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Why Are Rothy’s So Expensive?

Why Are Rothy’s So Expensive?


Rothy’s shoe is made from plastic bottles, machine washable, and it’s ideal for people who are always travelling. The brand is also suitable for individuals who value style and fashion. Rothy’s is a comfortable and versatile shoe whose acquisitions need one to dig deep into the pockets. The bigger question that most potential buyers seek answers for is whether Rothy’s is worth its price.

Rothy’s is expensive, but, yes, it’s worth the price. The brand is in line with its price and even beyond the limit because it promises sustainability, comfort and style trends. The features that make Rothy’s shoes expensive don’t only resonate within comfort, style and sustainability. Let’s discuss more Rothy’s and what makes it worth the price.

What Makes Rothy’s Expensive?


Rothy’s promise a lot with its extended durability. You can wear Rothy’s for six weeks consecutively without cleaning, and the shoe will still maintain its shape, design and fit despite the harshness that comes along with the prolonged cases of low maintenance.

According to recent statistics, you can wear Rothy’s for more than two years. Even if you wear it throughout a scorching sunny day, you won’t find it smelly. Since they’re plastic shoes, your feet might sweat a little bit, and that is wholly a natural phenomenon.  If it’s about the smell, it’s for the dirt and other odorous materials that trip in while you walk around.


When it comes to the aspect of weight, Rothy’s exceeds the expectations of many. The 3D plastic knit is made from 100% water bottles recycled and crafted to seamless shoe design that forms the weight that is practically nothing.

Wearing Rothy’s feels like you’re on the hotel-room slippers with a great fit. Rothy’s flats have a thin sole made from a flexible rubber that is super light. You can flatten them out to zero space, and still, they can maintain their shape. That means that it’s pretty easy for you to pack an extra pair of Rothy’s as you plan for a trip. They are convenient, and you can squeeze them somewhere to wear them after the gym.

Machine Washable

You can toss the Rothy’s shoes into the washing machine plus the other machine-washable shoes or the regular laundry load. Always use cold water and gentle cycling when cleaning Rothy’s to ensure they don’t lose shape. When the machine is running beyond the gentle cycle, ensure the shoes are in a protective mesh bag. After cleaning Rothy’s shoes, you can leave them to air-dry for a period not less than 48 hours, and the shoes will look great again.


The closest saying that rhymes with the fit of Rothy’s is the phrase that they “Fit Like the Skin”. Since Rothy’s don’t have any leather material, they are more breathable. You can wear them on hot days, and the feet will breathe well: the chance of your feet sweating is reduced.

The breathability of Rothy’s makes it easy for it to conform to the shape and size of your feet after purchase. You don’t need to go through the break-in period like the other common shoes. If your feet are sensitive to the new shoes, you don’t need to worry about the consequences that might emerge with Rothy’s since they fit perfectly to the shape and arch of your fit. You can wear them, and the pain points stretch, thus you won’t get blisters.

Why Buy Rothy’s?

Rothy’s and Allbirds make the most famous women flats. You’re likely to purchase a pair of Rothy’s at a price ranging from $95 to $155. It’s a sustainable shoe brand with excellent comfort, and you will love wearing it.

The innovative approaches of Rothy’s are expertly distributed across the five varieties, which include:

  • The Loafer $165
  • The Flat $125
  • The Point $145
  • The Square $125
  • The Mary Jane $155

Each of the classic silhouettes from Rothy’s has a modern twist and comfort that speaks directly to the customers. Style and fashion are more critical in everyone’s dressing. Rothy’s aims to deliver excellence in design to represent all personal styles and values.

Rothy’s have a functional advantage which is not the case in other flats. The seamless construction ensures that you don’t find any excuse to complain of un-comfortability or the hardness of the shoe. Rothy’s are light, flexible and the edges can stretch to accommodate your feet without problems.

Regardless of the season that you’re planning to wear Rothy’s, they have a moisture-wicking feature and the ability to fight against rain and sweat. Once you’ve purchased the sustainable shoes, you don’t need to spend a lot on maintenance- they’re machine washable.

If you’ve tried the four different pairs of Rothy’s, you’ve probably realized that the brand is live to promise a lot with sustainability. In addition, the other feature that is perfectly blended into Rothy’s is the eco-friendly construction that still makes them reliable and stylish.

It’s pretty challenging to find shoes like Rothy’s that have a perfect storm of comfort, affordability and cuteness. The Rothy’s pair only misses on the aspect of affordability, but even if you’ve to spend too much to acquire it, the shoe brand is worth the price. Rothy’s are the best shoes you can use to commute with, and that’s why they are turning out to be the top go-to shoes for most women.

One thing to note about Rothy’s shoes is that they are not suitable for people with wide feet. If the point-toe style is not for you, you can try loafers. Rothy’s are made narrow to ensure that they fit well to the feet, like gloves. Generally, Rothy’s shoes don’t have the break-in period because of the plastic knit at its upper that can stretch. The footwear brand is highly recommended for anyone in need of a stylish, comfortable and sustainable shoe.


It counts for you to spend the hard-earned money to buy pricey Rothy’s shoes. It has a ton of features ranging from comfort, lightweight, breathability and flexibility, among others that you will enjoy as you coordinate with it in your daily activities. Rothy’s fit is true to size according to the industry’s sizing chart. Therefore, you can order them online, and you will get precisely what you want.