your gender, size, or age.

Are AG Jeans Worth Price?

Undeniably, AG Jeans are among the most expensive clothing brands in the market today. These items tend to vary between $150 and $250 if you’re looking for original denim. Therefore, is there something that can justify why you should buy the item and even have more than one pair?

First, AG Jeans are worth their price because there are no complaints against the quality of materials used in manufacturing. Most customers have reported that the jeans are strong and last for more than the expected years.

Secondly, AG jeans are recommended because the AG Jeans company offers promotional codes and coupons to simplify your purchase.

Finally, they are the stylish and comfortable denim jeans you will wear for years without them getting torn. It will give you a perfect fit to elevate your feeling on every occasion.