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Do Timberlands Stretch?

Do Timberlands Stretch?

Timberland is a reliable footwear icon in the apparel industry. It was originally designed to offer protection to blue-collar workers. Over time, timberland boots have evolved into stylish footwear adored by global audiences. Renowned Hollywood stars and hip-hop icons like Notorious B.I.G and Kanye West embrace Timbs.

The original brand of Timberland has been supplemented with a wide range of styles and the good advancements that promote its durability. When talking about Timberland boots, most people think about the “yellow boot with a brown upper.” Well, the yellow color of Timberland boots is the one that busted it into the shoe scene back in 1973. Currently, timberland boots are available in a variety of colors.

Whether you wear your Timberlands casually or for work, they are made to last long. Therefore, ensuring that you get the perfect fit for Timberland is essential. You definitely want the boot that feels snug, not in any way uncomfortable. Timberland may feel tight the first time, but they stretch and soften as you continue to break-in.

How to Make Timberlands Stretch

Timberlands are heavy-duty boots, and that means it can take a while for you to break in and transform them into super comfy shoes. To speed the process of making Timberlands stretch, consider doing the following:

  • Layer up the Timberland using a thick pair of socks and wear the boot while moving around the house to encourage leather stretching.
  • While you hold the boots with both hands, flex the sole as much as you can repeatedly. That helps in increasing the elasticity of leather, making it soften.
  • Massage the timberland shoe using the leather conditioner. Focus on the major areas like the heels and where the foot bone sits. When the pain points are made to stretch, the probability of developing blisters is dramatically reduced.

Wearing  Already Stretched Timberlands

The statement silhouette and chunky design of Timberland boots set a contemporary tone for the classic boot to fit with any outfit. The original intention of timberlands was to be worn by the industrial workers; therefore, the footwear brand works as part of the dress-down, rugged look.

Are you thinking of denim and a lot of similar styles? Slim and skinny jeans rhyme well with the timberland boots since it allows the boot to express your style from the bottom. Consider combining a pair of timberland shoes with the plaid lumberjack-style tops, plus a parka or warm winter coat to pay the real homage to the practicality purpose of Timberlands.

Lacing Timberland Boots for a Good Fit

There are several techniques you can use to lace the unbeatable timberland shoes. You only need to choose your favorite option depending on the nature of the vibe that you admire. If your personality and character tend to lean more on the side of urban, casual looks, lace your timberlands loosely to make them low-key and comfortable. Don’t keep the boot much loose to the extent that your feet can slide out effortlessly.

The classic 6-inch timberland boots have up to seven eyelets, but you don’t necessarily have to use all of them. For an explicit shoe statement, choose the colored laces and skip one lace loop for the boot that elevates the style.

Play with the over and under technique if you need a cleaner and symmetrical finish. After the third to the last eyelets, tie the laces to remain with the sizable lace that makes a sturdy knot.

Sizing Of the Timberland Boots: How to Choose a Fitting Size

Generally, most timberland boots are true-to-size. However, the whole idea depends on the style of Timberland boot that you choose. Here are some of the quick facts that you need to know about the most popular Timberland Styles:

  • Timberland Pro 6″Pit boss Work Boots:  The boots have a very famous style and they are not bulky like the other types. They are comfortable and true to size. Timberland Pro 6″Pit boss Work Boots are available in steel toe and soft toe designs. The rubber is heat-resistant, making its style to be of great benefit for the summer heat.
  • Timberland PRO Boondock Waterproof Work Boots: They are great options as winter boots because of the waterproof feature. Some people have to experience the size of Timberland Pro Boondock Waterproof Work Boots running slightly big.
  • Timberland PRO Direct Attach Work Boots: They have the classic style of timberland boots. The Timberland PRO Direct Attach Work Boots is ranked as the people’s favorite because of its thick outsole, oil resistance, and great cushioning. Its collar is quite comfortable, and they are true to size.
  • Timberland White Ledge Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot:  The variety is widely used as a hiking boot due to its waterproof properties. The materials used to make Timberland White Ledge Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot are light and stretch, making it true to size.
  • Timberland Kendrick Waterproof Chukka Boots: They are stylish waterproof boots suitable to be worn in business environments. Timberland Kendrick Waterproof Chukka Boots provide good looks and perfect styling, making it comfortable to wear when you want to look classy.
  • Timberland PRO Men’s Branston Safety Work Shoe: The safety shoe has a clean and professional appearance. Timberland PRO Men’s Branston Safety Work Shoe is made strong and flexible to provide the safety you need while supervising the work floor.

Buying a shoe with the wrong size and the fit is an unwanted experience because the pair is uncomfortable to wear, and the whole deal can be a waste of resources and time. It can even discourage you not to go to the market any time soon for a similar brand. However, Timberlands seem to be more direct when it comes to sizing since most styles are true to size, and can stretch as it conforms to the shape and size of your feet.

If you are worried about the timberland boots getting narrow for your feet, you need to get the good news that Timberlands shoes have wide sizing. The best thing about the brand is that they come in a wide range of options set for different objectives. Therefore, you have the chance to choose the proper fit that will work well for your situation.

 As you wear your Timberlands daily, they stretch not to pinch or dig into your ankle and the foot’s top.  After 4-5 weeks, when its break-in is complete, it will be so easy for your feet to get in and outside the boot.

Timberland, go loose and stretch as you wear. Luckily there are aspects discussed above that you can apply to help you in making the stretching process of Timberland Boots roll out faster.