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Why are Balenciaga Shoes So Expensive?

Why are Balenciaga Shoes So Expensive?

If you are into luxury fashion brands, then you know that Balenciaga has caused major waves with their latest series of designer footwear. In particular, their sneakers have redefined the street style and culture over the past few years. Consequently, it seems like everyone is trying to own at least a pair of Balenciaga shoes.

But, there is a big hurdle for most people who go shopping for authentic Balenciaga shoes. This is the high price tag of the brand’s footwear that has been a major point of fashion discussions and arguments.

So, this brings us to the primary question; why are Balenciaga shoes so expensive?

Well, to understand the power of Balenciaga as a brand, you must first take a look at its history.

The brand story of Balenciaga

Balenciaga was officially founded by Cristóbal Balenciaga when he opened the first house of Balenciaga in Paris in 1937. This was after the Spanish Civil War interrupted his earlier operations in the Basque Country in Spain. Soon, Balenciaga was the talk of Paris as it made it to the front row of the nation’s fashion culture.

One of the greatest achievements of Balenciaga in these early years (the 1940s to 1950s) was how he revolutionized women’s fashion. Even as he unleashed his genius by looking for ways to free the body, there was one thing that stood out. This was how much the fashion house defied ‘rules’ and produced anti-conventional models.

Fast forward to the modern times, long after the death of its founder; Kering acquired Balenciaga in 2001. The takeover by the French multinational company instantly placed the brand on the fashion radar. This is because the company equally owns Gucci, Alexander McQueen, and Yves Saint Laurent, among others.

A major leap for the fashion brand was when Georgian designer, Demna Gvasalia, took the lead in 2015. Since then, he has remained focused on his approach of ‘destruct to create.’ In essence, Balenciaga has committed itself to re-thinking what defines modern fashion.

The real reasons Balenciaga shoes are expensive

  • Balenciaga shoes are top-ranking fashion icon symbols

The biggest sneaker trend since 2018 has, without a doubt, been dad sneakers. This has been made possible with Balenciaga at the forefront of this trend with its releases such as the Triple S Sneakers. The best part is that world-renowned celebrities such as Bella Hadid, Pharell Williams, Hailey Baldwin, and Justin Beiber are fans of these shoes.

Backed by such high publicity, Balenciaga has rightfully earned the top spot as the fashion house producing one of the most covetable sneakers. The celebrity endorsement and incorporation of Balenciaga shoes into the mainstream street culture have been a boost to the brand’s supremacy. Therefore, it is only right for such a top-ranking fashion icon symbol to attract the price tag that it does.

  • Balenciaga shoes are a true luxury item

Beyond the publicity and celebrity endorsements of Balenciaga shoes, there is real artistry and a touch of luxury that defines this brand. Owning these designer shoes is buying into a luxurious experience that only a few brands can provide. There is no price tag to such an experience, and fashion enthusiasts are willing to pay thousands of dollars for this.

It is the reason why thousands pre-order the latest models of Balenciaga shoes way before their release dates. By the time they are available in official Balenciaga stores, the price tag will reflect this brand demand. Equally, owning Balenciaga shoes is a way of making a statement as they showcase fashion opulence.

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  • If you want to go bold, you have to go hard

Balenciaga shoes are designed and produced for the bold individuals who want to feel great in what they put on. High fashion and modern street-wear fashion never comes on the cheap. As a rule, if you are looking to be part of the latest and trendy fashion, you need to dig deeper into your pockets.

Balenciaga shoes have earned the respect of the fashion world, which is why their prices are not a surprise. For example; immediately, the brand released Knife Sock Boot lots of naysayers said very few people would spend over $1,000 on these pieces. It took only a few weeks for them to take back their words as there was a huge demand worldwide.

The secret behind this is that Balenciaga has mastered the techniques of producing signature pieces. Therefore, immediately they hit the market, they will arouse attention from the fashion community. This is bound to happen regardless of the price tag.

  • The comfort and quality of Balenciaga shoes is unquestionable

What is the first thought you have when you see sneakers with overly huge soles? You are probably thinking, those shoes will be heavy on your foot. Well, this is the opposite of what Balenciaga’s dad sneakers are despite their size. This is because the engineering and precision that goes into the production of these pieces are unrivaled. This is why one can easily tell a fake Balenciaga shoe from the original.

Buying into this brand is embracing uniqueness and being ready to pay for this exclusiveness. You are also guaranteed quality shoes with top levels of comfort for the satisfaction desired. Most importantly, you understand that as a luxurious brand Balenciaga does everything with a touch of style.


As a brand, Balenciaga has earned its reputation since its establishment in Paris. Like fine wine, the brand has got better and bigger, especially in the past few years. As it focuses on being a pacesetter for the fashion world, its shoe models are definitely going to be expensive.

The cost of these designed pieces boils down to the fact that Balenciaga is a luxury brand. As it continues shining in the market, there is no limit to how much the shoes can cost. This is solidified by its target market and growing strength of the brand enhanced by modern-day street-wear fashion. All in all, when you want to but Balenciaga shoes don’t focus on the price tag, but the idea and experience it is out to provide.