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Shoes to Wear with Cargo Pants

Shoes to Wear with Cargo Pants


If you’re looking to add some of the latest trends to your wardrobe, you have probably considered cargo pants and a few pairs of shoes.

If they are already in your wardrobe, you may be facing challenges selecting the best pair of shoes to wear with your cargo pants. And this can be pretty overwhelming if you have a wide variety of shoes.

Let’s face it. Choosing the right outfit is essential whenever you want to create a unique and stylish look. Luckily, we have a guide that will help your match your shoes with your cargo pants.

Here the Best Shoes to Wear With Cargo Pants


Sneakers are the best choice if you’re looking for a casual look. The outfit gives you a sporty-looking style that feels very comfortable – and, of course, looks great.

A few sneakers to consider include:

High-Top Sneakers

Although high-top sneakers were once considered footwear for athletes, they are the epitome of a relaxed and classic look for most men. They are ideal for weekend strolls, and you can pair them with denim shirts for a sophisticated finish.

All-White Sneakers

For a laid-back and elegant look, all-white sneakers with cargo pants may be all you need.  Opt for a well-fitted leather jacket and grey crew neck or Breton shirt to add quality to this look.


Do you feel comfortable wearing sandals? From cheap flip-flops that are perfect for women to stylish and strappy sandals for men, sandals are a guaranteed way for a stylish look, especially during summer or warm days.

In recent years, sandals have become popular because of their simplicity and affordability. Besides price, they are also an excellent choice when paired with cargo pants.

Sandals and cargo pants make a great ensemble, whether going to the beach or visiting a friend on a sunny day. Team up your pants with a plain tee for this look, but ensure your feet are well-groomed.

 Canvas Shoes

Canvas shoes are generally primary forms of sneakers or casual shoes. They come in almost every color and both low top and high top.

The shoes are relatively cheap, fun, and versatile, making them a great choice if you want to wear cargo pants ‒ they pair well with loose pants.

Since they come in many colors, you need to be keen on the color you choose for your cargo pants. However, you can wear neutral colors like black and white, with just about any cargo pants.


Heels and cargo pants first came into the fashion scene in the mid-1990s.

And while some people still think that cargo pants don’t vibe well with heels, this type of shoes can transform your look in ways you could never imagine. That’s because there is generally an array of heel styles to choose from.

The beauty of adding heels to your cargo pants is that you don’t have to worry about your age or size ‒ you can’t go wrong if they fit perfectly. And you can mix them with some of your best accessories.

Dress Shoes

Dress shoes are a type of shoes most people wear during formal and smart casual events. Moreover, they are the primary daily shoes for most adults and school-going teens. As such, you will see them on special occasions, parties, and even dances. 

Do you sometimes wonder if it’s even possible to wear cargo pants with dress shoes? Well, adding dress shoes to your pants can level up your look from casual to formal. 

This ensemble gives you a mature yet relaxing look. Whether the shoes are light, bright, or black, you can wear them with different tops, from button-down shirts to tee shirts.

Here are different types of dress shoes to wear with your cargo pants:

Oxford shoes: While these are standard shoes that most people wear with suits, they give you a sharp yet practical look when worn with cargo pants.

Bluchers: A blucher is a dress shoe manufactured using a single pair of leather with open lacing. 

Derby Shoes: Derby shoes have a fantastic off-duty look when worn with cargo pants.   


Also known as slip-ons, loafers are usually no heel or no heels shoes that anybody can wear. Therefore, you are likely to find men, women, and even children wearing loafers for various occasions.

Loafers can effortlessly dial-up and improve the classy factor of your outfit. Adding types of shoes to your cargo pants can make you look stylish without putting in much effort.

The outfit has a relaxed style that makes you feel very breathable and comfortable. And since the shoes don’t have laces, they are also easy to slip on and off.


Espadrilles are rope-soled, causal, and commonly flat shoes. They have flexible soles and are typical footwear during summer in Spain.

The shoes offer a casual but trendy style when worn with cargo pants. They are one of the most comfortable if you want to take a walk on a sunny day.

A simple polo shirt with these shoes and cargo pants will create a perfect day or weekend ensemble for those who wish to achieve a casual yet attractive appearance.


For most people, wearing boots with cargo paints creates an edgy cargo look. If you want to feel confident and experience a military-like outfit, you need to try boots with cargo pants.

For women, you can go for a plain black or white top, your cargo pants, and a pair of ankle boots. If you’re a man and an outdoor enthusiast, side zipper boots are all you need.

Regardless of the color of pants you have, most boots will supplement them because of their naturalist color. With this outfit, you can rest assured you’ll have a practical and stylish look.

Wrap Up 

You should not reserve good looks for special occasions and formal events. Dressing well increases your self-confidence, impresses others, and helps you gain the respect you deserve.

Although cargo pants might be your go-to outfit for a classic weekend look, their versatility will surprise you. Try out the above looks whenever you’re looking for a witty casual, semi-casual, or semi-formal style.