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Shoes To Wear With Midi Skirts

Shoes To Wear With Midi Skirts

Skirts are all the hype, and chances are you are looking for the right shoes to wear with midi skirts. Midi skirts remain pretty trendy, with the designs coming in a variety of lengths and styles. Even better are the midi skirt designs which can match your mood and fit whatever occasion you want.

However, finding comfortable shoes to wear with skirts is always a daunting task. For midi skirts, the situation is no different. You could try the different types of shoes out there, but there are chances one pair could end up messing you big time. 

Of course, basic black shoes are always the safest bet, but for more risk-takers in footwear, you could match a midi skirt with loads of shoes.

  • So, before yanking off any pair from the shoe rack, here is a lay-down of the best shoes for your midi skirts and look great while at it.

What Footwear To Wear With Midi Skirts


Boots to wear with midi skirts come in all shapes and sizes, making them versatile and popular for any outfit.

First up are ankle boots matching up with your midi skirt. The outfit is a classic combination with ankle boots offering a solid and bold look without too much fuss. In comparison, a round-toe ankle boot would also have a distinctive look. 

However, pointed-toe ankle boots offer much more boldness without bringing too much attention to the bottom, as the Steve Madden boots do.

If ankle boots are not enough, over-the-knee boots also count as one of the best shoes to wear with midi skirts. Of course, the thigh-high boots get to complement the long skirt and provide that that seamless blend between garments.

Flat Sandals

Another perfect pairing is going for a combination of flat sandals and a midi skirt whenever you can. At first, the outfit may seem pretty far-fetched, although the look gives a calm and relaxed vibe. Flat sandals are also super-comfortable and give you the confidence to walk in your midi skirt without worrying.

Like most shoes you wear with a midi skirt, flat sandals come in different flattering designs and colors. You can find yourself comfortable in a pair of embellished sandals, while others could go for simple slides since they are also flat sandals types. Other designs even include the popular strap sandals, which pair up with all outfits, including midi skirts.

Platform clogs

If flats or high heels are not your cup of tea, then you would love to try out platform clogs as an alternative to spruce up your outfit boredom. Unlike clogs, platform clogs present you with a high-heel design that is funky and also classic to match up with any attire. Even more, is the advantage that comes with clogs providing comfort and outshining heels.

Leading clog designers such as Dansko or Clarks are best known for providing classic styles with simple yet popular appearances. For starters, you can get them in different colors pairing alongside the tasteful designs to match each occasion. Some features include the classic slip-on style design. At the same time, others provide you clog designs with the typical low open back supported by straps to hold your feet in place.


Whether it’s for a casual day-out or a simple professional occasion, sneakers are often a good footwear choice that is a favorite all year round. In particular, white sneakers offer you a cool-girl vibe apart from making the bottom half stand out. White sneakers with a midi skirt also exude a relaxing and casual touch to whatever upper garments you may be having on top. Even with a floral design or polka-dot print, the white sneakers tend to stand out more and bring more attention to your feet. Low-top sneakers are especially the go-to options with favorite pairs such as Superga or Adidas, popular among fashionistas.

Block-heeled sandals

Pointed heels are always a high-risk footwear option despite being cool and contemporary shoes to wear with midi skirts. However, a better alternative remains a pair of block heel sandals to match with a midi and make that classic look practical. 

The chunky block heel sandals are especially great since they provide better ankle stability than standard heels. A midi combination with chunky block heel sandals also ranks as one of the best outfits providing a cool and relaxed vibe for different settings. Lastly, you get an over-the-top classic design, especially if you have a color midi skirt design or pattern with a polished look.


Flat shoe beauties are another hit pair you can rarely go wrong with when pairing with a midi skirt outfit. The key is to always go for flats that will not make you look shorter but rather help give an elongated bottom vibe. As such, it is important to shop for pointed-toe or almond toe flats to achieve the perfect rhythm between the skirt and footwear. Designs from popular brands such as Sam Edelman give you the option of pointy toe flats that are trendy and exhibit that timeless American vibe. It is a definite go-to style if you are looking to have that polished vibe on and on-and-off work.

High Heels

Nothing reads more sophistication and a polished look than pairing high-heels with your midi skirt for different situations. Of course, high heels vary depending on the design, and for this part, you could try on different types to strengthen the midi skirt outfit.

First up as suggestions for this category are pointed-toe kitten heels which not only get you that sophisticated look but are also ideal for professional settings. In addition, the polished look is further enhanced with such heels providing a lowered top-line design to make your legs look lengthened.

In other circles, you could also match up with the classic slingback high-heels and look even more polished in any of your desk situations. 


Already you are bound for several looks with a midi skirt, and it only takes the right pair of footwear. So, go out there and try out the different looks for your midi skirt.