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What Shoes Does Trump wear?

What Shoes Does Trump wear?


Donald Trump is undoubtedly one of the most talked-about topics in the world. From his nuclear launch codes issues and the possibility that he will go to war with North Korea to his disagreements on many of the country’s significant problems, he’s a constant discussion topic. His tweets draw a lot of attention every day and let’s not forget he is also the president of the United States. Topics of discussion have revolved around his hair and the size of his hands, but not on his shoe preference, impressive as it is. Most people do not seem to notice Trump’s elevator footwear choice.

What contributes to Trump’s choice of footwear?

His height

Trump tower elevator Footwear is not only a functional fashion statement. Men, especially shorter men, wear shoes that can increase their height to look taller. According to common stereotypes, taller men are more respected and loved by their peers. It is an absurd and painful backward view of masculinity that men’s height determines their value. Yet Donald Trump is a fan of this notion of masculinity. The Office of the President of the United States requires a significant amount of power and its perception. If the past presidents are any indication, Trump might be falling short. Most of his predecessors were over 6 feet tall.

Trump had made headlines before for his height when he refuted descriptions calling him a little guy and stated that he is at least 6’3″. While he was standing next to the former president, who is 6’1″, he seemed shorter during his inauguration. According to past photos and comparisons with celebrities, Trump is between 5’9″-6 feet. We can only assume that he wears custom Trump elevator shoes that make him look taller than he is. 

His love for Oxford

Apart from assuming that Trump wears special Trump elevator shoes to exude an illusion of tallness, his love for Oxford is notable. You may have noticed his stylish shoes on the campaign trail. He is a billionaire, so it makes sense that his shoes look great. On the 2016 campaign trail, President Trump would wear a pair of sleek black leather Oxfords from The Trump Collection, his accessories line. These shoes are a testament to his status as a high-profile, wealthy businessman and tycoon with a passion for the finer things life offers.

The Trump Collection was a highly respected line of accessories and clothing that was almost a must-have in the wardrobes of wealthy men. However, Trump’s image has been tarnished since he entered politics. This bad image caused major retailers like Macy’s and the Canadian shoe company to drop the brand. He criticized the stores on social media and called for the boycott of their products and stores, although he did not mention shoes. Macy’s explained that their move was to avoid political partisanship. blatantly said they did not want to be associated with Trump or the negative publicity.

The presidential wardrobe

People will always talk about the presidential wardrobe. Different companies have been contracted to produce lifting shoes. Since 1850, when The Johnston & Murphy Company began making shoes for President Lincoln, this has been the norm. Although the company was initially based in Newark (New Jersey), it moved to Nashville.

Johnston & Murphy has maintained a high-quality standard, and most of their shoes have historical significance. For example, President Obama had a pair of boots modeled after Abraham Lincoln’s boots. However, Trump’s entire brand and message were a new beginning to make America great again. So it is not surprising that Trump’s choice of shoes was not in keeping with the traditions.

Product boycotts

People boycotted products that were not even linked to Trump. Grab your wallet was a term that was coined in reference to Trump’s notorious ‘locker room talk’. The ardent online boycott reached as far as Ivanka Trump’s expanding shoe line. After customers posted photos on social media showing them burning the shoes or throwing them away, New Balance, the shoe company, had to rethink its position. New Balance quickly retracted, saying that Trump’s position on Trans-Atlantic Partnership was the only thing they shared.

Trump is as mysterious as he is controversial. It may be hard to state precisely what shoes he wears because brands have stopped stocking his personal Trump Collection.

What shoe brands do presidents wear?

Johnston and Murphy have been making presidential footwear since 1850. They have been fitting and filling these important shoes for over 160 years! They began in the mid-19th century with president Millard Fillmore. Johnston and Murphy were initially called the William J. Dudley Shoe Company after its founder. He later brought in James Johnston as a partner. After Dudley died in 1881, Johnston brought in William Murphy as a new partner. They renamed the company to its current name.

With Trump going against the traditional presidential footwear, Johnston and Murphy may not be in the presidential footwear business.

Johnston and Murphy have, over the years, showcased different styles for different presidents. For instance, president Woodrow Wilson loved white shoes, so they made a pair of white buckskin shoes to match his hats and linen suits.

Others, like president Grant, requested riding boots while president Ford went for tasseled loafers. To honor his love for jazz, president Clinton got blue suede shoes.

President Obama requested a more modern black tapered dress shoe with a run-off toe and less classic.

President Johnston and Nixon loved their Johnston & Murphy shoes so much that they sent them back for resoling and refurbishing when they got worn.

Initially, Johnston and Murphy would make a custom shoe from the actual measurements of a president’s feet. In recent years, presidents traced their feet on white paper or gave their shoe size.

Interestingly, President Abraham Lincoln had the biggest foot, at size 14, while Rutherford Hayes had the smallest at size 7. Lincoln was double his size!

George Bush measured a size 10, Clinton a size 13, and Obama a 12.